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    Thank You Coronavirus Helpers Become Google Doodle Indonesia Today April 18

    Saturday, April 18, 2020, April 18, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-18T09:45:15Z
    "Thank you coronavirus helpers" became a Google Doodle Indonesia on Saturday (4/18/2020) today.

    Google Indonesia for Doodle

    • Google made a thank you in the form of a doodle series themed "thank you coronavirus helpers" on Saturday (4/18/2020) today. 
    • This remark contains the accumulation of professional illustrations, and and is aimed at the vanguard who has helped others in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. "As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people come together to help each other more than ever before," Google wrote. 
    • To view the doodle series, you can open the google search page.

    Thank You Coronavirus Helpers Become Google Indonesia for Doodle

    On that page there is a cartoon image that when clicked will display official information from Google for helpers against the new Corona virus in the vanguard. Scribble animation by Google today is part of a series launched by a search giant in honor of Coronavirus vanguard rescuers. Reported by the Economic Times, on Tuesday, Google has put up a doodle illustration to thank doctors and nurses. On Wednesday, the search giant appreciated the packaging and shipping workers. While yesterday, Google has made illustrations to thank food service workers.

    Thank You Coronavirus Helpers Google Doodle Indonesia menu today
    In total, there are 10 picture illustrations in the Google Doodle Indonesia series today aimed at:

    • Public health workers and researchers in the scientific community,
    • Doctors, nurses and medical workers,
    • Emergency service workers,
    • Custodian and sanitation workers,
    • farmers and farmers,
    • wholesale worker.
    • public transportation workers,
    • Packaging, shipping and shipping workers,
    • Food service workers, and
    • Teachers and child care workers.

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    In addition, Google also continues to remind its users to continue to maintain health in order to avoid this COVID-19 infection. Reported by Go9to5 Google, Google highlights the people of various countries who have given awards to doctors, nurses, or hospital workers, which is carried out with various activities. Some of them have been initiated by hashtags on social media such as # SolidarityAt8 in Los Angeles, #GetLoudForOurHeroes in San Francisco, or #ClapforCareers in the UK.

    Seeing people around the world who have appreciated the vanguard against COVID-19, Google made the doodle series "thank you for the helpers of the coronavirus" which today contains the accumulation of professions that are at the vanguard of helping the community amid the Corona COVID-19 pandemic. CNet wrote, the technology giant often displays art in its search pages that attract attention.

    #GetLoudForOurHeroes or #ClapforCareers

    Typically, the doodle artwork includes famous people, events, holidays, and anniversaries. Not long ago, Google Doodle also created the profile of Ignaz Semmelweiz who was a pioneer of the correct hand washing procedure. This is also done in order to prevent COVID-19 which can be done one of them by washing hands properly for 20 seconds.

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