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    Work from home? Use the following 6 tips for better video calls

    Friday, April 10, 2020, April 10, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-10T08:23:45Z
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    For working parents, flexibility is very important. And for parents who sometimes work from home like me, technology is the reason behind my flexibility at work. Sometimes, my child is sick, or I need to call a handyman home to fix the toilet. I feel fortunate to have a job that allows me to work from home and be in an age that allows me to use video conferencing in order to continue to monitor the meetings.

    However, video conferencing does not always run smoothly. Sometimes children ask to be carried, dogs suddenly bark, or there are annoying noises around me ... and various other things. I have experienced a number of embarrassing moments and made various mistakes. But from that incident, there are some things that I can learn. Here are tips for successful video conferencing from home.

    Tip # 1: Choose the appropriate place

    When you want to discuss complex issues or discuss ideas, video calls feel more efficient than chat or email. Video calls can also help me get to know a team member who lives in a different time zone. However, when making a video call, consider your surroundings, such as backdrops (choose a plain wall, and avoid windows that are too bright). If you use a laptop, place it in a stable place. I once made a video call by putting my laptop on ... um, my lap - and finally, another participant told me that the small movements that I caused on the screen looked very disturbing.

    Tip # 2: Invite anyone, anytime
    Video conferencing does not have to be scheduled in advance. If you are involved in an email conversation that is too long, you can easily set up meetings and invite people from or outside your organization. Hangouts Meet will automatically generate a join code by phone so that anyone you invite can make phone calls from anywhere. You can also invite other people through Calendar, email or mobile events. Open our help center to get started.

    Tip # 3: Audio doesn't sound clear? Turn on text

    If you are in a noisy place and do not have fancy headphones, you can use the Meet automatic text feature to display text in real time (the same as subtitles on TV).

    Tip # 4: Give a presentation? Don't share your entire screen
    You certainly don't want all video call participants to be able to read your email when you make a presentation, right? To make sure you only share what you want to share, just present one window (not your entire screen)

    Tip # 5: Want to know the situation in the room? Change screen layout

    One of my favorite features on Meet is changing the layout of video calls. If the slides are being displayed, and you hear an interesting conversation in the office, you can switch the screen layout to focus on the colleague who is discussing, not on the presentation.

    Tip # 6: Be yourself
    Everyone must have a life outside of work. Depending on your workplace culture, showing a flash of "real" life around you can bring good (even good) reactions. You can invite your child to wave at the camera or during a lunch meeting if you do not have time to rest before the meeting. By showing at a glance your daily activities, relationships with coworkers will be more closely intertwined and there will be empathy for the things you do outside of work.

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