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    Extreme! The Family Picnic and Eat with the Bears

    Saturday, August 15, 2020, August 15, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-08-15T12:14:16Z
    Vacationing with family in the wild is fun. But this family just went on a picnic and ate with the black bear.
    The black bear is one of the animals that most often exist and stop by people's homes in America. After previously the action of selfie black bears with tourists was excited, now a similar case is more extreme.

    Extreme! The Family Picnic and Eat with the Bears

    Reporting from the Daily Mail UK (13/08), a family who was on vacation in the middle of the forest in Maryland, America was quite surprised when the presence of foreign guests. Through a TikTok video uploaded by Kaitlyn Nesbit, a large black bear is seen visiting the picnic table of a family.

    If normally people would run around and get scared, but this family just relaxes and instead invites the bear to eat with them. Nesbit was quite surprised when his family and some friends even made peanut butter bread for the bear.

    "This is a cabin belonging to my friend, and they think the bear appears there often but never bothered them," explained Nesbit.

    Extreme! The Family Picnic and Eat with the Bears
    "Some of us are very scared and choose to record this incident from a distance. But there are those who prefer to eat with the bear," explained Nesbit.

    The family had time to eat peanut butter bread, enjoy snacks and drink beer with the bear. Even the picnic is complemented by a photo session with the bears. After the bear went on a picnic and ate there, the bear went back into the forest and didn't hurt anyone.

    Although many netizens praised the courage of this family, many also criticized it. Moreover, feeding bears in Maryland is illegal. Because it is feared that bears can perceive humans as a source of food, which could threaten the safety of bears and local residents there.

    Extreme! The Family Picnic and Eat with the Bears

    "Seeing bears is quite exciting. However, feeding them can cause serious problems. Of course it is also dangerous for the safety of humans and bears," criticized netizens.

    Because the video is viral now the authorities are investigating this case.

    "We want to remind all Maryland residents not to feed the bears. Because this is very dangerous for humans," concluded a representative of the Maryland Natural Resources Police.

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