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    A Pilot Center for Latest Technologies in Energy Management and Automation at Schneider Electric Smart Office

    Saturday, December 12, 2020, December 12, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-12-12T08:10:21Z

    The new office carries the concept of "Workplace of the Future". Starting from modern and stylish architectural designs to the facilities provided are designed to maximize innovation, creativity, as well as cross-generational participation and collaboration. For information, the inauguration of the new office at Cibis-9 Building is a relocation of the head office which was previously located in Gedung Ventura, South Jakarta.

    Schneider Electric's smart office in Jakarta carries the concept of? Workplace of the Future ? (SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Docs.)

    This 2,300 square meter office adopts an open-plan office with 30 percent of the office area dedicated as a collaboration space that provides flexibility for increased productivity and collaboration between staff.

    This smart office has an open workspace (open-plan office). (SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Docs.)

    This smart office is also equipped with the Innovation Hub facility, which is a demo room for products and solutions from Schneider Electric, a Live Data Center, and there are 25 meeting rooms with varying capacities ranging from 20-50 people to accommodate various needs.

    In addition, Schneider Electric's smart office uses its own products and solutions, ranging from interconnected products, such as sensors, access control and PowerTag, to EcoStruxure technology to provide predictive analytical solutions to the management and energy consumption of each room.

    Cluster President Schneider Electric Indonesia & Timor Leste Xavier Denoly. (SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Docs.)

    Cluster President Schneider Electric Indonesia & Timor Leste Xavier Denoly said, for Schneider Electric, the workplace is a tangible manifestation of the values, brands and culture of a company. “The workplace reflects how we work as individuals and as a team. The workplace also shows how we do business and build relationships with staff, clients, partners and suppliers, ”he said in a release received by updetails.com, Friday (27/11/2020).

    Every detail in the design, layout, architecture and furniture selection of this new office, he continued, is designed to maximize the potential of each individual in creating innovation, creativity, and collaboration by placing comfort, safety and security as the company's top priority.

    Townhall Schneider Electric smart office in Jakarta. (SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Docs.)

    “This Schneider Electric smart office will be the best live demo and pilot project for clients, partners and suppliers of our smart office products and solutions. This smart office is also used as a learning center for various innovations and the latest technologies in energy management and automation through the Innovation Hub and Live Data Center facilities, "said Xavier.

    Through these concepts and facilities, he hopes to provide better insights and experiences for #EcoStruxure products and solutions from #SchneiderElectricId. By utilizing EcoStruxure IT, EcoStruxure Power, and EcoStruxure Building solutions in their smart offices, companies can monitor and evaluate the energy consumption and air circulation of each room.

    Data center at Schneider Electric smart office in Jakarta. (SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Docs.)

    In addition, the company will also get a comprehensive analysis for effective and efficient management. "Digital Dashboard of energy management will later be displayed in real time at the Innovation Hub," added Xavier. Not only that, the EcoStruxure Plant & Machine solution implemented in the Batam smart factory and the EcoStruxure Grid at the Cikarang smart factory can also be accessed in real time through the Control Center located at the Innovation Hub in the Jakarta smart office.

    For clients, partners and suppliers who want to know comprehensive products and solutions for data centers, from cooling and racks, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), low voltage power distribution, to EcoStruxure IT solutions, can see them directly through the Live Data Center facility. Schneider Electric. The facility can also provide a clearer picture of how to build and manage an efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly data center with the best security system.

    Furthermore, to add to the comfort of the working staff, this smart office has hundreds of charging points with or without cables and ergonomic chairs to support each body posture and improve the circulation system. #LifeIsOn

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