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    Bob Saget Net Worth Who Just Died

    Wednesday, February 9, 2022, February 09, 2022 EDT Last Updated 2022-02-10T08:04:51Z

    Bright Spots Trigger Bob Saget's Death, Suspected Stroke and Heart Attack

    Comedian Bob Saget's cause of death has not been officially revealed. However, the police said there were signs of an emergency, specifically a stroke and a heart attack.

    The cause of Bob Saget's death is still dark (Photo: Instagram @bobsaget)

    Quoted from TMZ, the authorities who investigated the death of the 65-year-old comedian suspected a stroke and heart attack as the cause, among others, based on the position when the body was found. The absence of evidence of drug abuse or other suspicious things, strengthens the allegation.

    Bob Saget was found dead at the Ritz-Calton Hotel in Orlando by security personnel. Police said Bob Saget was found lying in bed, with his left arm crossed over his chest and his right arm by his side.

    The investigation to reveal the exact cause of death of the 'Full House' star is estimated to take 10-12 weeks. Police are also investigating the possibility that Bob Saget may have contracted the Corona virus.

    The Alleged Trigger of Bob's Death Leads to a Heart Attack, Here's a Clue

    Comedian Bob Saget has been found dead at the age of 65. The exact cause remains unknown, but these clues lead to suspected strokes and heart attacks.

    One of the clues that corroborate this assumption is the position of Bob Saget when he was found. Quoted from TMZ, the star of the sitcom Full House was found at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando in a lying position, with his left arm crossed over his chest.

    Police officers reported that Bob Saget was found in a 'supine position'. Unlike the 'prone position' which means facing down, the 'supine position' signifies a person in a lying position facing up.

    Regarding the position of the crossed hands on the chest, the cardiologist from Siloam Hospital Karawaci, Dr. Vito A Damay, SpJP(K) explained that this is known as the Levine Sign. The position of the hands clenched on the chest describes the chest pain experienced during a heart attack.

    "Because it feels like heavy and crushed," said Dr. Vito, describing the common symptoms that appear in a heart attack.

    "But if the pose is like that and is found when he died, it doesn't mean that it certainly needs a forensic investigation," he explained.


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