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    Queen Elizabeth Tests Positive for COVID-19 with 'Cold Like Symptom', What Does It Mean?

    Sunday, February 20, 2022, February 20, 2022 EDT Last Updated 2022-02-21T04:11:38Z

    Queen Elizabeth Tests Positive for COVID-19 with 'Cold Like Symptom', What Does It Mean?

    Queen Elizabeth of England has tested positive for COVID-19 with mild symptoms. Buckingham Palace called his symptoms a 'mild cold-like symptom'. What does it mean?

    First of all, first identify what 'cold' is which is often translated as flu. Even though they both attack the respiratory tract, the cold or the common cold is actually different from the flu. Primarily, these two diseases are triggered by different types of viruses.

    Queen Elizabeth (Photo: doc. Getty Images)

    The flu is caused by a specific virus, namely influenza, while the common cold is a more general condition that can be caused by various types of viruses. Quoted from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), rhinovirus and parainfluenza are the 2 most common viruses that cause the common cold.

    Judging from the symptoms, the flu and the common cold are relatively similar. But usually, the symptoms of the common cold are relatively mild. One of the most characteristic of the common cold is a runny nose, so it is often called a 'cold'.

    Cold-like symptoms and flu-like symptoms aka flu-like symptoms and colds are symptoms that are also typical symptoms of COVID-19 infection, especially the Omicron variant which is said to be lighter than other variants.

    The different symptoms of COVID-19 vs the common cold

    Although similar, the symptoms of COVID-19 with the common cold can be distinguished from the onset or symptoms. The Mayo Clinic says symptoms of COVID-19 generally appear 2-14 days after exposure to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

    Meanwhile, the symptoms of the common cold appear relatively quickly. Usually appears 1-3 days after exposure to the virus that causes the common cold.

    As with viral infections in general, there is no drug that specifically treats the common cold and COVID-19. The drugs available generally function to treat symptoms, while the infection will heal on its own, so it is called a self-limiting disease.

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