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    Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Test in the City, Efficient! But…

    Tuesday, February 15, 2022, February 15, 2022 EDT Last Updated 2022-09-29T07:51:34Z

    Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Test in the City

    After successfully launching the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Connected last January, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) invited the community and several media to do a test ride around the city of Bogor on Thursday (03/02). Taking the route with a distance of 19.9 km, this activity is of course carried out with strict health protocols ranging from on-the-spot antigens to providing masks for Yamaha Fazzio city touring participants.

    Ergonomic Triangle Problem and Yamaha Fazzio Engine Response

    Our first impression about the riding position, the combination of a handlebar position that is not too low, a wide foot deck, and a wide seat make the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid comfortable to ride for up to tens of kilometers. So that the ergonomic triangle can also adjust the various postures of Indonesian people. However, there is one drawback that we encountered on the seat, namely about the softness. For the size of the Yamaha motorcycle, which is famous for its soft seats, Fazzio is still tougher than his younger brother Yamaha Gear 125, although the foam still feels thick.

    The hardness of the seats is also supported by the slamming of the suspension which turns out to be quite hard. Rebound on the Yamaha Fazzio suspension feels fast so that when passing through uneven roads or accidentally passing through potholes, the road feels quite rough. But this deficiency can also be an advantage, because the hard suspension slams Fazzio becomes more stable both at low speeds and above 70 km / h though. Overall the ergonomics triangle is very good, it would be better if the seats were softer, and the suspension was sufficient for use in the city.

    Then how about the 125cc Blue Core Hybrid engine that is paired with this Yamaha Fazzio Connected? The first thing we felt was the response of the engine which 'kicked' even from the early rounds and felt smooth. Is it thanks to the hybrid? It turned out that the good engine response in the early rounds was helped thanks to the V-Belt distance on the CVT which was smaller than other 125cc Yamaha motorcycles. The output of the Blue Core Hybrid engine itself is 8.4 ps @ 6,500 rpm and a torque of 10.6 Nm @ 4,500 rpm.

    Blue Core Hybrid Fuel Consumption Breaks 75 km/l

    Then what about the fuel consumption? Yamaha did the test using the full-to-full method with a distance of 19.9 km and the condition of the highways in the city of Bogor, West Java, which often encountered traffic jams, causing a lot of stop and go. Incidentally, we and several other media connected Fazzio with the Y-Connect application so that we could find out the fuel consumption directly after the city tour. Through the application, we get a result of 56.5 km/l while other media get a figure of 59km/l.

    However, it turned out that after the full-to-full test method was carried out directly, our motorbike got a very surprising result, namely 75.09 km/l, other media also got 73.7 km/l. A fantastic number considering that we ride the motorbike like 'ngabers' who just open the gas suddenly after applying sudden braking. Even though during testing we were only able to reach a maximum speed of around 70 km/h because this time we were still following the group.

    That was our impression when we tried the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Connected for the first time directly on the route in a typical Indonesian city. With comfort in the ergonomics triangle as well as response and good fuel consumption, but has a fairly hard suspension, does the Yamaha Fazzio qualify as the motorbike you want? Leave your best comments in the column below, and wait for our next daily Fazzio test.

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