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    Simple Ways to Celebrate Happy Father's Day!

    Saturday, June 18, 2022, June 18, 2022 EDT Last Updated 2022-06-18T17:17:27Z

    5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Happy Father's Day!

    Not only mothers, father figures also have a special day, namely Father's Day Celebration. Internationally, Father's Day is held in the third week of June. Come on, do these 5 things for your dad as a gift!

    1. Say Happy Father's Day

    The simplest thing you can do to welcome Father's Day is say 'Happy Father's Day' to him. Although very simple, but father will be happy to hear it. Especially if you rarely see each other because of your busy schedule.

    When you take the time to call dad and just say 'Happy Father's Day', he's bound to be very happy. Come on, call dad right away and wish him a happy Father's Day!

    2. Buying his favorite food

    As children, of course we can know what is the father's favorite food. Well, special for this Father's Day, let's buy dad his favorite food. If you and dad still live in the same house, you can buy dad's favorite food at night for dinner.

    If you are far apart, you can order food and have it delivered to my father's office. It would be even sweeter if you bought your father's favorite food by attaching a Happy Father's Day card. Simple but very meaningful!

    3. Give dad the little gift he needs

    In addition to your favorite food, you can also give him a small gift. Take a look at what your dad needs these days.

    For example, if my father likes to write everyday, maybe he is in need of a good pen. Or maybe, if dad has a habit of drinking coffee, we can give him a special cup.

    These little gifts don't need to be expensive, the important thing is that these gifts show that we understand what dad needs. Of course the father will feel happy because his son cares for him.

    4. Hug daddy

    Sometimes, fathers hesitate to show affection and longing for their children, even though he wants to! Especially if you are a daughter who has grown up, dad will be more careful to show his affection.

    Well, special for this Father's Day, let's first show love to dad. Just hug daddy, surely he will be very happy.

    5. Tell dad that you love him

    In line with the previous point, fathers are generally also proud to show that he wants his children to love him. In fact, the father also wants to hear that his children love him.

    Well, special Father's Day later, let's tell dad that we love him and are grateful to have a dad like him. If you can't say it directly, you can convey it via mail or chat applications.

    Roughly, those are 5 simple things you can do to welcome Father's Day. Even though it's special for Father's Day, it would be even better if you do it on weekdays too. Come on, make dad happy every day!

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