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    Coolio's Dead Profile, American Gangster Rapper Who Dies in Bathroom

    Thursday, September 29, 2022, September 29, 2022 EDT Last Updated 2022-09-29T07:50:31Z

    Coolio is a rapper known for his popular song Gangsta's Paradise. But now, he has died / Coolio Dead at the age of 59 years suddenly on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 in Los Angeles, United States.

    According to E! News, Coolio's manager confirmed the news. TMZ reports that the artist's friends became suspicious when Coolio did not respond when spoken to. He then went into the bathroom and found the rapper lying on the floor unconscious. Coolio's best friend immediately called the paramedics, but it was too late because Coolio was already dead.

    Coolio's Profile

    The artist whose full name is Leon Ivey Jr. or who is familiarly called Coolio was born in Los Angeles on August 1, 1963. Coolio is one of the most successful and famous rappers in the United States. The father, whose name was Leon, was a carpenter. While his mother, Jacky, is a factory worker.

    In addition, Coolio also has a brother named Malieek Straughter. He works as an actor and rapper. From his marriage to Josefa Salinas in 1997, Coolio has six children. However, this couple's household did not last long and immediately divorced.

    Coolio Career Journey

    While still in school, Coolio often appeared on a number of shows as a rapper and once released a single titled Whatcha Gonna Do. His musical career was halted when Coolio had to undergo rehabilitation for addiction to cocaine. After the rehabilitation period was over, he returned to active music. Coolio then released his first album with singers WC and Maad Circle, Ain't a Damn Thang Changed in 1991.

    His own solo album was released in 1994 with the title It Takes a Thief. The single, entitled Fantastic Voyage, managed to occupy the third position at the top of the charts at that time. Coolio also collaborated with gospel singer L.V before releasing the single Gangsta Paradise.

    The single, which became one of the film's soundtracks, was a hit in the US, winning the 1996 Grammy Awards for Best Rapp Solo Performance. In addition to music, he has also appeared in the films Batman & Robin, In Pursuit, and Grad Night.

    Coolio's wife

    Coolio married his wife Josefa Salinas in 1996 but divorced in 2000. Then in 2017, he got engaged to Celebrity Wife Swap with his girlfriend Mimi. After swapping husbands with Mark McGrath, Mimi realizes that her relationship with Coolio is not satisfying her and she quits.

    He reportedly left it just six weeks after the show. If it wasn't Coolio, everyone might have seen him come after seeing how Mimi had limited help around the house and raising three kids. While taking a break from Coolio, Mark's wife, Carin, struggles with Coolio.

    Wealth Apart from music, Coolio also has an extraordinary taste in cooking and has appeared several times in various cooking contests and shows. Success really doesn't reflect a man's net worth. In fact, with different jobs, he is estimated to have only managed to amass a net worth of around US$250,000.

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