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    The Smallest City in the World, Only Has Two Streets and Three Rows of Houses

    Tuesday, December 13, 2022, December 13, 2022 EDT Last Updated 2023-01-26T10:20:26Z

    Hum is a city in Istria, Croatia, which is popularly known as the smallest city in the world. Located in the center of Istria, this medieval city is only inhabited by 20-30 people.

    Hum is located on a hilltop, about 2.5 hours drive from the Croatian capital, Zagreb. This old town is said to have been founded in 1102 and was previously known as Cholm.

    As quoted from Oddity Central, Hum City is only 100 meters long and 30 meters wide. In medieval times the City of Hum was surrounded by rocks to protect the area from bandits.

    Hum, the Smallest City in the World. Photo: YouTube Screenshot/ Explore Croatia

    For some reason, the fort was never enlarged like the other cities nearby. The city has also not experienced development in centuries.

    Since 1552, there has only been the construction of bells and watchtowers as a form of defense and shield against enemies. Even today Hum City only consists of three rows of housing and two streets.

    Buildings and houses in this city also did not undergo modernization. The old and classic house styles are maintained, even though the residents are wearing more modern clothes.

    The title as the Smallest City in the World makes Hum attract many tourists to visit it. Tourism is also the second largest income for local residents besides agriculture.

    Not much can be seen or explored when foreign and domestic tourists visit this place. But Hum's status as the world's smallest city is enough of an attraction in itself.

    But local residents are still trying to make the experience of visiting the City of Hum an unforgettable story. They try their best to welcome visitors warmly to make them feel at home while they are there.

    Are you interested in coming and seeing the smallest city in the world?

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