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    So Cute, New Honda Jazz Facelift Car

    Thursday, January 26, 2023, January 26, 2023 EDT Last Updated 2023-01-26T11:15:59Z

    New Honda Jazz Facelift Car Changes:

    Front Fascia

    In this facelift version, the Jazz still carries the front fascia that is typical of the last generation Jazz. The main light model is still the same, but the grille and bumper are made more sporty. Photo: doc. European Honda


    Apart from that, Honda also refreshed the lower part of the car. This can be seen from the use of new rim designs and no longer using additional plastic parts like in the model before the facelift. Photo: doc. European Honda


    Interestingly, the facelift version of the Honda Jazz is actually focused on the engine sector and its power distribution. Honda brings the latest generation of e: HEV to this car. Photo: doc. European Honda

    Hybrid Engine

    The electric motor that helps the hybrid engine from Jazz increases its power by 14 PS and makes it get a total power of up to 122 PS. In addition, the motor generator is also claimed to increase by around 10.8 PS which makes this system peak up to 106 PS. Photo: doc. European Honda

    Engine Power

    The fossil fuel engine also increases in performance. The Jazz with a 1,500 cc engine is claimed to have increased its power output by 9.5 PS and now has a maximum power of up to 107 PS. Photo: doc. European Honda


    Honda also provided revisions and improvements to the transmission sector. This is claimed to make the feeling of driving smoother and more interesting. Photo: doc. European Honda

    Sales Release

    The latest model from the Honda Jazz is planned to go on sale in early 2023 in the European market. Photo: doc. European Honda

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