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    Google's Favorite Recipe in America All Year

    Monday, February 13, 2023, February 13, 2023 EDT Last Updated 2023-02-13T15:03:12Z

    At the end of the year, Google released Favorite Recipe in America Year in Search Data 2017. One of the things that was revealed was the recipe that was most searched for in America so far this year.

    Year in Search Google's data highlights the biggest, most popular and most searched for moments each year. The categories range from movies, technology, memes, songs, 'how-to' and of course food recipes.

    The Daily Meal (15/12) summarizes the most sought-after food ingredients and how to make them. The list is dominated by recipes for main dishes such as turkey and beef stroganoff. Here's the complete list:


    1. Beef Stroganoff Recipe

    2. Apple Crisps Recipe

    3. Corn Casserole Recipe

    4. Brine Turkey Recipe

    5. Zucchini recipe

    6. Chicken Parmesan recipe

    7. Pork Chops Recipe

    8. Hard Boiled Egg Recipe

    9. Yams recipe

    10. Hashbrown Casserole Recipe

    Apart from the main dishes, there are also the most sought after cocktail drink recipes. Mojito and Bloody Mary are among them.


    1. Margaritas

    2. Mojitos

    3. Hot Toddy

    4. Sangria

    5. Whiskey Sours

    6. Mai Tai

    7. Bloody Marys

    8. Cosmopolitan

    9. Old Fashioned

    10. Irish Car Bomb

    Meanwhile in Indonesia, the recipe most searched for on Google is a contemporary drink, namely mango drink. Followed by banana nuggets, cilok gravy, caterpillar cakes and soft ketapang seeds.

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