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    Residential Home Decoration Tips, to Make It More Beautiful & Comfortable

    Monday, February 13, 2023, February 13, 2023 EDT Last Updated 2023-02-13T15:37:02Z

    The moment of the turn of the year is the right time to bring a new atmosphere at home. One of them is by adding some decorations tips or furniture to give a different impression and make the residence more attractive.

    New furniture can also give a beautiful impression to the house and add to the comfort of the family. In order not to choose the wrong furniture, you can follow the following tips.

    1. Choose Furniture and Accessories According to Priority and Function

    When decorating a new home, be sure to choose furniture according to priority and function. A content creator who focuses on residential homes, Mifta Jannah explained that choosing furniture according to priorities can reduce expenses.

    "Currently, furniture or multifunctional furniture is very popular with people, especially those who have housing with limited land. Apart from being able to save expenses, using this type of furniture can also save space," said Mifta in a written statement, Friday (3/2/2023).

    Mifta said the use of furniture such as bedside drawers from Brewsuniq could be an alternative to beautify the room. As is the case with sheets with earth tone motifs or colors from Kintakun which make the room atmosphere more comfortable.

    2. Pay attention to the quality of the goods to be selected

    Apart from the price, the quality of the furniture must also be considered in detail so you don't regret it later. You can choose a wide selection of ceramic cutlery, storage cabinets, chairs and various other decorations from Brewsuniq to beautify your residential home.

    3. Customize Furniture and Accessories with the Home Theme

    Finally, make sure the furniture and accessories you choose match the theme of the house. Instead, avoid combining many themes in one room. Because, this can give a heavy impression.

    "Look for references to decorations and furniture that match the home's interior theme through social media. Apart from providing inspiration, this also helps to choose the right furniture," continued Mifta.

    So, those are some tips that you can apply when decorating your home. Home and Living Category Senior Fifa Italia said that currently home decoration activities are one of the things that are in great demand by the public. This can be seen from the high sales of furniture in the marketplace.

    "The high enthusiasm of the people in decorating their homes has an impact on the number of sellers in the Household category who use the services of the marketplace Served to increase by 2x in 2022 compared to 2021. In addition, products for Storage, Cleaning, Electrical Appliances, Gardens and Cooking Appliances are the best-selling products in the category households in 2022," he explained.

    "On the other hand, internal marketplace data also reveals Lais district in Musi Banyuasin district (South Sumatra), Anak Ratu Aji in West Lampung district (Lampung), Oksibil district in Gunung Bintang regency (Papua), Bunaken district in The City of Manado (North Sulawesi) and the City of Waisai in the Raja Ampat Regency (West Papua) became the sub-districts with the highest increase in transactions in the Household category in the 2022 period compared to 2021. With the furthest shipment of Household category products during 2022 from Medan City to Jayapura City ," closed Fifa.

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