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    The Earth Cracks Due to the Turkey Earthquake, Proof of Satellite Photos

    Monday, February 13, 2023, February 13, 2023 EDT Last Updated 2023-02-13T15:13:11Z

    After the devastating Turkish earthquake of magnitude 7.8, long cracks appeared. Not just one, but there are two and are monitored by satellite.

    Scientists from the Center for the Observation & Modeling of Earthquakes, Volcanoes & Tectonics (COMET) in England discovered the cracks photographed by the Sentinel-1 satellite. The first crack is 300 km long from the northeastern side of the Mediterranean Sea to the northeast.

    The meeting of the blue and red areas is the earth's fracture line monitored by the Sentinel-1 Satellite (Photo: COMET)

    These first cracks appeared after the first M 7.8 earthquake. Meanwhile, the second crack is 125 km long due to the shaking of the second M 7.5 earthquake.

    "This earthquake rift is one of the longest ever recorded on this continent. In addition, it is highly unusual for 2 large earthquakes to occur within hours of each other," Professor Tim Wright, lead researcher of the COMET team, told Space. com as reported, Monday (13/2/2023).

    The movement of the tectonic plates that caused the earthquake caused large rifts that could be clearly seen by the eye. These cracks cut through the city and even penetrated the buildings.

    "We estimate that this horizontal shift is up to 5 meters. This large shift on land must be visible to people living there," said researcher from COMET, Milan Lazecky.

    Real Sightings

    The red line marking the road shifted after the earthquake in Turkey. Photo: (geodesist_a/Twitter)

    Photos from the Sentinel-1 Satellite are corroborated by photos of cracks in Turkey that people are sharing on Twitter, for example the account @geodesist_a. In a photo, it appears that the road markings that were straight have shifted far.

    The earthquake area of Turkey is the meeting point of the Anatolian, Arabian and African plates. When they collided, the impact was an enormous amount of pressure. As of Monday (13/2) the number of victims of the earthquake in Turkey had reached 34,179 people.

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