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    More Horrible Fraud! 1 Million Missing Due To Pick Up The Phone 14 Seconds

    Thursday, March 2, 2023, March 02, 2023 EDT Last Updated 2023-03-02T16:28:33Z

    Fraudulent mode is getting worse and makes people uneasy. Latest reported, someone lost his money just because he picked up the phone for a few seconds.

    This is similar to that experienced by a Sarawak, Malaysian businessman, Lee. He lost 1 million Malaysian ringgit in his savings at Maybank. He lost the money after answering a 14-second phone call from a fraudster.


    This event was announced by DAP politician Michael Kong in a press conference. Kong said the incident occurred at around 15.00 local time on Sunday, February 26, 2023 when Lee received an anonymous call claiming to be from a Pos Laju courier.

    “The caller claimed that there was a package for him and asked Lee for his bank OTP,” said Kong quoted from World of Buzz, Wednesday (1/3/2023).

    Lee, who felt suspicious, immediately hung up the phone. After that, Lee decided to check his savings and he found his 1 million ringgit had been withdrawn without his consent.

    "According to the bank records, this was transferred to Celcom Sdn Bhd," said Kong.

    Transfer Mode

    Kong added, the money was transferred from Lee's account twice with 500 thousand ringgit each. Lee himself felt that he did not receive any OTP or notification of the transaction.

    Lee then reported the incident to Maybank and filed a report with the police.

    Kong then stressed that the problem was with the bank, not with the victim, especially in Lee's case. This is because victims do not download any malicious software and provide any confidential information.

    "Mr Lee only answered phone calls, but 1 million Malaysian Ringgit in his bank account was actually stolen from him," he said.

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