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    6 Ways to Sell House Fast From Publishers Clearing House

    Sunday, July 30, 2023, July 30, 2023 EDT Last Updated 2023-07-31T03:33:15Z

    Are you trying to sell your own house but it's not selling? Selling a house is not easy. Just like looking for a house, selling a house is a match.

    We really have to get buyers who are destined for our homes. Even so, there are some tips that are worth trying if you want to sell a house so that it sells quickly,



    Quoted from Internet, Monday (31/7/2023), here are tips for selling a house to sell quickly:

    1. Renovate first then post an ad

    Some home conditions, such as mossy walls or leaky roofs, can reduce the selling price of the house. You don't want your house to be valued at an unreasonable price, right? If conditions are like this, don't forget to do renovations in some damaged parts.

    Who is tempted by good and good home conditions? That is the importance of home renovation before it is marketed. So, at least when asked by the buyer you can answer that the condition of the house is fine.

    2. Check the price of land around your home area

    To determine the price of a house for sale, don't forget to check the price of the land around your house. Because, by knowing the market price of land around you, you can set a fair price when selling it.

    The way to find out the price of land around your house is to do research through property search sites in United States. Next, calculate the approximate price of the building area in the house being sold to find out how much the land and buildings cost. The result of the sum of the prices will later be the valuation of the current price of your house.

    In addition, check the Sales Value of Tax Objects in the area around your house in the Land and Building Tax (PBB) which is received annually. There is information about it, both land and buildings.

    Generally, homes sell for two or three times the Sales Value of Tax. It's different if the location of the house being sold is strategic, the price can be many times that. You can do the method above to avoid losses.

    3. Take advantage of buying and selling sites

    It's okay if you don't use the internet to advertise buying and selling sites.

    The trick to making your sales sell well is to display representative photos and take advantage of the advertise feature so that your house advertisement appears on the first page. You have to pay if you want to use this feature.

    It is recommended to keep posting advertisements and see how the reaction and enthusiasm of potential buyers is. Provide time if there are prospective buyers who ask questions and want to do a physical check.

    4. Advertise on social media

    Social media, especially Instagram, is considered effective for placing advertisements for selling houses. Upload photos of the house you are selling along with the information. Don't forget to boost and target who will see this upload.

    To be able to do this, your account profile is first changed to a business profile. Thus, automatically you can no longer activate private mode on Instagram where everyone can stalk your account without having to make a request.

    Don't be afraid if your account will often be hacked. Who knows they might even want to buy it. Apart from Instagram, there is also YouTube. You do this by making a slideshow video of the house that will be sold.

    5. Know the right time when you activate the advertise feature

    There's nothing wrong if you've placed ads on buying and selling sites and social media, the important thing is not to activate the advertise feature too quickly. We recommend that you first explore whether this is indeed the right time or not, how?

    Understand that house transactions are solid. If the BI rate rises, then house prices will also rise. The point is when the economy is booming, home buying transactions will be quite busy.

    6. Take advantage of property agents to sell houses

    Using the services of a property agent can also be used as an alternative to selling a house to sell quickly. This method is usually done for those who don't have time and don't have time to sell their own house. Don't just choose a real estate agent. Choose those who already have a good history and no deception. If it's sold, give a commission to the agent earlier.

    How much commission is given? Usually they get 2.5 percent of the total selling price of the house. It is recommended to negotiate with the broker to determine the amount of the commission. Commission 2.5 is sufficient and fair. Don't be too small and too big.

    Selling a house is not an easy matter. Prospective buyers cannot be predicted when they will arrive. You have to be patient because sometimes new prospective buyers appear after you have sold your house for so long.

    Investigate a calibaration, selling a house must also be seen when it's time. Not without reason, there are times when the interest of buyers is low, so it's hard to build a house.

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