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    Inter Miami Stadium Seat Capacity Increased, When Messi Arrives

    Thursday, August 3, 2023, August 03, 2023 EDT Last Updated 2023-08-03T08:26:40Z

    Miami - Lionel Messi is planned to make his debut with Inter Miami on July 21 against Mexican club Cruz Azul in the Leagues Cup 2023. The stadium capacity was added.

    Reported by the Miami Herald, ESPN, and The Guardian, Messi's arrival is in accordance with the current Major League Soccer (MLS) rules regarding squad composition. He is believed to be registered as a Designated Player (DP).

    Miami currently only has two DPs, while each MLS team is entitled to a maximum of three DPs, whose salaries are outside the salary restrictions (salary cap) at each club. Therefore, Messi can fill the void.

    The Leagues Cup is a summer tournament attended by all the highest caste teams in United States football (MLS) and Mexico (Liga MX). The format goes through the group phase first, then proceeds to the knockout phase.

    If it is true that Messi only debuted for Miami on July 21 in the Leagues Cup, then his debut in the new MLS could be realized as early as August 20 in the match against Charlotte FC. That's because MLS will be on summer vacation during July 16-August 19.

    Messi's contract in Miami is reportedly worth 50-60 million dollars per year. That includes salary, bonuses, and shares once he retires. He is bound there for two and a half years until the end of MLS 2025.

    The above figures are not comparable to Saudi Arabia's offer which reportedly reached 400 million dollars per year. But Messi has since the beginning emphasized that he no longer prioritizes the value of money, but family comfort.

    Inter Miami is already preparing to welcome Messi's arrival, one of which is by increasing the number of their home capacity. Drive Pink Stadium currently only has 18 thousand seats, but a project to add 3000-3200 new seats is underway.

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