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    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are divorcing, this is the reason!

    Wednesday, September 6, 2023, September 06, 2023 EDT Last Updated 2023-09-07T03:30:06Z

    The rumors that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's marriage broke are true. Joe Jonas officially registered his divorce with the Miami-Dade County Court on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.

    In court filings obtained by NBC News, Joe Jonas stated that their marriage was "irreparably damaged." It is not stated in detail what the Jonas Brothers band member meant. What is clear, there is no cause in the form of a third person or disloyalty.

    Joe Jonas also included a prenuptial agreement letter which was signed in early 2019. In it, various things are stated. Including things like this and parenting.

    “We want the best for underage children. "Both parties will share parental responsibilities," wrote Joe Jonas' document.

    During their four years of marriage, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were blessed with two daughters. The first is Willa, born on July 5 2020. Meanwhile, the youngest—known to have the initials JT—is only 15 months old. Nick Jonas' brother also stated that the parenting plan includes many details. Including, "Clear and routine division of time between children and both parties."

    That means, he doesn't want full custody of the child to fall into Sophie Turner's hands. Because usually, minors automatically accompany their mother. Joe Jonas added that in recent months, his two daughters have lived at his private home in Miami. Meanwhile, the house he bought with Sophie Turner in the city has been sold.

    A few days earlier, Joe Jonas told the media that the two children had been invited to tour several cities in the US, while he was on a concert tour with the Jonas Brothers. Meanwhile, Sophie Turner is reportedly in England filming a film.

    News of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's split first surfaced on Monday, September 4, 2023. TMZ reported that Joe Jonas hired two divorce attorneys based in Los Angeles.

    The media immediately linked it to the fact that Joe Jonas had not been wearing his wedding ring for several weeks. Apart from that, the figure of Sophie Turner never appeared in the Cake by the Ocean singer's Instagram upload that year. Even in celebration of Joe Jonas' 34th birthday on August 16.

    As if to silence rumors, Joe Jonas put on a ring again when he appeared at the Jonas Brothers concert in Texas, Austin, on Monday night local time. At the same time, he also uploaded photos on Instagram. Which clearly exposed her ring finger wearing a ring.

    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner married in May 2019. After returning from attending the Billboard Music Awards. After that, they held a beautiful reception on the outskirts of Paris. They first connected via Instagram DM in 2016. At that time, Sophie Turner had just finished filming the sixth season of Game of Thrones.

    “We have a lot of friends in common. They had been matching us up for some time," recalled Sophie Turner to Harper's Bazaar UK. “We follow each other on Instagram. And he sent a direct message to me one day. Suddenly. "There's no wind, no rain," he said. After connecting via Instagram, they immediately became close.

    Joe Jonas proposed to Sophie Turner in 2017. Less than a year after meeting. Even though Sophie Turner is seven years younger than Joe Jonas, she feels very compatible with the vocalist of the band DNCE. She is also determined to spend the rest of her life with Joe Jonas. They married two years after getting engaged. Right after Sophie Turner completed her obligation to play Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.

    Of course, those are all just memories… (*) 

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