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Selena Gomez House Looks Simple, But The Price Is Crying

Here's the look out of Selena Gomez, located in the elite area of ​​Studio City, California, USA. It looks simple ya? Although looks simple, the price of country house style is in fact far from the word cheap.

According to Variety, Selena sold the property and released it for US $ 2,799 million. 
(Photo: Document Variety)

Simple impression is also felt inside the house area of ​​296 square meters. Clean white color dominates the living room area with a rustic-style fireplace.
Wood floors and plain ceiling further reinforce the simplicity. (Photo: Document Variety)

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Family Room
The living room is made together with the kitchen. This time the floor is made of bricks that create a warm impression. (Photo: Document Variety)

Brick material is also an accent for the interior of the kitchen.

The kitchen area features a central 'island' table to accommodate cooking activities. White color still dominates. (Photo: Document Variety)
The dining room
The dining room with glass doors provides a direct view of the backyard. (Photo: Document Variety)

Go into the master bedroom, this room comes with a sweet blue accent.

The house consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus a guesthouse complete with bathroom.
(Photo: Document Variety)


The main bathroom comes with a bathtub and shower. The use of white ceramics as a wall creates a chic impression.
 (Photo: Document Variety)

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Gym Center

This house also features a gym center to keep the body of the inhabitants stay in shape. (Photo: Document Variety)


Here is the appearance of a guesthouse adjacent to the main building. Again white, with wood accents
become the mainstay theme. (Photo: Document Variety)

The atmosphere of Selena Gomez's backyard. The beautiful garden and the swimming pool make for a long time here. (Photo: Document Variety)

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Intelligent Solution Arrange Studio Apartment with Scandinavian Style

It is not uncommon to think that the size of a small house or apartment will be very difficult to decorate. But the reality is not so, we just need a little more carefully. In this book of ideas, we will take you to one of the example apartments in Kalibata which is the work of one of Homify professionals, Interiores located in Tangerang area. With the size of the space that is not too big, our professional managed to set the existing space to be beautiful in decoration but still meet all the needs of the space owner.

The choice of style chosen by the designer as well as the homeowner is a Scandinavian design style. In this project, we can also see some of the main characters of Scandinavian design that are well implemented by the designer. Can not wait to find out more details of existing apartment designs? Let's see it together.

1. Open Plan Concept

One of the design strategies you should consider when your home or apartment has a size that is not big is the concept of Open Plan. The greatest advantage of the Open Plan concept is the widespread effect that it creates. You will be forgotten how small your apartment is in the size of the entire Apartment number shelter in a single space. By removing the living room and bedroom wall separation, the whole house is now a single unit as seen in the picture above. Looks very broad is not it?

2. Flexible partition

But the designer realizes that it is time for the homeowner to want a smaller room for himself instead of the wide expanse of empty space. Therefore, the designer gets around this need by providing a flexible curtain between the sleeping room and the living room. This curtain can be easily opened at the time the home selector wants a large space and can otherwise be pulled to limit the private space to the extent of the room alone.

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3. Compact and Functional Kitchen

Your hobby of cooking but the kitchen area you have just a little? Do not worry that you can not include all your cooking needs in your limited kitchen. With a limited size, you can still include basic necessities for cooking such as stoves, sinks, dish racks and cooking utensils, as well as microwaves. The important thing to remember is that you have a bottom and top work area that you can maximize as a storage place. Even a microwave can you place at the top of course still affordable without an additional ladder.

4. Natural Material and Neutral Color

Choosing a scandinavian style of decoration indirectly means you have chosen neutral color dominance as well as natural materials for decorating your space. This can be seen from the picture above where for the white wall area looks dominant and for the wood flooring material that dominates. Color and material selection can also complement each other. For example on the wall area, in addition to using plaster paint regular, the designer also adds texture through ceramic material usage on the wall which certainly enrich the details in space.

5. Choice of Furniture

One of Scandinavian features apart from color and material is the shape and design of the furniture. In contrast to modern furnishings that tend to be boxy and hard, Scandinavian style furniture exudes a softer charm. This can be seen from the lighter and dynamic shape, such as sofa and coffee table in the picture above. Not to forget, a little green plants will add beauty to the room.

6. Bathroom Design

In addition to natural materials and neutral colors, Scandinavian design can also be combined with a monochrome accent motif. One application is seen in the design of the bathroom in this apartment. Additional variety of motives that are not monoton really make the existing space to look both interesting and elegant.

Worried no place for washing machine? You can follow our professional design strategy in this apartment. The washing machine is placed under the sink table so it looks neat and neat.

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Wooden House Very Rustic Style

Homes like this we often see from the films outside, which displays a simple house so beautiful. Surely having a charming and comfortable home is everyone's wish.

And if you like the style of the house as in the Book of Ideas this time, we wander around looking at the house of the work of Studio D8 architect from Delft, a city in western Netherlands. Here homify show a one-story wooden house design that you can make inspiration for your dwelling

1. House Plan

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Beautiful house with green surroundings has a total size of 75 m² (Area). With an open concept typical home in the Netherlands, this dwelling is made one floor and has a small attic for children's playground. The roof is a mix of oblique and flat styles that make wooden houses look artistic. Well, on the back we can see a fish pond built and there is a small wooden house for children to play.
2. Impressive Wooden House

Light brown color blends with the green atmosphere, this color combination gives a peaceful natural impression. The towering trees in front of the house further maximize the beautiful impression on the dwelling. On the front page is a chair placed under the shade of a tree for a place to relax. Interestingly again, the leaves that fall on the floor of the yard and grass just makes the atmosphere of the house becomes very shady and beautiful. Well, from this page there is a main entrance with a room surrounded by large windows with transparent glass. So beautiful!

3. Pillar of Wood

Many ways that can be done to view the pillars are not monotonous and rigid. And there is something interesting, if we look at the pillars of this house using the original wooden trunk, complete with rough surface and wooden structure. As a result, this wooden house has a very unique wooden pillar! In addition to beautify the house and provide a classic value, wooden pillars are also as a reinforcement of the overall structure of the building.

4. The Door to the Back Park

No less unique, to access the garden behind the house, the architect made the door complete with wooden walls. Country house atmosphere was thick in this area. Not enough just the wood-based house, this entrance was seen in harmony with the decoration of lights, a barrel and potted plants.

5. Wood Domination

The terrace is also equipped with wooden floors, wooden walls and wooden furniture, all wood. And so as not to look boring, the architect put windows and doors of transparent glass, which features a luxurious and clean impression. The presence of the glass windows spoils the owner enjoying the beautiful garden scenery and the blue sky.

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6. Terrace With Garden View

From inside this room we can sit back and enjoy the beautiful view of the garden, complete with wooden house for children's playground. This wooden house decoration is maximized with large windows that make the sunlight can illuminate the maximum and also spoil the owner with a terrace to relax. The architecture of this wooden house looks simple but is capable of stealing the attention!

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6 Tricks to Hide Air Conditioner Not To Ruin The Beauty Of The Interior

In hot tropical climate and air, especially in the dry season, and without air conditioning or air conditioning in the living room and bedroom, who can survive?

Indoor air conditioners in the room usually mounted against the wall or window type. Nevertheless, with the increasing demand for interior decoration in today's modern times, the contemporary generation is looking for ways to hide the air conditioner and this style is getting more and more popular. Let's find out more about the hidden AC style.

1. What is a hidden AC? What is the difference between general indoor AC?

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As mentioned earlier, indoor AC is generally mounted on wall or mounted with window type. However, the style of installation of air conditioning is clearly interfere with the beauty of the interior and takes place.

On the other hand, the features of the Hidden AC one of which is the separation of the AC body hidden in the ceiling. There are only non-annoying air-conditioning fans visible to the eye. Therefore, when compared with traditional indoor AC in general, the concealed AC gives a beautiful impression and does not accumulate dust. In addition, since cold air outlets can be distributed, even cold airflow can be set on average compared to traditional air conditioners.

However, the hidden air conditioner still has disadvantages due to more complicated cleaning and cleaning procedures. This will be discussed further later.

2. What is the price of the air conditioner hanging?

The price of the air-conditioned type depends on the function of the air conditioner. For example, two special cold frequency conversion function and cold and warm frequencies clearly have a significant price range. Next, the higher the AC weight in tons, the more expensive it is. In general, the popular air conditioners in the Taiwan market come from Japanese brands and their reference prices usually include a basic installation price.

For example, for imploded air conditioning installed improperly, suitable for a 3.3 - 10 square meter room, the reference price with the installation is approximately Rp 14.3 million.

Suitable for a room of 10 - 17 square meters in a hidden area of ​​the ceiling, the price of the following air conditioning installation is about 83 million.

For an area of ​​17 - 23 square meters and installed air conditioning hidden, the price varies from Rp 21 million to Rp 22 million.

Overall, the price of covert air conditioning is about Rp 21.8 million more expensive than traditional hanging air conditioners.

In addition, since 2017, many ACs are labeled as "Seasonal Seasonal Energy Factor" or CSPF. The higher the value of CSPF, the more energy efficient the AC. There is still a need for comparison with other air conditioners in terms of price, and this will be discussed further.

3. What are the common dimensions of this type of hanging air conditioner?

The indoor covered AC body is not as big as we imagine! For example, the Japanese AC brand introduced a super thin indoor AC unit that fit for space of 16.5 or 19.8 square meters. With a width of only 70 cm, weights of 21 kg and a height of 24 cm ceiling, this type of air conditioner is suitable for homes in Taiwan.

In addition, depending on different brands or different models, the size of the indoor air-conditioning unit itself is definitely different. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to consult with the experts so that the information and prices obtained are current and the most accurate.

4. What if the house requires a lot of air conditioning?

Generally, you need to determine how much air conditioning you want to provide in accordance with the size of the house. According to the recommendations of the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the weight of the AC and the applicable extent are as follows:

0.8 tons; 3.3 - 9.9 square meters

1.3 tons; 16.5 square meters

1.26 tons; 13.2 - 19.8 square meters

1.42 tons; 16.5 - 23 square meters 1.8 tons; 19.8 - 26.4 square meters

2.24 tons; 26.4 - 33 square meters

If the house is located on the top floor, or the room has exposure to the sun in a long period of time, you need to choose air conditioning with great weight.

5. What should be looked at when installing a disguised AC?

Given the position of the covert air conditioning is inside the ceiling, you need to make sure the horizontal ceiling is sufficient to accommodate the entire air conditioner to install the air outlet and fan box. Generally, it takes about 1.3 times more space than the AC body to load the AC body.

To avoid any space that seems too sensitive to pressure, you also need to make sure the bottom is at least 2.5 meters, or you will feel the pressure from the top!

Another important point that can not be ignored is the need for sufficient distance between air outlets and air outlets. Because otherwise, when cold air is blown out of its air outlet, it will take a few seconds for air to come out of the air outlet, causing a short loop to become a problem.

6. How to clean the hanging air outlet?

The disadvantages of a disguised air conditioner are maintenance and cleaning which is not as easy as the traditional hanging air conditioner. Even so, because the location is closed, automatically dust that collects even less.

You can clean this hidden air conditioner regularly every 1-2 times per year with the following steps:

Indoor unit:

(1) Separate filter from air outlet and air exchange, then clean the dust. Then wash with soap and dry.

(2) Clean the inside with water and the drum part.

Outdoor unit:

(1) First stop the power

(2) Then, wash parts of his body from top to bottom with clean water and wait until dry naturally.

When necessary, be sure to hire professional air-conditioning cleaning.

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15 Strange House Interior Designs That Make Laughter At a Time Confused

An Instagram account is dedicated specifically to capture the unique home interior designs. Account named @ pleasehatethesethings was even initiated by Dina Holland, interior designer who often finds strange house design and decided to upload it on Instagram.

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One of the strangest designs found by Dina is the staircase of a house with a view of this river. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

The bathroom concept is far too unique. Looks like the owner of the house did not want toilet tissue quickly run out so it is hidden in the closet. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Perhaps homeowners want to feel like a king even while being pissed. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

This fireplace looks unique, creepy, and there is also a side of humor. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Looks like this bathroom wants people can take a shower while sitting or pissing. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

It is not clear what the concept of this all-white bedroom. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Very unique desk. But what homeowners are not confused how to put plates and take food? Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

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The purpose of the bedroom as well as this pool is probably to always be able to swim after and before the break or can rest after and before swimming. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Can be considered for you who often want to soak together with a partner but remain separate. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

The giant cat shape sofa looks more strange than unique. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Confused what is the function of this glass barrier. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Bathtubs with high heels shape suitable for you are feminine. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Unusual bathroom interiors. There's even a snake accent to show where the toilet is. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

You who are bored with the usual tap may be able to replace it with shells. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

The concept of a unique swimming pool as well as confusing. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

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3-Room House Plan Size 6 × 12 Best and Latest

Three-Bedroom House Plan The Best and Newest 6x12 Room Layout - A 3x model house with 6x12 size models is not so much sought today, but there are still some who need a house like this.

Even so, not a few are also looking for 3-bedroom house plans to be observed to help find the best design for the house to be made.

There are many sizes in making a home, there are 6x12, 36, 45, 60, and 70 type are usually sought, you can choose some type of house size above.

Currently we will give a little reason why the house with type 6x12 much in demand by the community, consider his review below:

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Reasons Why House Plan 3-Room Size 6x12 Preferably

1. Cheaper

People also prefer cheaper homes, though everyone likes luxury homes. But because the people's economy is also not too stable in Indonesia, so most prefer this 6x12 size.

2. Design Is Not Complex

Design of this type of house is also not too complicated, you only need some important parts of this house design. Most of its designs are pre-existing, for example with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen.

3. More Simple

For small families, they usually prefer a simple home for easy cleaning as well, compared with a large house that is difficult to clean. Besides, the family is also small, so they choose to make simple homes only.
And for those of you who choose the 6x12 home type, you can see some examples of designs that we will give special for you:
3-Room House Plan Size 6x12 Best and Latest

Home Design

Home Design

Home Design

That's some 3-room house room design size 6x12 which may be one of inspiration for those of you who like to learn about home design or you want to make a house with size 6x12, Thank you.

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