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Street lights in this city will be replaced with man-made moons

Beijing - China is reportedly in the process of creating an "artificial moon" that is bright enough to replace street lights in Chengdu City located in southwest China in 2020.

The satellite that can emit light is claimed eight times brighter than the original moon, according to state media People's Daily, and is part of China's growing ambitions in space projects.

Chinese scientists plan to send three artificial months into space in the next four years, and the artificial moon is made of materials that reflect light like a mirror - thought to orbit at 500 kilometers above Earth and illuminate areas with diameters of 10 to 80 kilometers.

Wu Chunfeng, chairman of the Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute Corporation, which developed the project, said that the burning satellite would provide "light like at dusk".

"The brightness and timing of satellite services can both be adjusted, and lighting accuracy can be controlled within a tens of meters radius," Wu told state media agencies.

Wu Chengfeng added that three artificial months would operate alternately to significantly reduce the electricity consumption of various infrastructures, especially during the winter.

The light reflecting satellite is designed to complement the moon at night.

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'Who pays for it and what is the purpose?'
Chengdu, China, Light from artificial moon will save millions of dollars in electricity costs every year. (Flickr: DvYang)
Wu said 50 square kilometers of artificial lighting in Chengdu could save around 1.2 billion yuan, equivalent to Rp 2.6 trillion in electricity costs each year.

The artificial moon can also be used to illuminate areas that experience power cuts caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, he said.

In addition to its economic benefits, many comments from residents on China Weibo's social media platform worry about potential negative effects such as how the artificial month will affect sleep patterns and how much money is being sucked to finance the project.

"What's the point of creating an artificial moon that violates the laws of nature?" Shaolin Xu, a famous commentator who has 1.4 million followers on Weibo, said in his account.

"Who paid for it and what was the purpose of the launch?"

"This is definitely a good project to save energy and reduce pollution," another Weibo user commented.

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While the People's Daily quoted Wu as saying the brightness of the artificial moon would be bright enough to replace streetlights, other state-run media, Xinhua, quoted Wu as saying the brightness would only be about one-fifth of street lights.

Xinhua reported that the idea of ​​the man-made moon came from a French artist who imagined hanging a necklace made of mirrors in the sky to illuminate the streets of Paris at night.

Russia tried to launch a "25 meter diameter space mirror" but the project was suspended in 1999.

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Guests in this Hotel Can Take a Bathroom with Bear and Eat with the Lion! Interested?

Ever been to a safari park?

There visitors can go around using a car and get a closer look at the animals.

Well, a concept like this is also used a hotel in Australia.

Instead of building a terraced hotel in the middle of town, Hotel Jamala Wildlife Lodge is making the concept close to wild animals.
Shared bath bears at the hotel

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The hotel is located at the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra, Australia.

The residents of the hotel get a chance near these wild animals.

They can eat with lions, bathe with bears, feed the giraffes directly, and shark-equipped rooms.

The hotel manager convinces guests not to worry.

Because, there will be a clear glass that is guaranteed keamannya between the position of the guests and the animals.

So, the hotel is very safe.

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The purpose of establishing a hotel close to these animals is to support the restoration and preservation of animals.

So every advantage of the hotel will be used to fund the program.

Interested in this hotel?

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Honduras 0-0 Australia: The Socceroos Benefit

Australia managed to hold the home draw, Honduras in the first leg of 2018 Intercontinental 2018 World Cup play-offs.

These results make Australia benefit because in the second leg will play in front of the public itself.

Honduras vs Australia
Australia successfully held the host draw, Honduras with a score of 0-0 at the Stadio Olimpico Metropolitano on Saturday (11/11/17). The draw is certainly an advantage for The Socceroos.

Because the second leg later Tim Cahill et al will play in public itself, at the Stadio Olimpic Sydney, Wednesday (15/11/17). They only need one goal to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

In this dead live match, both teams played fiercely from the beginning. Honduras immediately opened the opportunity in the first minute through a wing scheme carried out by Antony Lozano. But unfortunately, bait pull Honduras players successfully driven by the Australian defender ranks.

Do not want to be depressed, The Socceroos try to attack. They were able to have a golden opportunity through Sainsbury, but his measured shot was thwarted the opponent's goalkeeper.

Honduras continue to be depressed, Australia again got a chance from Juric who is already one on one with the opponent goalkeeper. However, his shot still deviated on the right side of the goal Honduras.

Attempts host to build attacks often fail. The strength of Australia's defense has left the line-up of Honduran attackers frustrated. 0-0 score did not change until halftime.

In the second half, Australia almost breaking into the goal of Honduras in the 50th minute. Starting from a corner kick, Australian players are able to provide a pull bait by bouncing the ball down. Unfortunately, this ball successfully driven Escober goalkeeper.

Throughout the two teams both teams often buy and sell attacks. However, because of the lack of good settlement to make both have to settle for a 0-0 draw until the fight was over.

Team Composition of Both Teams:

Australia: Mat Ryan; Trent Sainsbury, Bailey Wright, Mat Jurman; Josh Risdon, Mile Jedinak, Jackson Irvine, Aziz Behich; Aaron Mooy, Massimo Luongo; Tomi Juric

Honduras: Donis Escober, Henry Figueroa, Jhonny Palacios, Bryan Beckeles, Emilio Izaguirre, Jorge Claros, Alfredo Mejia, Alex Lopez, Anthony Lozano, Romell Quioto, Ovidio Lanza.

Sluurp! Latte Tinted Light Blue Medium This favored Many People

Photo: Matcha Mylkbar
Matcha green latte much-loved people in the world. Today's cafe in Australia has a unique blend of blue latte!

The uniqueness of the color of latte led to the name "Smurf Latte" to drink a concoction of Matcha Mylkbar vegan cafe in Melbourne. Bright blue color on a latte obtained from use 1 teaspoon ground E3 live blue algae, reported Mashable (13/07). There was no coffee content therein.

Not only algae, the drinks also contain lemon, agave ginger, and coconut milk. It was also somewhat unique. Similar sour milk with strong aroma such as seaweed

"People thought it was sweet like chewing gum. You certainly can feel the taste of agave and lemon. It's quite sweet and a little sour. But it's hard to describe the taste, many people think it tastes different," explained the owner of the cafe, Nic Davidson, told Mashable Australia.

Actually Smurf Latte no café menu. There is only a small sign in the cafe that indicate its existence. Popularity exactly happened thanks to Instagram.

Cafe latte upload pictures that make people interested. "It's crazy. Over the weekend Thursday already sold more than 100 latte and considering we were only a little cafe with 40 seats, it very much. Even our arrival people who do not speak English, order a drink just by pointing a photo on Instagram," said Davidson ,

The algae itself is a freshwater plant that can be consumed. According to Mark Filipelli who is also the owner of the cafe, algae is believed to be a source of antioxidants.

"It is a powerful antioxidant which the consumption of 1 gram (algae) each day has benefits (health) is very large," said Filippelli told News Corp Australia (13/07).

To enjoy a glass of latte, consumers need to pay for AU $ 8. For the price of 1 gram of algae were reported just over AU $ 3. Although not quite cheap, Filipelli said many people who continue to come.

"A lot of people come in and try something new. We have some customers who come back and enjoy it every day. Because of this (latte) was gorgeous, this corresponds to Instagram," said Filipelli.

Besides Smurf Latte, Matcha latte Mylkbar also has other unique creations. As Beetroot Latte, Latte Mushroom, Turmeric Apple Pie Latte and Latte. The plan, the cafe will also introduce a series of blue dish. Including "Papa Smurf" smoothie bowl.

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