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6 World's Best Cars 2018

Volvo XC60 to SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) which became the world's best car. Cars from other categories have been selected, any car?

Volvo XC60 became the winner in the most prestigious category namely World Car of The Year. Car beat Range Rover Velar and Mazda CX-5. All the world's best car finalists are SUVs. This indicates the SUV car is becoming a popular car today. Photo: World Car of the Year Awards

Volvo Senior Vice President Anders Gustafsson received the world's best car award in a ceremony at Javits Center, Manhattan, New York. Photo: Kevin Hagen for The World Car Awards

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For the category of best luxury cars this year fell on the German car Audi A8. Photo: Kevin Hagen for The World Car Awards

The BMW M5 becomes the world's best car in the World Performance Car category or the best performing car. Photo: Rangga Rahadiansyah

Failed to get the most prestigious title, Range Rover Velar get the award for the category of car with the best design. Beat the pretty car of Lexus LC 500 and Volvo XC60. Photo: Kevin Hagen for The World Car Awards

Nissan Leaf (white) as predicted to be the best environmentally friendly cars beat the BMW 530e iPerformance and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Photo: Kevin Hagen for The World Car Awards

While VW Polo steal the award in the category of the best urban car beat Ford Fiesta and Suzuki Swift. Photo: Dadan Kuswaraharja

The atmosphere of the world's best car announcement on the sidelines of the New York Motor Show Javits Center show, Manhattan, New York. Photo: Kevin Hagen for The World Car Awards

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Buy Cars as Easy as Buying Canned Drinks

Guangzhou - Buying a car will be as easy as buying canned drinks in a vending machine. E-commerce from China, Alibaba Group and American car manufacturer, Ford has launched a vending machine (vending machine) in the southern city of Guangzhou, China.

Giant vending machine to buy cars in China (Photo: Alibaba)

Reported CNBC, the machine comes with a five-story building. The machine can accommodate 42 units of cars from various models, including Ford Explorer and Mustang.

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Alibaba said Tmall users, Alibaba online shopping platform, with a good credit score can buy cars from vending machines without human help. Buying a car in this vanding machine takes less than 10 minutes.

Users simply select the car from Alibaba's Taobao app, then scan the face in the app, and when it arrives at the vanding machine, the system will verify the buyer's identity before the car is shipped.

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"Once the Ford car is selected, the consumer is self-sufficient to ensure that he is the only one who can pick up the car, then the consumer puts the deposit electronically and schedules the retrieval time, all from within the app," said Gu Wanguo, General Manager of Vehicles at Tmall Auto.

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