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This Student Was Dead for Eating Instant Noodles Every Night!

Choose practical food and cheap, these students eat instant noodles every night. But ill-fated, he died allegedly because of his habits.

Photo: iStock

Reported by World of Buzz (17/10), the 18-year-old student came from Taiwan. He just died of stomach cancer he suffered.

After investigating, stomach cancer was triggered by unhealthy eating habits. He ate instant noodles every day since he was in high school.
Photo: iStock

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After graduating and successfully entering college, the young man began to experience health problems. Symptoms include flatulence, nausea and abdominal pain. His family was worried because the health condition of this teenager did not improve.

The family then brings the teenager to the hospital. The diagnosis shows that this teenager is at the end of stomach cancer.

Only a little hope he survived because the cancer had spread to other organs. After more than a year fighting cancer, this teenager finally died.
Photo: iStock

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Oncologist, Dr Gan at the hospital said the community must start reducing the consumption of sausages, smoked meat and instant noodles to avoid the natural risk of cancer.

Meanwhile Dr Lau explained, stomach cancer patients usually only show few symptoms in the early stages. They may be wrongly diagnosed with gastritis. This is why 80% of patients have just discovered stomach cancer when they are in the final stages.

About the symptoms of stomach cancer, the American Cancer Society mentions some of them. Starting from reduced appetite, weight loss, abdominal pain, chest burning, nausea and vomiting.

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Using a Bra Too Long Can Trigger Breast Cancer? Doctor: That's a Hoax!

Wearing a bra does not trigger breast cancer. Photo: Thinkstock
Until now breast cancer is still a frightening specter for women. It is undeniable that breast cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world.
Now breast cancer not only attacks adult women or old age, but young women also have the chance to get this disease.

During this time many news circulated about the assumption that wearing a bra for too long can lead to breast cancer. Is that right?

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Radiation oncologist, Dr. Fielda Djuita, SpRad (K), Onk. Rad, said that this was a hoax.

"Nothing, there were people who asked about the bra bras, hoaxes. There have been studies that have been used and have not used bras, there is no significant difference," he explained to

Nevertheless, to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, Dr. Fielda provides some easy tips, namely by living a healthy lifestyle.

"We recommend exercising diligently, eating balanced between carbohydrates, protein and fat," he concluded

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Big vs Small Breasts, Which are at Risk for Cancer?

Breast size turns out to affect breast cancer risk. Photo: thinkstock
Myths about the causes of breast cancer are still scattered. One of them is that breast size can affect the high risk of breast cancer. Is it true?

Breast cancer surgeon, Rachmawati, Sp. B (K) Onk, said that the size of a woman's breast can affect the level of breast cancer risk. If the breasts are larger, the risk of developing the disease is higher.

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"Breast size is indeed one of the causes of breast cancer risk. If the breasts are bigger, then the lump can stick anywhere," he said, in an interview with detikHealth some time ago.

"Because there is a lot of fat and a wider area, the lump has space to develop. It's different if the breasts are small," added Dr. Rachma.

He also stressed, that based on research it has been proven, breast size can be a risk of breast cancer.

"It is more risky to be large, because a lot of space for cancer can grow," he concluded.

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4 Zodiak's Born For Successful Entrepreneur

Among the twelve constellations of the zodiac, 
there are some constellations are born as a successful entrepreneur thanks capabilities.

 In the twelve constellations of the zodiac, it turns out there are some zodiac born as an entrepreneur. These signs shown by the ability of people born in a particular zodiac in developing a successful venture. It means that is brave enough to take risks and be consistent in doing business.

Quoting from The, people who were born of this zodiac always dare to step out of their comfort zones to achieve success. You wonder if your zodiac included as a successful entrepreneur?

Here's a list of 4 zodiac born as a successful entrepreneur:

1. Capricorn

The constellation is symbolized by the goat's image fits with the character of its people. Goat, mountain goat is an animal especially independent and on their own able to climb the mountain top though.

Based on the character of this constellation, a Capricorn able to step out of the failure they experienced. This is certainly consistent with the character required of a successful entrepreneur.

You who have the constellation Capricorn is a hard worker and willing to take risks to achieve success. In fact, a Capricorn believes that every hurdle is a learning experience very significant compared to the advice of others.

2. Libra

Unlike the more sought independent Capricorn, Libra is the character of the leader of a successful business. A Libra realize that success is the result of team work and not work alone.

Libra is always trying to analyze the ability of each member of the business, and form a compact team to success. Libra also confident person, and easy to get along with others, so it's easy to get a job or business associates.

3. Cancer

Perhaps many people do not expect quiet and introverted character of Cancer turned out to bring success to a Cancer. A Cancer is always trying to find what their passion, and when they're doing what they love, no one can stop them until they are successful.

Cancer also is a private who can not move on from his past. This does not mean not good, Cancer always trying to look at his past mistakes and try to improve themselves and prevent errors reoccur.

4. Aries

Speaking of Aries, of course, talking about the zodiac's most unyielding. Aries are people who are always trying to make his ideas into action. Always excited, and confidence is high are the hallmark of the constellations bearing these sheep. Aries is fearless to walk alone realize his ideas.

As a entrepreneur, Aries has ample capital, such as communication skills and confidence to explain a business idea to investors. An important point here, Aries has confidence in the idea that they build, and has a clear objective of what they want to get in this life.

3 Ways to minimize exposure to cancer-causing chemical residues

Illustrations wash Strawberries. © 2015 Shutterstock

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the remaining residues of chemicals used by farmers or also unconsciously keep to yourself at home can increase the risk of disease, such as one of them is cancer.

In addition, the consumption of the type of food taken from non-organic crops also have contributed to the risk. Therefore, there are some easy tips to minimize invasive disease caused by residual chemicals.

1. Cleaning carefully for groceries
Before cooking, you have to wash or rinse the plants or non-organic food ingredients are thoroughly. Do not just wash using tap water alone, but you have to wash by immersing these foods some of the time. In addition to soaking, also add 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the water bath. This serves to shed the rest of the chemical residues left behind.

2. Reduce the use of chemicals in the home
There are times when someone will use a chemical spray when it would repel or kill pests in the home, such as rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes up with flies. You'll want to reduce their use by traditional and manual way, such as closing the hole frequented by rodents, cleaning the house or also smoothed goods that can be used as mosquito breeding.

3. Do not use chemicals for houseplants
Having houseplants, especially the expensive is a matter of pride. Of course, so that the plant can continue to be healthy, then extra care is required. It is advisable not to use chemicals to treat and prevent these plants from disease or pests. You can use a traditional step by providing fertilizer and pest repel them manually. You can also use other materials, such as vinegar, lemon or essential oils that can repel the plant disease.

Granted, you may not be able to avoid exposure of residual because through the air, as these substances can still be concerning yourself, even if you did not use it. However, to minimize the beginning of the residence or yourself, then the level of risk can be reduced as low as possible.

Cancer Will be Destroyed when you Consumption 7 Foods

Some health portal has discussed these foods that can stop cancer cells and development. In fact, many scientists say, these foods have better effects than chemotherapy.
Seventh these foods could cut off the blood supply that leads to cancer cells or have anti-angiogenic properties. What's that angiogenesis? This is the process of creation of blood vessels in the body, and the process itself varies within a certain period in life.

Angiogenesis is very harmful for your body. Therefore, to control angiogenesis, you can consume some of these foods. In this way, we can stop the growth of cancer cells.

1. Tomatoes.
The results showed that people who ate tomato sauce (tomato cooked) more than 4 times a month, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 50 percent. Tomatoes are high in lycopene (anti-angiogenic). Lycopene in tomatoes increases while under high temperature.

2. Turmeric.
Turmeric is a super food that has the ability to cope with cancer and burn fat.

3. The red wine.
Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes that is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and can prolong life.

4. Green Tea
Benefits of green tea must have been familiar to you. In addition to weight loss, green tea also pointed out can be a replacement drinks chemotherapy.

5. Blueberry and 6. Raspberry.
Dark color in blueberries and raspberries come from phytochemicals that can guarantee protection against various diseases (such as red wine), reduces oxidative encouragement and stop angiogenesis. Both the fruit is an important weapon in the fight against ovarian cancer.

7. Dark chocolate.
Dark chocolat very beneficial for heart health, change your mood for the better and fight the bad cells, including cancer.

Source: Food and Healthy Life

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