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When the Future There Are No More Traffic Lights

Every year car drivers must spend an average of two days waiting for the red light to turn green. This is one of the factors why car drivers, especially in developed countries such as Indonesia, the United States, China, often experience stress while on the road.

Photo Illustration: Pool (Youtube)

All relevant parties certainly try to reduce this, starting from starting to encourage public transportation, autonomous vehicles, to the most extreme is to eliminate traffic lights.

The idea was expressed by an American manufacturer, Ford through a short duration video, as reported by carscoops (Thursday, 10/11/2018). Quite radical indeed, but Ford said the elimination of traffic lights could be applied in the future when the car was fully connected.

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Ford calls this technology Intersection Priority Management (IMP). If the vehicle is fully connected, the car can 'talk' to each other to coordinate and decide how much speed should be maintained so as not to bump into each other. The IMP will function especially on vehicles approaching the intersection.

Means that later there will be no cars that have to stop so it is very effective to reduce time on the streets due to stop-and-go. In addition, Ford also said this technology could save fuel because the driver was no longer stuck in a red light.

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This pattern also promises to improve safety because almost 60 percent of accidents occur at intersections. This technology is also mentioned by Ford, it does not rule out the possibility of being pinned on autonomous vehicles.

Can you apply it all over the world?

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Wow! Hyundai Will Release Very Cheap Cars

New Delhi - South Korean automotive manufacturer, Hyundai, seems to be more daring to kick off the four-wheeled market. After removing a tough and high-tech car, this time Hyundai will present a cheap yet sophisticated car that starts from US$. 5000.
Photo: Pool (Internet)

Rushlane reported, Hyundai calls this new weapon Santro and is scheduled to launch on October 23 2018. It is suspected that the car will be first presented in India and may be going to Indonesia.

In India, Santro said, it would be priced around 370 thousand rupees, equivalent to US$. 5000. Quite interesting considering that cheap cars (LCGC) made in Japan in Indonesia alone have now entered above US$. 6700.

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From the photos Rushlane obtained, there were not enough curves to enjoy. But with 14-inch iron rims without alloy options, Santro is enough to become an entry level car and everyday friend.

Various advanced technologies also do not forget Hyundai pinned on this 5-passenger hatchback, such as the touchscreen entertainment system, rear AC, AMT Transmission smart auto, the engine claimed to be more efficient, up to its safety features (dual front airbags, ABS, EBD, seatbelt reminder, speed warning system, and parking camera).

Under the hood, Santro is equipped with 1,100 cc engine that can release power up to 69 horsepower and 99 Newton meters. Power is channeled to the front wheels through a manual transmission or five-speed automatic.

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Viral on the internet, agree not when the New Avanza is like this?

Many can't wait to wait for the latest generation of the Toyota Avanza. In fact, in recent times there have been quite a lot of images on social media, one of which was posted by an Instagram account @

In that post, the All New Toyota Avanza has blue, yellow, red and silver. The appearance is so different from the previous model where the face and curvature of Avanza are more modern and aggressive. The back also becomes more sturdy.

Photo: Pool (Instagram @

The latest generation Toyota Avanza is being worked on. Executive General Manager of Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) Fransiscus Soerjopranoto also requested that the community be patient to wait for the new Avanza.

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"Every model must have its next generation, we have 24 vehicle models, even the new ones released like Rush yesterday have been thought of as their successors," said some time ago.

Soerjo also did not deny that the Avanza model was quite behind. But in terms of sales, it still remains optimistic. Moreover, now the latest Rush Toyota, so Avanza lovers who want the latest Toyota output family car can move to the SUV.

"Rush first entry is 20-30 percent, if Avanza is 50-60 percent, then the rest is refreshment and additional. Indeed, they have it like that, the person who changes the car, take it Rush, don't take the same model again (Avanza)," he said when in Singapore.

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"Incidentally there is our consumer whose model, coincidentally we are seven seater, yes, if the Avanz can't get out, Suryo, I bought Rush first, but I am Avanza loyalist, if Avanza comes out I buy again, I'm sure the selling price of Rush won't drop much , "Suryo said imitating Avanza users.

"There must be all (Avanza latest models-Red), there must be Vios, Camry, Sienta, just the time is not yet known," he concluded.


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Compact Cardi B and Offset Showcase the Latest Collection of Luxury Cars

Cardi B and Offset have several new vehicle collections.

The couple showed off their new Lamborghini collection on their Instagram page on Saturday (07/28/2018).

There are two Lamborghini.

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Lamborghini is blue for Cardi B and Lamborghini green for Offset.

Cardi B, who had just assumed the status of a new mother, was seen wearing a white shirt and maroon pants combined with pink shoes and sunglasses.

In fact, Cardi B paints its nails in blue so that it looks to match the color of the car.
Cardi shows off his luxury car.

Offset shows off his luxury car on Instagram


Reported by from People, the female rapper secretly married last 2017.

Cardi B and Offset were blessed with their first child, named Kulture Kiari Cephus on July 10, 2018.

While Offset itself already has three children from its previous marriage.

After giving birth, Cardi B resigned from his tour with Bruno Mars because he needed to restore health.

This made fans enthusiastic and supported Cardi B to become a new mother.

Cardi B shared her experience about her trip to the doctor, her decision not to hire baby sitter services to the gold beds she bought.

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A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on

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The Mercedes-AMG A35 Slowly Appears, Stretch EQ Boost

Although the Mercedes-AMG is considered too late to enter the hot hatchback class, there is absolutely no word "responsibility" when Mercedes-Benz and AMG together form the Mercedes-AMG A45 first. How not, the car used to use a 2,000 cc turbo engine with 380 hp more, which means it is the most powerful 2,000 cc turbo engine in the world. Coupled with a double clutch gearbox and 4-wheel drive, the Mercedes-AMG A45 can make Ferrari 360 Modena old-fashioned when tested.


But along with the emergence of the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz A-Class, it means that the AMG version must be discussed. Mercy later revealed the initial design of the A35 Mercedes-AMG that has been eagerly awaited, but all of us have just been able to see it in full at the Paris Motor Show next month. Photographs published on the official Mercedes-Benz Facebook and Twitter pages appear to display a "peeping" A-Class with the exterior of the Solar Beam Yellow Metallic, the same color as the Mercedes-AMG GT.

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But once again we confirm, this is the Mercedes-AMG A35. Can be read from a photo of a rear view that slightly shows off the emblem. Huh? This is not a Mercedes-AMG A45? Unfortunately not, because the AMG A45 and A45 S are still in the development stage. The Mercedes-AMG A35 is a kind of half-baked AMG that will be faced with another hot hatchback like the Audi S3. It's like the Mercedes-AMG C43 against C63, where one is the half-finished AMG and the other one is real AMG.

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While the Mercedes-AMG A45 and A45 S will get a more exclusive Panamericana style front grille, the Mercedes-AMG A35 can only get the usual AMG Sport grille. Even so, the presence of accessories such as a sporty roof spoiler and a large exhaust (hopefully double exhaust) makes this small car more attractive. The other engines and specs from the Mercedes-AMG A35 have not been officially released yet, but there are rumors that this car will get a 2,000 cc 4-cylinder turbo engine that was previously used on the A45.

Supported by EQ Boost technology, at least the Mercedes-AMG A45 must have more than 300 hp and more than 400 Nm of torque. With the addition of a typical Mercedes dual clutch gear and AWD 4MATIC drive, running from 0 to 100 km / h is completed in 5 seconds, although the edges will be electrically limited at 250 km / h, according to regulations. Just look, if the A35 is like this, it's not like what A45 will look like. What do you think? Convey in the comments column!

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Mitsubishi Triton Facelift Teaser Spread, Face the Pajero Sport!

From the picture above shows that the Mitsubishi Triton Facelift will rely on a new face that has applied the latest design language from Mitsubishi, namely the dynamic shield. And since the Mitsubishi Triton is the basis of the production of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, it is not too shocking if the proportions and face shape of the Mitsubishi Triton Facelift become more similar to the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

The similarity between the two also makes Mitsubishi need not be too difficult to share components such as headlights or bumpers and grille. Even so with its development, it does not require too much time and money if compared to remaking the face of a Mitsubishi Triton Facelift that is different from its siblings. Then what is it like? Let's discuss it.

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As usual, we will try to send this teaser into the photos and explain a few points. This effort turned out to reveal a new fact, where it turned out that the bumper and face of the Mitsubishi Triton Facelift was not entirely similar to that of his brother who was a ladder frame SUV. If observed, indeed the headlights of the Mitsubishi Triton Facelift are the same as the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport that we already know, but there are different details in this section, where the LED DRL looks different in shape from the Pajero Sport version.

Even so with the front grille that looks using two overlapping blades. The chrome accent in the dynamic shield indentation also looks a little different, and most importantly it is on the front bumper. Yep, the front bumper looks to accommodate a lamp or maybe two large pieces and like the one owned by Mitsubishi Xpander.

This part could be the position of the fog lights or turn signal lights, but of course we still can't speak further because the pictures on the teaser are still very unclear. Another detail that is seen is the use of 6 crossbar wheels that look sturdy. What else? Some of the other details that we captured were only about the shape of the hood which was similar to the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, the antenna that used the short pole model, and the fender shape pull which was very similar to the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

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Overall, the design of the Mitsubishi Triton Facelift is indeed arguably very Pajero Sport, but with a few other details we get to show that there are ‘nuances’ in the style of Mitsubishi Xpander that were also taken to this Mitsubishi Triton Facelift. We are also a bit cheery - if only the latest Mitsubishi Delica D: 5 will carry the same combination as in this Mitsubishi Triton Facelift or even the Pajero Sport will also face like this?

Well, so what do you think of this Mitsubishi Triton Facelift? It seems that this car will launch in November 2018, because Mitsubishi itself has a special agenda in Thailand that month. Let's convey your opinion.

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Know 3 Car Braking Techniques

Daihatsu Terios Photo: M. Luthfi Andika
Brakes function to stop the vehicle speed. Brakes are usually divided into two, namely those that have used ABS (antilock Brake System) and non-ABS. Autolovers are required to recognize the brake features including the correct braking method so that the car does not crash.

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Daihatsu in his press release explained 3 braking techniques that can be used for non-ABS vehicles:

1. Treshold technique

This braking is done by holding the pedal pressure around 90% (floating) or not until it locks, so that the tire can still be deflected.

2. Stab technique

This braking is good for vehicles that use drum brakes / drum by pressing the brake pedal, release and press again and again quickly to reduce vehicle speed. Besides being able to reduce the speed of the vehicle, it can also prevent the tire from locking, in doing this technique, it is necessary to practice with assistance from people who are experts in their field (expert).

3. Squeeze technique

This braking method is similar to the Stab braking by pressing the brake pedal, release it and press it again repeatedly but slowly.

"With the right braking technique, we can control and stop the vehicle perfectly, safer for ourselves and others. Now there are many cars that use ABS, but to do braking without ABS is the right technique," said Executive Coordinator People Development Department - CSVC Division, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor Ben Faqih.

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Mercedes-Benz GLE 2020, Fully Redesigned Mercedes Premium SUV

Mercedes-Benz, this manufacturer has never stopped amazing the public with its luxurious car models. From the sedan model to their MPV model, everything seems to be at a different level. For entry level classes like A-Class, Mercedes still provides driving comfort.

City car, sedan, coupé, MPV, SUV, even the newest van models, do not escape the cutting edge technology from the research & development (R & D) manufacturer whose headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany. It is undeniable that the premium characteristics have become the soul of every Mercedes-Benz car that was born. But not only is the comfort side that Merc considers, the performance sector is also their focus in building a car. Recently, their characteristic was applied through the newest SUV.

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Continuing the previous third generation or W166 which only experienced minor changes from 2016 to 2017, this 2020 model also provides a truly thorough refresher. Not only on the exterior, but the interior was also affected by this major change. What has Mercedes-Benz changed in the fourth generation GLE? Let's check together the W167 coded car.

On the exterior, the uplights of the third gene are replaced by a flat design. This is done to follow the design language of the Merc. It was also seen that the grille widened as if ready to devour more air. The front bumper also becomes more sporty thanks to its predominantly black design like the AMG version which is not yet available in the latest GLE variant of this fourth gene.

Then at the rear, the GLE 2020 taillight is now thinner than its predecessor following the design of its cousin's older sedan, the CLS. Wheelbase also increased by 3.1 inches to expand the interior space of the GLE. For the wheels, size 19 "has become standard, but you get the option of wheels up to 22" if you buy the premium Merc SUV.

Then in the interior, the Mercedes-Benz GLE 2020 experienced changes to the HUD which now has a size of 12.3 ″ with the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) interface of course. Dashboard design that has no firm but simple lines and remains elegant, combined with a customized ambient lighting, placement of neat instrument buttons, MID and HUD that are both united, the use of leather material all over the dashboard to the door panel, very Mercedes-Benz once.

For the second row seats Merc also promises that in the latest GLE series it will get a fully adjustable feature. Panoramic sunroof? It is impossible to miss this Mercedes-Benz premium SUV!

After the interior, let's explore the kitchen. If the third gene is still using a V6 engine with a capacity of 3.6 L n / a, then in the fourth GLE gene Mercedes paired an inline 4 engine with a 2.0 L capacity with a turbocharger. The new engine can spit out 255 hp with a torque of 370Nm. Still lacking in strength? It's still GLE 350 bro, if the GLE 450, the 3.0 L inline 6 engine equipped with a turbo can produce power of 367 hp with 500 Nm of torque! All the machines are mated to a 9M-TRONIC transmission and 4MATIC drivetrain.

Must Read

So what do you think of this fourth Mercedes-Benz GLE W167 2020 gene? For the price, Merc has not released a statement regarding this matter. But are you interested in this premium SUV?

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