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New Release 'Coco' Already Breaking Records in Mexico

Photo: Pixar doc.
'Coco' is a film from Pixar and Disney directed by Lee Unkrich, who previously directed 'Toy Story 3'.

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The film that introduced the culture of  Dia de Muertos was aired just on the day of Dia de Muertos in Mexico. So the film has gets revenue of $ 43 million in Mexico.

Revenue of that size with a period of less than twenty days has beaten the previous record held by 'The Avengers'. It also makes 'Coco' the number one Pixar movie in Mexico.

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In Rotten Tomatoes, the movie 'Coco' was able to score 96% of 100% and scored 9.2 on IMDb.

'Coco' itself is a film about the lost Miguel in Land of the Dead, where he finds the bitter truth about his family as well as the notion of the importance of a family.

Coco Film Show Mexican Culture about the Day of Warning to the Dead

Coco Film
In many parts of the world many cultures respect those who have died, including in Mesiko. The Memorial Day for the Dead is featured in an animated film called Coco.
Coco is the animated adventure movie production of Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

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The film was directed by the initiator Lee Unkrich, describing the adventures of Miguel, a 12-year-old boy who revealed a mystery for a century and eventually led him to a tremendous family gathering.

Actress Blanca Araceli, a film dictator who says Dia de los Muertos or the Memorial Day for the Dead is more about life than about death.

"For us, this is a celebration of life, the eternal celebration of loved ones who have died to remember them, making sure we do not forget and teach children about their ancestors, grandmother, dead uncle and remind them that our tradition is something that connects us with dead loved ones but they may be our spiritual guide, so this is a wonderful tradition and it is very important to see that this is not something about death, but about life, "he explained.

Anthony Gonzalez filled the voice of Miguel's key figure.

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He said, "I celebrate it because my grandfather has died, he is very special to me because it always supports me and he will tell me, 'Oh, Anthony should sing.' He will take me to the competition, and he is a great person, but this Day of Respect for the Dead is a day where I can get in touch with him, which is why I love the celebration.

While actor Edward James Olmos says, "You go to Mexican families and celebrate with them, you eat the favorite foods of the people you celebrate together and you do not forget about them, and as long as you do not forget, they will always be with us."

Coco films in America will be played on November 22.

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