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This Student Was Dead for Eating Instant Noodles Every Night!

Choose practical food and cheap, these students eat instant noodles every night. But ill-fated, he died allegedly because of his habits.

Photo: iStock

Reported by World of Buzz (17/10), the 18-year-old student came from Taiwan. He just died of stomach cancer he suffered.

After investigating, stomach cancer was triggered by unhealthy eating habits. He ate instant noodles every day since he was in high school.
Photo: iStock

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After graduating and successfully entering college, the young man began to experience health problems. Symptoms include flatulence, nausea and abdominal pain. His family was worried because the health condition of this teenager did not improve.

The family then brings the teenager to the hospital. The diagnosis shows that this teenager is at the end of stomach cancer.

Only a little hope he survived because the cancer had spread to other organs. After more than a year fighting cancer, this teenager finally died.
Photo: iStock

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Oncologist, Dr Gan at the hospital said the community must start reducing the consumption of sausages, smoked meat and instant noodles to avoid the natural risk of cancer.

Meanwhile Dr Lau explained, stomach cancer patients usually only show few symptoms in the early stages. They may be wrongly diagnosed with gastritis. This is why 80% of patients have just discovered stomach cancer when they are in the final stages.

About the symptoms of stomach cancer, the American Cancer Society mentions some of them. Starting from reduced appetite, weight loss, abdominal pain, chest burning, nausea and vomiting.

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Dunkin Donuts Name Change

Dunkin 'Donuts as a famous brand of American donuts for important changes. Yesterday (26/9) the company announced that it would release the word 'Donut' on its trademark.

The restaurant, originally known as Dunkin 'Donuts, will change the company's image by changing its name to Dunkin' only. This is because the company from the United States does not want to be known as a restaurant that only sells donuts. Although donuts are a food product that raises them.

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They also want to be known as a restaurant that serves many other dishes. Even so, that doesn't mean the restaurant no longer sells donuts. This is desired by the company, because seeing the highest income comes from the sale of drinks, especially in coffee.

"With the word Donuts that is no longer used in the logo, we will continue to be committed to serving donuts that are characteristic and continue to provide new variants for donut lovers everywhere," said Tony Weismen, Dunkin 'Chief Marketing Officer.

That way, the company will change the logo of the restaurant. In addition, they will also change packaging and advertisements thoroughly. Reporting from Delish (26/09) the changes will take place in early January 2019. This was conveyed in their press release.

This news is certainly shocking netizens. Many have expressed their opinions through Twitter social media. Not a few of them questioned whether consumers were accustomed to a new brand in the restaurant.

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These are the 5 most popular superfoods to maintain heart health

Diet is a major factor in the risk of heart disease. To maintain a healthy heart 5 superfood can be a mainstay.

Heart disease often leads to death. According to the Australian Heart Foundation, there are about 43,963 deaths in Australia that are linked to cardiovascular disease (CDV) in 2016.

Try adding 5 super foods that have nutrients in the daily menu, to maintain heart health.

1. Fatty Fish

Photo: iStock

Fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids are known for their benefits that can reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure, and maintain the rhythm of the heartbeat.

The benefits of omega-3 fats in fish have often been socialized by health experts. If you don't eat a lot of seafood, salmon oil supplements can be an alternative.

2. Almonds

Photo: Thinkstock

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Almonds are a healthy source of fat and fiber. These two nutrients are believed to help protect against heart disease. In addition, it also contains vitamin E, which helps reduce bad cholesterol.

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology suggests adding a small portion of almonds to the daily diet to get maximum benefit.

3. Avocados

Photo: Special

Avocados are already known as a fantastic source of health. The content of monounsaturated oleic acid or omega-9 in avocados, has several health benefits. Like lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, it also reduces the risk of cancer.

It is recommended to consume avocado at least one fruit per week to get these health benefits. Eat fresh without added sugar, syrup or sweetened condensed milk.

4. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is forever not healthy, like dark chocolate which has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease. This is evidenced by research that has found that dark chocolate made with extra virgin olive oil can improve heart health.

Even if you have large risk factors such as a history of heart disease from your family though. Therefore it is recommended to eat pure dark chocolate with a minimum cacao mass content of 70% every day.

5. Tomatoes

Photo: Fox News / iStock

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Besides being good for eye health, tomatoes are also known to maintain heart health because of the antioxidant content in them. Not only that, tomatoes are also rich in lycopene which is a carotenoid or soluble fat pigment which is believed to help get rid of bad cholesterol.

Tomatoes are very effective for your overall health, because they are low in calories, high in fiber and have many other good nutrients.

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This woman is shocked to find cockroaches inside Starbucks drinks

Try to imagine how it feels when you are enjoying a favorite drink, you have to stop drinking because you find cockroaches in it? I must be disgusted. Plus the stomach becomes nauseous and the mind drifts everywhere.

That's what happened to a woman in Melaka, Malaysia named Wan Nuraisya. Reporting from the Mothership, he experienced a disgusting moment while enjoying one of the drinks purchased from a Starbucks store in Melaka Raya, precisely next to the Hatten hotel.

I don't know what it was like to see cockroaches at the bottom of the glass after the entire contents of the drink were almost gone.

As a result of the incident, he did not spend his drink because he was too sick. Then he complained about the incident to Starbucks via direct massage on Twitter. But there was no response from the beverage company.

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Annoyed because the complaint was not responded to, he then posted on his Twitter timeline. "Emm hello @StarbucksMY can be explained (sad emotion) this appearance (emot angry) -when showing a photo of a drink cup in which there are dead cockroaches -Location: starbucks on the highway (next to the Hatten hotel)." Write an account with the username @ysmnasyh.

After the post spread and became viral until now, then Starbucks responded. Starbucks replied if they would investigate the case and apologize. But Wan Nuraisya seemed dissatisfied, then he demanded the existence of black and white documents on the disgusting incident he experienced.

However, Starbucks refused again. They only provide compensation in the form of free drinks, cakes and vouchers to solve these problems.

In fact, Wan Nuraisya complained directly to the Melaka Raya outlet. There are cockroaches in Starbucks drinks, it seems this is the first time, and only happened in Malaysia.

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Routinely Eat Dragon Fruit for Tight and Smooth Skin

Fresh, juicy dragon fruit with small seeds is delicious to eat fresh. This fruit also has many benefits for smooth and tight skin.

Having healthy and clean skin is everyone's dream. Often people are willing to spend in the pocket so that the skin on the face is not pimpled and not dull. However, caring for the skin can also be done simply by consuming dragon fruit. Whether taken in juice, or used as a scrub for skin health benefits.

Summarized from Food NDTV (07/09) following 6 benefits provided by dragon fruit for skin health.

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1. Treating sunburned skin

The vitamin B3 content in dragon fruit is able to cool sunburned skin. Also overcome inflammation, redness and itching caused by sharp ultra-violet rays. In addition, it can also restore dull skin due to sun exposure to be bright again.

2. Helps reduce acne

Dragon fruit also contains vitamin C which is good for helping reduce acne. Antioxidants in this fruit are believed to be able to make facial skin healthy, not make the skin crack.

How to use it is quite easy. First peel the whole dragon fruit from its skin, then crush the dragon fruit until it becomes a smooth paste using a fork. Apply to the area of ​​the face with the help of cotton. Be sure to use different cotton for other areas.

3. Make the skin glow

In addition to reducing the incidence of acne, the content of vitamin C in dragon fruit also makes the skin glow and look fresh. To get this benefit, just process the dragon fruit into a glass of juice. With this juice consumption routine your face is no longer dull and looks radiant.

4. Prevent free radical damage

Free radicals are very dangerous for health. One of them is the health of the skin, because free radicals can damage cells and cause oxidative stress, making the skin look dull and dehydrated all the time. It can even cause the skin to age prematurely. By applying dragon fruit to the skin can prevent free radicals from entering the skin cells.

5. Against premature aging

Early aging can be caused by various factors. Such as a bad lifestyle, lack of sleep, free radical damage, poor diet, and damage caused by sun exposure. Premature aging can be seen by the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

For that use dragon fruit as a panacea. Just take half the dragon fruit and puree. Apply to the face and neck area such as the use of scrubs in general. Let stand for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

6. Act as a natural moisturizer

Dragon fruit is a natural moisturizing ingredient, because there is about 80% water and is supplemented with vitamins as well as antioxidants. One of the best ways to use dragon fruit is by applying it directly to the skin. Rub slowly and thoroughly to get maximum benefit.

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Expelled from Red Hen Lexington Restaurant

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was expelled from a restaurant Friday night (20/6/2018) for working for President Donald Trump.

The owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, asked Sarah Sanders and his family to leave the restaurant in protest against the Trump administration.

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The Red Hen owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, said she believes Sanders is working for an "inhuman and unethical government," the BBC reported.

He told the Washington Post that he had decided to ask Sanders and his family to leave after talking to his staff.

"Tell me what you want me to do. I can ask him to leave, "Wilkinson told his workers. "They say yes."

The incident comes a few days after Interior Minister Kirsten Nielsen was derided while at a Mexican restaurant in Washington DC. Nielsen is shouted by a number of people who call it a shame he enjoys a meal at a Mexican restaurant while his government is acting very hard on migrants and separating children-including boys-from their mothers and fathers. As President Trump has also insisted on building a wall along the border with Mexico that he accused of being the entrance of illegal immigrants, murderers, robbers, bastards and drug traffickers to the United States.

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The actions of Red Hen's restaurant owners to evict Sarah Sanders from his restaurant were criticized by some as discriminatory and fanatical.

However, not a few people who praise him. "I love this place. Very moral and the food must be delicious ..., "wrote an internet user as quoted by the BBC.

Wilkinson said he asked Sanders to talk to him outside before explaining that his restaurant has some standards to uphold, such as honesty, compassion and cooperation.

He said that Sander immediately responded by saying, "That's fine. I will go."

Following the incident, on Twitter Sanders writes that "his actions (Wilkinson) show more about him than I do."

Earlier in late April, Sanders became comedian Michelle Wolf jokes at a dinner party with media crews who were correspondents at the White House. Spoken with language and figurative speeches, Wolf repeatedly calls Sarah Sanders's work-the daughter of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee-is lying for the sake of President Donald Trump.

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Here Is Organic Ice Cream Unique Shape That Will Be A Trend

Who says organic ice cream has no interesting shape? The proof of organic ice cream this one in addition to healthy, also have a unique shape. Curious is not it?

Ice cream so dessert that never disappoints the tongue. It's a sweet legit until its unique shape so many people's favorite.

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No wonder there are many creations of ice cream that became a trend in the world. Ranging from black ice cream, ice cream burgers to cotton candy burritos. Cotton candy burrito itself is made from cotton candy filled with ice cream to sprinkles. Then rolled up, so it looks like a burrito.
Photo: Foodbeast

But now the ice cream parlor in Los Angeles, USA, has a new ice cream creations are very stealing the attention. The shop serves organic ice cream with a unique shape.

The reason Bumsan Milk Bar makes ice cream with small cone. But topping ice cream is quite large. Not only the ice cream is attention, the top of the cone is also surrounded by cereals that have been mixed with marsmallow melt.

Photo: Special

Each cone is filled by two variants of ice cream formed pursed upward. Because organic, ice cream is made from milk to fresh fruits. Like the flavor of dragon fruit lychee mix, taro mix milktea, and matcha mix milk. Therefore the ice cream looks more colorful. Then the top was given a sprinkling of Oreo crunch or cereal. Looks very adorable!

The price of one cone ice cream is usually priced at $ 5.95. Simply add $ 1.95 if you want to add a cereal or oreo edge combined marsmallow melt at the top of the cone.

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Photo: Special

Reported by Foodbeast (5/6), creations of healthy ice cream but this unique shape is predicted to be a new trend. How? Interested to try?

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Chicken Rice Spice Chicken Recipe

Spicy savory spicy chicken is delicious eaten with potatoes or warm rice. Addition of stir-fry beans make it feel more complete and steady.


150 g chicken fillet with skin
10 g of garlic powder
5 g of black pepper powder
8 g of salt
30 g of red spice
15 ml of sweet soy sauce
20 g of lemongrass
5 g terasi
50 g of pineapple
5 g orange leaves

Potato beef bacon:
80 g of potatoes
2 g of nutmeg seed powder
30 g beef bacon
20 g leek
30 g margarine

Bean stir-fry:
70 g beans
30 g of garlic
15 g of margarine
4 g of salt
3 g of pepper powder
2 g sugar market

How to make:

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Sprinkle yam fillets with oil, pepper and salt.
Heat a flat caster until hot properly.
Enter the chicken fillet, cook until both sides are slightly dry. Lift.
Saute garlic, red seasoning and shrimp paste until fragrant.
Add lemongrass, bay leaves and sweet soy sauce. Stir well in lift.
Olesi chicken with herbs. Bake in a 160 C oven for 20 minutes.

Saute beef bacon hinge harm. Enter mashed potatoes.
Season with nutmeg, pepper, salt and salt. Mix well.
Bumcis Saute:
Saute garlic hinna langi.
Enter the beans, stirring until wilted.
Add another spice, auk flat, lift.
Serve yam dental potatoes and beans.
For 1 portion

Photo: iStock


To get savory taste and juicy chicken meat, use chicken breast meat with skin. Or use the chicken thigh meat of the upper part that has been dumped bone.
If you like the spicy taste, add the amount of red spice in chicken seasoning.

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Milkfish Presto, from home industry So souvenir typical of Semarang

Starting from managing fish ponds in Kampung Purwosari, Tambakrejo, Semarang, Hartini Darmono developed a milkfish presto business with ups and downs.

The woman who is familiarly called Bu Darmono started his business when joined in the Farmers Group of Fishermen. The group is a collection of fishermen's wives who often await their husbands coming home with fish catches.

Starting from managing fish ponds in Kampung Purwosari, Tambakrejo, Semarang,
Hartini Darmono developed a milkfish presto business to rise. (Photo: Puput Tripeni Juniman)

In order not to be unemployed, Darmono invites the women to manage the pond and process it into various snacks.

"This business was born since 1980, precisely on December 25, 1980. I've been wrestling with ponds and milkfish," Darmono said when telling about the milkfish presto Udin Mina Makmur who dirintisnya to the media in a series of activities Jelajah Gizi Semarang, some time ago.

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From the beginning did not sell, slowly work hard Darmono and the mothers of fishermen began to bear fruit. Processed home fish began to demand the market and demand increased. Looking at the big profits, men are also interested in joining this group of mothers.

The participation of these men led the Fishermen Farmers Group to be renamed the Joint Business Group (KUB) Mina Makmur.

"Which means that the mina is a fish and the prosper is giving sufficient," said Darmono.

At that time, this group has 70 members who developed nine commodities namely presto milkfish, fresh fish, shrimp, shrimp paste, smoked fish, salted fish, dumplings, and meatballs.

Of the variety of commodities, the famous and much in demand is processed milkfish presto. Darmono group then decided to focus on processed milkfish presto only.

"My vision or mission or group at that time is we will develop the icon of Semarang city, so we focus on milkfish prestonya," said Darmono.

The fish is then processed into various variants such as presto brains, pepes, nuggets, and so forth.

Increasing business and the increasing popularity of milkfish presto make KUB Mina Makmur turned into milkfish processing center and then become a cluster. Now, the cluster became a thematic village where its citizens independently process presto milkfish.

Mrs. Darmono continues to continue the presto milkfish business under the name of UD Mina Makmur and has achieved various achievements and awards.

This business has been the Champion of Fishery Product Optimization Contest 2004 given directly by the President of RI at that time, Megawati Soekarnoputri. Recently, Darmono also received an award from the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Susi Pudjiastuti.

Milkfish processing

The increasing demand for presto milkfish made Darmono no longer take care of the ponds but focused on milkfish processing. Darmono received milkfish shipments about 400-800 kg a day from suppliers. The milkfish was then cleaned and discarded the contents of the stomach and gills.

After cleaning, milkfish will be smeared spices that formulated themselves.

"The spice is made from spices of galangal, ginger, garlic, pecan, and cilantro," said Darmono.

The mixture of the spice mixed with iodized salt and then roasted and added lemongrass and bay leaf. Once smeared with spices, milk and then covered with banana leaves and arranged in a baking pan before being put into a presto pan. Banana leaves function so that the seasoning can be pervasive and more delicious.

One presto pot usually contains about 10-11 pan of fish. The milkfish is then cooked with pressurized water pressure 1.5 ATM and temperature 110-120 degrees centigrade within 75 minutes.

After dipresto, milkfish is cooled before packing. Processing this bandneg have received national and international certificates in the form of ISO and HACCP so safe and guaranteed consumed.

Besides as souvenirs, Bu Darmono's milkfish has also been sent to several cities in Indonesia. Several foreign customers from Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam have also looked at Bu Darmono's milkfish.

Bandeng Bu Darmono has also been participated in various culinary exhibitions abroad. Nevertheless, Darmono still dream to be able to export milkfish abroad.

"Export is not easy, it's a young duty to run it," said Darmono.

To be able to eat milkfish presto UD Mina Makmur this, 1 kg valued starting from US $ 6-8.

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'Swedish Meatball' Apparently Not Genuine Swedish

Ikea and swedish meatball is a thing that can not be separated from the Swedish country.

Delights and also the distinctiveness of Swedish meatballs are often so coveted and even considered as one of the typical food of the country. Swedish-style meatballs called Kottbullar is served with red sauce and brown gravy or sauce.

Swedish Meatball (Karina Armandani)

In his country, the favorite food is usually eaten with lingonberry jam.

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But in fact, Swedish meatball or Swedish meatball is not from Sweden.

Sweden's official twitter account run by the Swedish Institute revealed the shocking news that this Swedish meatball originated in Turkey.

"Swedish meatball is actually a food made from the original recipe from Turkey and brought home by King Charles XII in the 18th century," wrote the page quoted from The Daily Meal.

King Charles himself was a king who occupied the Swedish throne in 1697 until his death in 1718. But during his military defeat from Russia, he was exiled to Turkey in 1709-1714 - later known as the Ottoman empire.

Kottbullar or swedish meatball first appeared in Sweden, 41 years after the king returned. This recipe appears in a popular cookbook written by Cajsa Warg.

It's just that until now it is unclear whether the secret recipe of the king is really revealed or 'modification' which is then modified again. This is what then makes a lot of people misguided and mistaken about the country of origin of these foods.

The fact is then stir the virtual world. Many people feel 'fooled' all this time.

"My whole life is a lie," writes @ William_1088.

"It's exactly the same as when I was 15 years old and my parents said that santa is not real," rich @ ken_hjelm.

However, there are also warganet who share other knowledge. The @nerudagungoren account confirms that roasted coffee beans and cabbage (kaldomar) were also brought to Sweden from Turkey by King Charles XII.

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For the hooked snack: Caramel Cheese Banana recipe

Had breakfast, but wanted to snack before lunch. Well, there are delicious recipes for families at home.
Banana caramel cheese recipe. © 2018 Bintang

His name is banana caramel cheese. From the name has been delicious and delicious delicious yes. This recipe also you can save for the menu iftar in Ramadan that will soon come.

Before getting into the recipe, did you know that on average one in three people consume more than three snacks per day. This is revealed from the results of research conducted by Mondelez International hobby of eating snacks in Indonesia or Snacking Habit Report: Indonesia published in 2017.

Let's start cooking now. The materials needed are not too difficult really.


Must Read

1 banana ambon / kepok
Sugar to taste
50 gr cheese cheese
30 grams of sweetened condensed milk
20 gr chocolate ceres
Butter to taste

Cooking Stages
Peel the ambon banana  or kepok then split into two parts.

Heat teflon over low heat, then add butter. After that sprinkle teflon that has been smeared butter with sugar, wait until golden color.

Enter the banana that has been split into two into teflon

Return the banana slowly, to mature evenly and mixed with sugar that has become caramel

Make caramel:
1. Lift the banana and the set on a plate that has been provided
2. Add grated cheese according to taste. Then, sprinkle chocolate ceres.
3. Finally mixed with sweetened condensed milk.
4. Caramel bananas are ready to serve while warm with tea or coffee.

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3 Brotherhood From Indonesia Success Selling Salted Egg Chips in Singapore

Singapore - Ever heard of Irvins? The souvenir of the iconic fish skin chips from Singapore was initiated by 3 brothers from Indonesia. They successfully market a snack of salted egg sauce in the contemporary packaging.

Calling Irvins, maybe you immediately remember the salty egg chips bearing the duck in Singapore. Although successfully marketed in the land of Lion, pioneer and business owner Irvins is 3 brothers from Indonesia. All three are Ivan, Ircahn, and Irvin Gunawan.

Encountered (12/1) at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Ivan and Ircahn tell about their salt egg chips. Ircahn who focus on marketing Irvins said salted egg chips or their salted egg chips were initiated by Irvin.

"He initially opened an Indonesian restaurant business in CBD Area, Singapore from 2007 to 2008. He then opened a live seafood restaurant, in River Valley, a seafood flagship menu and one of the most liked ones is the salted egg crab or salted egg crab. this then moved to Upper Thomson, "said Ircahn. According to him, Irvin and then create a menu of all-salted eggs including shrimp and chicken.

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Ircahn continued, "But two of the most favored customers are salted egg potato chips with salted egg fish skins, that's around 2013." Irvin then sells potato chips and skins of salted egg fish in a jar. He peddled it in a small booth at the CBD Area MRT station. This is where Irvins slowly evolved to be marketed as now since 2015. "The packaging that used to stop jars finally turned into a more practical and modern resealable pouches in July 2016," said Ivan.

Products of salted egg chips / Photo: detik

Regarding the background of the discovery of the Irvins flagship salted egg sauce, Ivan and Ircahn say their sister is not culinary education. "But Irvin knows how good it looks like when the chef team from the restaurant (developing salty egg sauce)," said Ircahn. Recognized by this friendly man, the formula of Irvins salted egg sauce is also being developed. "We continue to develop, we are handcrafted, so every day there is progress, every day we look for ways to make this day better than yesterday, so ga exact is merely," said Ircahn.

For salted egg fish skin products, Irvins uses dori fish skin. While the chips of salted eggs are made from special potatoes. Ircahn said, "We are working with some importers, we use special potatoes that we choose so that if the chips will be french fries will suit us." Now Irvins also has cassava chips sauce crisps.

Salted egg sauce chips / Photo: detik

Despite appearing several competitors, Irvins team sure can still exist considering all the products are still made handmade chips. "How to cook us a lot still using hands compared to competitors who use the machine and so on .. We stick what we do, handmade, the quality is lower but the quality is maintained.Quality is more important than quantity," said Ivan.

Now Irvins outlets are spread across 8 locations in Singapore. Even already penetrated to the Philippines and Hong Kong. In Indonesia alone, Irvins does not have a booth or official outlets. However Ivan, Ircahn and Irvin are eager to market their products officially in Indonesia.

"Singapore is a destination where you can make dreams come true, it's time to not just dine, and be a Food Lovers."

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6 Healthy Reasons for Chocolate Consumption at Breakfast

Breakfast chocolate? Why not. Occasionally try to enjoy chocolate for a nutritional diet to start the day. A number of healthy properties you will get from chocolate.

Chocolate is generally presented as a dessert. Because it is usually processed with cream, sugar, butter, fruit and nuts as a sweet dish of dessert.

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Nutritionists recommend dark chocolate, at least 70% cacao as a breakfast menu. This chocolate is a bit thick but tastes rich in healthy properties.

Chocolate can be consumed in the form of dark chocolate bar, chocolate powder or hot chocolate or other chocolate drink. Here are the healthy benefits of chocolate consumption at breakfast.

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1. Rich in Antioxidants
Cacao is rich in antioxidants, higher than blueberries, acaiberries and spinach. These antioxidants protect the heart and damage cells and make you stay young.

2. Rich in Magnesium
Magnesium is pending for bone, protein and fatty acid formation. Cocoa is a good source of magnesium, very useful for preventing high blood pressure, osteoporosis and diabetes. Each 100 g dark chocolate 70-85% contains 2 mg.

3. Rich in Sulfur
Sulfur is an essential mineral for the growth of nails, hair and healthy heart.

4. Contains iron
Spinach has been a mainstay for iron intake. And chocolate powder is also rich in iron. Can be used as a sprinkling of drinks. Each 100 g dark chocolate 70-85% contains 12.0 mg of iron.

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5. Sparking pleasure
Not only because it is delicious, chocolate also contains tryptophan amino acids that produce serotonin, neorotrasmitter that gives pleasure or happy.

Feel like falling in love
Phenylethylamine, a chemical substance from the brain that is released when falling in love is also present in chocolate. Therefore many people are heartbroken amuse themselves by eating chocolate.

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