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YouTube Reportedly Dropped

The YouTube website indicated to be uprooted to date. The Google site page may still be accessible, but some users complain that they cannot play videos.
YouTube application. Photo: detikINET / Irna Prihandini

Users will see an error message when trying to perform various functions on YouTube. Includes login, upload or play content.

Many YouTube users from within and outside the country complain about the fall of these sites on social media such as Twitter. Until now, there is no definite explanation for the cause.

Overseas media has begun to load YouTube uprooted. Media Express in the UK for example, downgrading 'YouTube DOWN - streaming video website not working WORDWIDE'.

The following are some of the complaints made by netizens regarding YouTube's crash:

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The Story of a Cardboard that Changes the World of Tourism

Who would have thought a cardboard could be a tourism promotion tool, not just 1-2 countries. Here's the story about Google Cardboard.
Photo: Google Cardboard (Gettyimages)

Google Cardboard is a simple cardboard tool created by Google in 2014. Virtual reality tools are synonymous with expensive items, but Google is trying to create cheap goods made from cardboard so that they sell well. the price is only USD 24.

Compiled from various sources, Thursday (08/09/2018) 4 years of the Google Cardboard trip is very interesting. For users and traveling enthusiasts to see various destinations virtually with this tool.

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Travelers and users can assemble their own boxes into VR devices and it would be really exciting to assemble them. Then Google Cardboard can be used to see various things.

The Verge in 2014 wrote that Volvo took Google Cardboard to the Volvo App. USA Today in 2015 wrote the Mattel toy factory as well to follow to develop VR with Google.

Google Cardboard is slowly becoming an effective tourism promotion tool. Bloomberg reported that Thomas Cook travel company developed a 3D travel marketing promotion using Google Cardboard. The videos offered are Pyramids in Egypt, 6 hotel properties and motorbike action in the desert. Exclaimed right?

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Then, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2016 utilizes Google Cardboard so that tourists can enjoy the festival virtually.
In early 2016, Google said it had received orders for 5 million cardboard devices. In 2017 there were already 10 million cardboard glasses ordered by people.

Now, many foreign tourism agencies have used Google Cardboard for tourism promotion media. Viewed detikTravel from its official website, Kangaroo State Tourism Agency, Tourism Australia offers 360 views with Google Cardboard.

Likewise New Caledonia Tourism. They also offer virtual reality tourist destinations relying on Google Cardboard. Who would have thought, a box of cardboard could change the face of world tourism promotion.

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Three Technology Gigures Develop a New Standard of Braille Display

USB Implements Forum (USB-IF) announced a partnership with Silicon Valley giants - Google, Apple and Microsoft - to develop a new Human Interface Device (HID) standard for Braille displays.

The three major technology companies will also work with other USB-IF members such as auxiliary technology companies (ATs) and non-governmental organizations advocating the interests of the blind.
Photo: Microsoft

The new standard is expected to facilitate different operating systems and devices to feature Braille features. Currently, blind people and people with poor eyesight should install different hardware and software just to use the computer.

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"Braille is the key to literacy, education, employment and success for the world's blinds.HID standards that enable seamless integration of Braille displays across devices will make it easier for Braille readers to use this essential tool at home, at school, at work or wherever , "said National Federation of the Blind President Mark Riccobono, in a statement.

This collaboration is expected to advance technology for people with disabilities and create a consistent approach for AT providers.

Microsoft said this standardization of HID in addition to improving the implementation of display braille will also reduce the time and cost for marketing, and ultimately empower blind people and weak vision. This standard itself is expected to be adopted by developers in 2019.

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Abraham Ortelius, Creator of the First Modern Atlas Appears in Google Doodle Sunday May 20, 2018

It's unique to open Google's search engine on Sunday.

Google Doodle today (20/5/2018) presents the figure of Abraham Ortelius.

For those who do not know, Abraham Ortelius alias Flemish Abraham Ortels is a meritorious figure to find a map of the modern world atlas or also called cartographer.

Well, in today's edition of Google Doodle we can see an animated book containing a sheet of world map atlas and an illustrated picture of Abraham Ortelius.

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Google Doodle edition of Abraham Ortelius

Abraham Ortelius was a very influential figure in the field of mapping the world.

Thanks to him all the people of today can see the world map clearly and completely.

Even the theories and theories that Abraham Ortelius produced are still used by geographers and mapping experts to this day.

Abraham Ortelius was born in Belgium on April 14, 1572.

He died on July 4, 1598.

Originally Abraham Ortelius was not a cartographer.

He actually started his career as a classic writer and also had studied as a sculptor.

Ortelius Abraham had also spawned a book of literature and was interested in the business of antiquities.

But as time went on, Abraham Ortelius became interested in mapping.

He then collects maps from around the world.

In the 16th century, the world map is still a mixture of facts, speculations, and fantasies.

After all the maps were collected, Abraham Ortelius combined all the facts and cultures.

Right on this day May 20, 1570, Abraham publishes his first atlas entitled Theatrum Orbis Terrarum or the World Theater.

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Theatrum Orbis Terrarum or the World Theater
His work contains 70 maps of all countries in the world.

Even this atlas is claimed to be the most accurate atlas because Abraham manages to unite all the countries in a book completely.

The map in Theatrum Orbis Terrarum is updated annually.

Within the atlas everyone can see the continents and seas from all over the world that have only existed in the shadow.

Abraham also added pictures of sea monsters in the waters and other mythical creatures from all over the world.

In the last edition published in 1622, this atlas has 167 maps.

Thanks to his services, Abraham Ortelius was appointed geographer by Philip II of Spain.

As the first person to successfully map the world in a complete book, it is no wonder the services of Abraham Ortelius were appreciated by many, including Google Doodle on Sunday.

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Google Drive Exploited to Download Malware Directly from URL

A vulnerability has emerged that allows hackers to automatically download malware to a victim’s computer directly from a Google Drive URL.

Proofpoint uncovered the vulnerability and created a proof-of-concept exploit for the issue, which exists in the Google Apps Script. The development platform is based on JavaScript and allows the creation of both standalone web apps and extensions to various elements of the Google Apps SaaS ecosystem. Unfortunately, the normal document-sharing capabilities built into Google Apps can be manipulated to support automatic malware downloads, the firm said.

It works like this: After uploading malicious files or malware executables on Google Drive, bad actors could create a public link and share an arbitrary Google Doc as a lure in sophisticated social engineering schemes designed to convince recipients to execute the malware once it has been downloaded. Proofpoint researchers also confirmed that it was possible to trigger exploits without user interaction.

These attacks come from legitimate sources and the links themselves contain no malware, making them very difficult to detect and mitigate. Thus malicious use of built-in scripting capabilities in SaaS platforms flies under the radar of most users and defensive tools.

After being notified of the issue, Google added specific restrictions on simple triggers to block phishing and malware distribution attempts that are executed opening a doc. However, researchers pointed out that the situation shows that extensible SaaS platforms can be used to deliver malware to unsuspecting victims in even more powerful ways than Microsoft Office macros. As a result, users should always be wary of files automatically downloaded by cloud platforms and be cognizant of the anatomy of a social engineering attack.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications have become mainstays of modern business and consumer computing,” the firm said in a blog. “However, they are also quickly becoming the latest frontier of innovation for threat actors looking for new opportunities to distribute malware, steal credentials and more.”

It added, “Moreover, the limited number of defensive tools available to organizations and individuals against this type of threat make it likely that threat actors will attempt to abuse and exploit these platforms more often as we become more adept at protecting against macro-based threats.”

Meet the Google Doodle Draftsman

Ryan Germick, Google Doodle creator whose work we often enjoy
on Google's main page. (The Telegraph)
As a child, Ryan Germick is very fond of drawing. However, unlike other children, "I never stopped," said the 35-year-old man.

Germick's penchant pays off, leading to a career that combines art with code-filled technology and left-brain dominance.

Lovers of the work of Germick have also increased, from only their parents and four siblings, to millions of people who visit Google's main page. Yes, Germick is an illustrator of Google Doodle.

As the main drawer, he leads a team of about a dozen people, serving as the creative and technical force behind Google's fickle logo, known as "doodle", on the main page of the search site.

For Germick, the road from the art world to the technological world full of twists and turns. "I do not have a clear path to Google," he said. "I never thought I'd do a Doodle."

Utilizing the power of the internet

Google is the first - and only - company - the one he applied for. It was in 2006, he was recruited as a web graphic specialist, says Germick.

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"I'm clearly the opposite of the specialists. I'm a generalist and do a lot of icons, "he said. But that period is the beginning of change, when a simple logo image can have an impact on how people use, feel, and talk about the internet.

The most famous Germick icon is Pegman on Google Map, a small yellow figure that appears when you use Google Street View settings on a Google map.

Germick even wore a reddish-orange shirt to appear as Pegman in a silly YouTube video made for a Street View release.

The video is Google's first video viral, watched over 13 million times. Nearly nine years later, Germick was still flinching a bit as he talked about it.

"It was a bad experience. I have learned about the power of the internet, then I learned about the power of commentators on the internet shortly thereafter, "he said.

"You have to take it. You have to do what you do and put on a thick face. "

Google Introduce Smart Speakers

Google - Reuters
Google launched a variety of hardware products in a Google Event title held in San Francisco, United States.

The hardware launched from Google Home Mini to Google's latest smart phone is Pixel.

Google Home Designer Isabelle Olsson introduced Google Home Mini on this title. As for Google VP Rishi Chandra introduced Google Home Max Speaker.

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Launched from Bloomberg on Thursday morning (5/10/2017), smart speaker device (speaker), Google showcased the latest entrants are two new Home devices to compete with Inc., Sonos Inc. and Apple Inc. in an increasingly crowded market.

Google Home Mini is a circular device that does not have a screen and a fraction of the size of the original model. Google Home Mini is priced at US $ 50.

Home Mini comes in three colors namely coral, chalk, and charcoal. Speakers are not as loud as the original, but are still equipped with Google's digital assistant so users can use voice to ask questions, make calls, schedule appointments, control smart home devices, and play music.

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This new device slaps the Amazon Echo Dot price category, and like Amazon, Google Alphabet Inc. the possibility of imagining that users will buy multiple earbuds and place them in their homes. It is available for pre-order on Wednesdays and will be in stores on October 19th.

Then, the announcement of Google Home Max was a surprise. Having a larger size with better speakers, it costs US $ 399 and will be launched in the United States in December.

This is more expensive than Apple's HomePod speakers which will also be launched at the same time but at a price of $ 349.

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Reporting from The Guardian, these speakers support YouTube Music, Spotify, and other music services including Google Play Music.

"For amazing sounds, speakers need to be customized to your home, so today we announced a smart sound, which can allow speakers to customize for you, your home and your preferences," Chandra said.

Who's S. Chandrasekhar So Google Doodle Today?

Google Doodle today, Thursday (19/10/2017), nuanced galaxy with a sprinkling of stellar illustrations. There is a silhouette of a man who looks seriously watching the stars. The intended man is Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar or better known as "S. Chandrasekhar".

The Indian-American man was born today in 1910. He died on 21 August 1995 at the age of 84. So what's so special about S. Chandrasekhar?

S. Chandrasekhar researched and wrote a number of books that have hitherto been made reference to the structure and evolution of stars. His most famous theory explores the white dwarf star.

S. Chandrasekhar shows that the pressure of degeneration of quantum mechanics can not stabilize the giant stars.
S. Chandrasekhar (Ist)

From there, he formulates the dynamic properties of star galaxies, radiative energy transfer, hydrodynamic stability and hydromagnetics, stability of elliptical equations, to the mathematical theory of black holes aka black holes.
His last book was titled "Newton's Principia for the Common Reader".

During his lifetime, S. Chandrasekhar was known for his passion and great love for science, especially in the sectors of astrology and mathematics.

S. Chandrasekhar indeed comes from a family of academics. His uncle was Chandrasekhar Raman, a Nobel-winning physicist in 1930.

The track record of education and career of S. Chandrasekhar is stunning. He received his Ph.D. from Cambridge University.

During World War II, S. Chandrasekhar worked at the Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.

19 Dishes on Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

Google's 19th birthday doodle with a lucky wheel contains 19 game doodles. (Google)
Wednesday, September 27, Google celebrates its 19th anniversary. A special doodle titled "Google Birthday Surprise Spinner" was set up on the search engine's giant home page.

In addition to the yellow balloons arranged to form a row of "Ggle" letters, there is a cake with a "19" birthday candle. Next to it is a lucky "Google Birthday Surprise Spinner" wheel that can be played.

Well, this lucky wheel contains 19 pieces of surprise doodle ever served by Google before. Mostly in the form of animations and games, ranging from doodle turntable hiphop, Beethoven, Halloween cat, to Snake game.

How, click on the "Google Surprise Spinner Birthday" Letter luck wheel located on the home page. The user will then be taken to the Google search birthday keyword "Google birthday surprise spinner" or "Google Birthday Surprise Spinner".

The lucky wheel appears at the top of the search page with a "spin" button. It is this button that must be pressed to rotate the wheel, which then stops randomly in one of the 19 game doodles.

Because of its random system, the user can not directly choose which game you want. To repeat the loop and try the game in another doodle, click the "spin again" option.

One of those baseball themed doodles on Google Doodle's 19th birthday. (Google)
Google's birthday

Since 2006, Google has been celebrating its birthday every September 27th. But before that is set as the birthday date of the internet giant is September 26th.

In 2004, the doodle celebrating Google's 6th birthday aired on September 7, and in the previous year on September 8th.

Google itself was officially established as a company on September 4, 1998. So, that date is the closest as "company birthday".

In 2013, Google admits that it is not sure when the company should celebrate its birthday. At least there are 4 different dates that are celebrated as birthdays.

Google Past, Current, Still so

In the digital era like today, the existence of Google as a search engine on the internet is no doubt. But who would have thought the form of Google from the first time born, not too much alias change so-so only.

Google itself just entering the age of 19 years on September 4 yesterday. Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while still a student at Stanford University. At that time, this duo created Google as a container of world information and accessible to everyone.

However, Google did not launch their search site until a year later. Quoted from Business Insider, Monday (18/09/2017), on September 27, 1998 is the birthday of Google actually.

It is known, however, that the use of the domain name has been listed on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) since September 15, 1997. That means, the domain is already two decades old.

The achievement was celebrated by Google in their Twitter account. In the form of animation, mark 20 years old this is marked by amount hurus 'o' which reach 20.

"Happy domain-iversary! Celebrating 20 years since we registered with many o its," twit Google.

Switch to the first time Google appeared, 19 years ago. The design of this Google page has not changed much. From the beginning until now, the company based in Mountain View, United States, is still carrying the same color in each letter, namely blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red.

The only visible difference is the user exclamation point, when Google first existed in cyberspace, where Google now does not use it. In addition, the retro search page view is now changed more simply.

Transformation also occurs on the Google business side. This company not only rely on revenue as an internet search engine but has penetrated into various lines. Call it the cloud, fiber optics, video sites, software, smartphones and digital advertising that is the largest source of income.

5 Big Announcements from Google I / O, From Google Lens To Android GO

The annual Google I / O developer party is taking place from May 17 to 19, 2017. This year's Google I / O is the eleventh event hosted by Google.

Here Google announces their new innovations. From the start of the latest update about the Android operating system, the development of new features, to the launch of new products.

Yes, Google brings together developers from around the world to explore next generation technologies. And here's five great things from Google I / O that you must know.

The Most Important Announcement from Google I / O 2017

1. Google Lens

Google Lens is a technology that combines camera function with artificial intelligence. Google Lens will change the camera camera function to the next level.

Google Lens keeps the camera not only seeing things, but also understanding the objects, and providing information. So you can know accurately the objects that are inside the camera.

2. Android Go

The big thing that was announced in Google I / O 2017 was Android Go which filled the empty gap left by Android One which also had the same purpose.

Well the main goal of Android Go itself is to make cheap Android smartphone with low hardware like 1 GB RAM or lower, but with a smooth performance.

The bottom line of this operating system is set to work with lower hardware, but still optimally where the internet is slow.

Android Go is possible thanks to optimization in three sectors, namely the operating system, memory and data efficient applications, as well as the economical Google Play Store edition.

3. Phone Calls Use Google Home

Previously, Amazon has announced that the smart speakers made by Echo, can already be used to make phone calls and receive incoming calls. Google also does not want to lose and helped add these features in a similar product that is Google Home.

The difference is, the phone call feature in Google Home can only be used to make outbound calls. So, unable to accept incoming calls. The reason is to maintain the privacy of the users.

4. VR Headset Daydream Standalone

In the realm of virtual reality, have Daydream platform and headset Daydream View. In Google I / O, the Internet giant announced that the next product for the Daydream platform is a standalone VR headset. That is, the headset does not need to be connected to a PC or crammed with a smartphone. Simply attach it in the head, then you've straight into the virtual world.

This VR headset will carry an in-built tracking system, this system allows the device to read the movement of users without the need to rely on separate devices such as HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. To make it happen, Google adapted its own augmented reality technology, Tango, into a VR tracking system they call the term WorldSense.

WorldSense promises a very natural moving experience in the VR, as you can see in the video below. Google is also working with Qualcomm to create a blueprint design that can be used as reference by interested manufacturers. So far there are two who are interested, namely HTC and Lenovo.

5. Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs will link jobseekers with employers. No matter who and what your previous job is, with this service, you can find the most appropriate job postings. Machine learning will search and organize information until you find the right job.

However, this new service will be launched into the market in the coming weeks. Google for Jobs can search for the type of job you're looking for, working hours, and travel distance to work. This service can take into account many things, ranging from personal interest until the time you leave for the office.

The final word

Well that's some great announcements on Google I / O that you must know. In addition, on the Google I / O 2017 platform a number of Android O capabilities were revealed. Google promises all of its newest features to deliver a seamless experience called Fluid Experiences. Other new features include Picture in Picture, Notification Dots, Autofill and Smart Text Selection. What do you think?

5 Android Features, Rarely Known, Anything?

Illustration of Android smartphone. (Doc: Tech Radar)
Android smartphone capabilities undeniably growing and more qualified. Starting from just a communication tool, smartphone now comes with more diverse features.

But not all users know the various features offered by Android smartphone. For that, here are five functions of Android devices are sometimes not known to all users.

Although simple, some of these functions can actually maximize the use of smartphones. So, what are the functions? Here are five hidden features of Android quoted from Android Pit, Saturday (05/01/2017)

1. Run a voice command when the screen is locked

A number of Android smartphones actually have the feature enable voice-based search, even though the state of the screen is locked once. But this function only works on devices that have activated the sound detection system.

To enable it, just open "Google Settings", then select "Search and Google Now". After that select "Voice", continued "Ok Google detection" and activate "Always On". Now you just say "Ok Google" when activating it.

2. Shut down and reset the smartphone remotely

Losing a smartphone is a very annoying thing. Moreover, if it happens because of negligence or criminal acts committed by others.

Fortunately, Google has a feature called Android Device Manager that can be used to remotely control the device. Through this feature, you can remove and even reset the device to factory reset mode to prevent data being misused.

3. Become a compass or barometer

Mobile Application Illustration, Android App, Ponse App, Smartphone App. Credit: Freepik / photoroyalty
The presence of a number of sensors on Android smartphones turned out to function for a variety of functions. You simply install the available apps to take advantage of the functionality.

If interested in utilizing a smartphone as a compass, you simply install an application such as Smart Compass or AndroiTS Compass Free. While the device with a barometer, can use the DashClock Altimeter Barometer to maximize it.

4. Scan documents

No doubt, the scanner machine (scanner) is still quite attractive considering the use of paper is still high. But you know, a smartphone can also be used as a mobile document scanner.

Although the results are not too good, this ability is somewhat helpful for users who often need the scanning process quickly and directly. You simply install an app like CamScanner or Evernote to turn your smartphone into a scanner.

5. Opening Chrome tabs from other devices

Users who frequently perform activities with multiple devices, this feature of Google Chrome will be helpful. The reason is that you can open Chrome tabs from other devices right from your Android smartphone.

But keep in mind, when you take advantage of this feature, accounts that are entered in Chrome must be the same. Later, when you want to open a new tab on your smartphone, tab options coming from other devices will appear.

Google Autodraw Make You So For real Painter

Ilustrasi aplikasi Google Autodraw (YouTube/Google)

Illustration Google applications Autodraw (YouTube / Google).
Paint artificial advantage over Microsoft.

Google recently launched a new service called AutoDraw that could allow users to draw on the screen smart phone and desktop computer. This service would compete and fill the weakness of Microsoft's Paint program.

How to use AutoDraw application is very easy. You just have to carve finger on the screen smart phones and Google machine will detect patterns or objects you want to image, and then fix it in order to become better.

AutoDraw itself was developed from the technology of artificial intelligence (artificial Intelligence) Google before, Quick Draw.

Google said that AutoDraw can be used to create simple designs, such as when creating greeting cards or flyers. With this new application, you also can draw faster.

The application is developed by Google in collaboration with seven artists, artists and designers. Google itself still an opportunity for other users to enter their work in the application.

Officially, Google Close Site Search as of 1 April

Kantor pusat Google. Foto: Digital Trends
Google headquarters. Photo: Digital Trends
Google has announced that the company is based in Menlo Park will close his Site Search services.

Based on the e-mail sent by Google to its customers and partners, the service will begin to be closed on April 1, 2017. So that was quoted from the pages of The Techportal, Sunday (26/03/2017).

For your information, Site Search is a Google service that was designed and created specifically for the site page owners who want to add a Google search capabilities into their own artificial site.

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Smart Jacket Made in Levis and Google Ready to Roll End of 2017

Due to shut down, all users will be redirected Site Search account other Google search services commercially named Custom Search Engine (CSE). Although both are made by Google services, Site Search and CSE appeared to have differences.

For example, at certain prices Site Search can display search results from the old local sites. While the CSE is a free service that you can make money by including some Google ads on the search results.

Technically, this new Site Search service will shut down access completely on April 1, 2018, or when the account is paid using the service has reached the end of his contract.

Ahead of the closure of the service in April next year, it will continue to offer customers who need technical assistance until a specified date arrives.

Cool, Smart Jacket Levis would Launched This Year

Two renowned names in their field ie Google and Levi's will launch a smart jacket in the fall with the official US dola 350. These jackets are available for men and women.

This smart jacket using Google Project Jacquard, which was introduced last year in the event Google I / O. The goal of this project is to combine items daily which normally would not consider high-tech, such as clothing, and give them some form of ability interactive. The aim is to allow us to collect information from the smartphone without having seen her.

At the SXSW conference, this jacket has been exhibited. Levi Commuter Trucker Jacket, the jacket names, uses Bluetooth to synchronize with a smartphone. Users will simply tapping or rubbing a special section of the jacket to answer a call or play music like Touch pad. Inside the jacket is also equipped with a battery that can live up to two days and can charge back.

More details about the functions of this jacket you can see in the video below. One video shows how users can use the bike jacket to get directions and listen to music. The second video shows the making interactive fabric used on the jacket.

this link and

Google's list become Bad News for WhatsApp

Ilustrasi penggunaan WhatsApp. [Shutterstock]
Illustration of the use of WhatsApp. [Shutterstock]
Google released a list that spells bad news for WhatsApp.

Google launched the digital market, Google Play Store, five years ago. This week marks the fifth anniversary of the applications market recorded a success, including smartphones and tablet software, movies, music, digital magazines and more.

As part of a birthday celebration, Google published a roundup of apps, games, movies, music, and a bestseller in the US since the beginning.

Unfortunately, such a list looks 'failure' WhatsApp. Facebook's app that claimed the most popular in the world, with 1.2 billion monthly active users, failed record of achievement in the Top Downloaded Apps Play Store from the last five years.

Watch out, Too Old Using Smartphone Could Cause 5 About It!

In contrast, Facebook Messenger chat application was recorded as the highest on the list, with social networking-focused photos, Snapchat, took fifth place.

Here's the complete list of the highest chat app is downloaded, as quoted by the Express:
1. Facebook
2. Facebook Messenger
3. Pandora Radio
4. Instagram
5. Snapchat

From the list looks, WhatsApp more successful with markets outside the United States. The messaging application was ranked top in the list of the Play Store Google UK, with Facebook Messenger in second place.

In addition to the list of the most downloaded applications in the US market, other statistics published to celebrate its fifth anniversary, including the games installed on top.

1. Candy Crush Saga
2. Subway Surfers
3. Temple Run 2
4. Despicable Me
5. Clash of Clans

Goodbye Google Messenger

Aplikasi Messages. [Android Police]
Messages application. [Android Police]
Google made changes to one of the Messenger application.

It seems that Google is aware of the difficulty to compete with messaging applications are now increasingly mushrooming. In fact, Google itself has a number of applications such as the message itself Allo, Duo, Hangouts, Youtube, and Messenger.

Google will remove the names Messenger and replaced with Android Messages. Messenger is the default SMS application Google, and is installed on many devices running the Android platform, including Google Pixel.

Actually, the name change is not too surprising. Name Messenger itself better known precisely on Facebook.

Apparently, this is one reason Google doing this, to distinguish between them. The latest version of Android messeges v2.0.770, is now available in the Google Play Store.

To zoom itself from Messenger turns into Messages. Image icon has undergone a change.

Android users may initially be confused, but it will not be long because the function pu remains the same as before. The advantages of this latest version includes feature enhancements, bug fixes and stability improvements. [Android Police]

Google Open Positions Recruitment Create Hacker

Illustration Google (Shutterstock).

Google reportedly looking for the best and brightest hackers.

Google reportedly looking for the best and brightest hackers as part of the recruitment of the latest attack. Unfortunately, this job opened in Australia.

The company wants to fill a number of positions cyber security in Australia. Google thinks the best place to hire a security specialist, is offering it to the students.

However, the steps taken by the tech giant IT skills tend to be judged exacerbate unusual in Australian government agencies.

"I think finding the right people who have the skills to hack into the system but ultimately wanted to make it more secure and does not use the skills the bad things and are willing to work at a large software company, will be difficult to find the good people," said Parisa Tabriz Google security experts told ABC Australia, as quoted by IB Times.

Tabriz, who served as head of security for Google Chrome and has worked with the tech giant since 2007 adding, Sydney is actually a place of recruitment which is really good for some people security, because there are good universities that really helps security professionals cyber.

The government competing with private firms in salaries compared to 'fight gravity'.

This is a common problem for governments around the world, while trying to attract people to work, be able to provide salaries and benefits for prospective employees. The Australian Government is no different in this regard.

"If we try to compete on salary as the fight against aging and gravity, we're going to win," said Michael Scott, assistant secretary for cybersecurity, one of the leading spy agency in Australia, the Australian Signals Directorate.

"I think for the old government has seen this problem by saying we can not compete financially. But we can compete in terms of job satisfaction, access to phenomenal for information and technology that some agencies of the Federal Government have and it can not be obtained if you work for the Commonwealth or to the private sector, "he said.

Scott also explained that one of the other major problems with recruiting skilled cybersecurity is a time-consuming process required to provide prospective employees with secret clearance.

"The demand for specialists with skills that are so big, many of them are not prepared to wait to get a security clearance," says Scott.

Meanwhile, representatives from the University of New South Wales, Richard Buckland said if it did not have enough students.

"We train people well, but we did not have enough. There is a huge demand and not a lot of inventory," he said.

According to Buckland, although there is no easy way to quickly resolve the problem of shortage of skills, one of the ways used to attract more students to enroll in the program is radically changing the way subjects are taught.

"We know what a good cyber security professionals to look like, but it is still new, still debated how to actually go about creating them," he said.

"We need someone who is naughty, rude and did not really obey authority. Most teaching institution based around authority and respect and may not be questioned, so there is a challenge to produce them in a formal academic," he concluded.

Google to offer Google Flights Services, what is it?

Google apparently wants to provide convenience for the traveler who wants to find a plane ticket. The solution is that it provides a simple tour presenting feature called Google Flights.

Google Flights These are trivial feature to compare and book tickets easily and quickly via cell phone, tablet, or desktop. You can access it through In this feature, you'll find a snapshot of the cheapest flights available information (including pricing, transit information, and a long flight).

After selecting the date of departure and return, you will see a list of 'Best Airline' featuring the best combination of comfort and price factors. If you're not ready to book a ticket, you can choose to monitor prices to receive email notifications when prices are expected to change or when the price has changed significantly. Google Flights Services
Google Flights. © 2016 Merdeka
"Our goal is to show results quickly when you're checking out the places you want to visit, the best time to go there, then consider the option of flying there and booked his ticket. Everything you can do easily," wrote the post release received on Tuesday (08/11).

Google Flight is also not only bring domestic routes, but the routes of international air.

"We hope that you can plan your domestic or international travel next use Google Flights," he wrote.

Compete with Intel, IBM and others make Datacenter Technology

Photo: Reuters / Lucy Nicholson
A number of technology companies joined forces to work on open technologies to improve datacenter performance, which is done to counter the dominance of Intel.

The companies include IBM, Google, AMD, Dell EMC, HP, Nvidia and others involved in the consortium that will work on a standard called the Open Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (OpenCAPI).

The purpose of this standard is to provide interface designs that have large bandwidth with little latency, as quoted by Reuters on Saturday (10/15/2016).

This interface will help enterprises and service provider data center cloud to increase the speed of big data, machine learning, analytics and various other jobs.

The consortium plans to make OpenCAPI became available to the public before the end of 2016, and are now being used in a variety of servers and other devices from mid 2017.

Intel, the chip maker, chose not to reveal homemade server technology and chose not to join the consortium. Previous Intel also refused to join the consortium similar, like ccix and Gen-Z.

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