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This is a Location Map Search for Lion Air JT 610 Aircraft

Search for Lion Air JT 610 aircraft that crashed in Karawang waters continued. The search area is also divided into a number of sectors.

Viewed from photos of Sector Distribution and Allocation of Assets on the Effective Search Search Area from October 30-31 2018 uploaded on Twitter account Head of the Information Data Center and Public Relations of BNPB, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Tuesday (10/30/2018) there 13 sectors are divided for the purpose of searching for the plane.

There are 9 sectors that are occupied by 1 asset each. While the other 4 sectors were filled with ships with sonar equipment such as Pertamina Ship, KR Baruna Jaya, KRI Rigel, and SAR SAR Basudewa.

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In addition, there are also a number of points on the map. Some are marked as green and red.
Map search area Photo: dock. Sutopo BNPB

However, it is not explained in detail the meaning of the color. Then there is also a piece of writing, rescue point 1, and rescue point 2.

There is also another map that is titled search heli area H.2. This map also shows a number of points above the sea marked in blue, green and others.

"The search operation for Lion Air JT-610 aircraft in Karawang waters continues to be carried out by a joint SAR team coordinated by Basarnas. SAR operations are carried out per sector for sea and air operations on 30-31 / 10/2018. Sonar technology is used for aircraft detection on the seabed, "Sutopo wrote.

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Previously, Dirops Search and Aid Basarnas Brigadier General Marshal Bambang Suryo Aji said the search area was determined around 150 nautical miles (NM) square. According to Bambang, the area was determined based on the current calculation. The search for victims who were on the surface and the possibility of being dragged by the current was anticipated.

"We checked the radius around probably between, the area is around 150 nautical miles square," said Director of Search and Basarnas Relief Operations Brig. Gen. (Mar) Bambang Suryo Aji in his office, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Monday (10/29) yesterday.

Lion Air JT 610 crashed in Karawang, West Java, on Monday (10/29) at around 06.33 WIB. The Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft departed from Soekarno-Hatta Airport to Depati Amir Pangkalpinang Airport, Bangka Belitung with 189 people in it.

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Earthquake and Tsunami in Central Sulawesi, Broken Telecommunications Network

Photo: CNBC Indonesia
The Ministry of Communication and Information stated that the telecommunications network in Donggala, Central Sulawesi and surrounding areas could not be operated because PLN's electricity supply was cut off.

As is known, Donggala was rocked by the 7.7 on the Richter scale earthquake this afternoon at 17.02 WIB.

Plt. The Head of Public Relations Bureau of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Ferdinandus Setu, said there were 276 base stations that could not be used based on monitoring until 18:00 WIB.

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Following this, he continued, telecommunications operators are trying to restore electricity supply by using Mobile Backup Power (MBP) while waiting for the recovery of the PLN electricity network.

"Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara has assigned the Telecommunications and Information Accessibility Agency [BAKTI] to send 30 satellite telephone units to support coordination of disaster management in Donggala and its surroundings," he said in a written statement on Friday (09/28/2018).

Photo: Victims of the Donggala Earthquake (twitter @BNPB_Indonesia)

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Ferdinandus said the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) had previously sent earthquake information via SMS to cellphone users in the Donggala and surrounding areas on Friday since 14.09 WIB.

The SMS Blast was sent 7 times, and a tsunami early warning SMS was sent at 17.02 WIB.

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Mount Agung Erupted Tonight, Flights to Bali Still Normal

Jakarta - Mount Agung erupted on this day at around 21:04 Wita. Some flights to Bali are still normal.

Mount Agung erupted on this day at around 21:04 pm. Currently Mount Agung is level III.

In the PVMBG report of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Monday (2/7/2018), the height of the ash column is observed ± 2,000 m above the peak (± 5.142 m above sea level). The gray columns were observed in gray with a thick intensity leaning towards the west.

Mount Agung Eruption tonight (BNPB doc)

This eruption is recorded in the seismogram with a maximum amplitude of 24 mm and a duration of ± 7 minutes 21 seconds. The eruption occurs strombolian with a banging sound. Flares of incandescent lava observed out the crater reaches a distance of 2 km.

See Garuda Indonesia airline flight info on its official website, there are still about 3 flights to Bali until tonight. Each from Jakarta, Lombok and Yogyakarta.

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"Currently the flight has not been disturbed, still normal," said Senior Manager of Public Relations Garuda Indonesia Ikhsan Rosan to, Monday (2/7/2018).

Similarly, the airline Lion Air Group. Communications Strategic of Lion Air, Danang Mandala Prihantoro said Lion Air Group airline flight to Bali is still running normally tonight.

"Until now the operation is running normally," he said.

"However, to ensure the safety and security of aviation, Lion Air Group operations will adjust to the decision of the airport authority," he concluded.

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Look at the beauty of Pink Beach in Eastern Indonesia, So Fascinating!

As the name implies this beach does have pink sand. Many tourists also call this beach with the name of Beach Pink or Pink Beach. Indeed the beauty of this beach no doubt back.

Especially when viewed from above. KLovers will find a scene with a color gradation that is so interesting. Green on the grass and leaves on the land, pink on the sand, light blue and old in the sea water. These colors when viewed will continue to spoil the eye.

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This beach is located within the Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara. Place where as an ancient animal, Komodo dragons are located. What makes it interesting is the Pink Beach is one of seven beaches that have pink sand in the world. Of course KLovers should be proud of it.

But until now not known exactly where the pink color on the sand it originated. Some argue that the color comes from red and dead coral fragments. There is also a opinion that the existence of microscopic animals, a type of animal that can produce red.

Not only the surface is interesting. But if you look inside, to see the underwater life would be just as amazed. Here live the diverse types of marine animals. As a palace, live a variety of fish species, various types of coral reefs and other marine biota.

No wonder, if you stop at the Pink Beach is a time to snorkel or diving. You will be spoiled with its beauty. Moreover, this beach is uninhabited. So it felt like a private beach.

To get to Pink Beach can depart from Labuhan Bajo by using speed boat. Usually a lot of tours that will take you to Rinca Island first, then will proceed to the island of Komodo. From Rinca Island to Komodo Island will take about 45 minutes.

Do not forget to bring debriefing, because on this beach is not available stalls. For snorkeling or diving equipment, you can get at Labuhan Bajo. If you join the tour, you can ask your guide.

Although quiet and uninhabited, if you visit there so as not to damage what is. Yes, the sustainability of a place must be maintained. Moreover, littering do not just any.

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Sri Mulyani, Best of Finance Minister of Asia Pacific 2018

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati was named the finest Finance Minister in Asia Pacific in 2018 by FinanceAsia financial magazine following the same award received last year.

Through a press release from the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta, Monday (16/4), FinanceAsia considers that Sri Mulyani has succeeded in bringing the Indonesian economy to a better direction.

MI / Pius Erlangga

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Sri Mulyani is considered successful in taking advantage of global economic progress to reform the financial structure in 2017 so that it can survive when interest rates rise in the United States.

FinanceAsia also believes that Sri Mulyani managed to maintain the stability of state expenditure seen as seen from the lower budget deficit (2.5%) compared to the original projection (2.9%).

The government is also considered successful in maintaining the stability of inflation and the rupiah exchange rate. In 2017 also, Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product reached US $ 1 trillion for the first time, with stable economic growth above 5%.

FinanceAsia also announced ratings for other finance ministers in Asia Pacific. The second rank was awarded to Singapore Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat, ranked third Philippine Finance Minister Carlos Dominguez, fourth in India's Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, ranked fifth among Chinese Finance Minister Xiao Jie.

Furthermore, the sixth rank was awarded to South Korea's Minister of Strategy and Finance Kim Dong Yeon, ranked seventh Australian Finance Minister Scott Morrison, ranked eighth Thai Finance Minister Apisak Tantivorawong, ninth Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso, and Finance Minister Paul Chan.

Meanwhile, the 11th and 12th rankings were awarded to the Malaysian Minister of Finance Najib Razak and the Finance Minister of Taiwan Sheu Yu-jer.

Top of the best finance award, Sri Mulyani revealed that this award can not be separated from the leadership of President Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla who always encourage all ministers to work hard to improve people's lives.

It is also an acknowledgment and appreciation for the hard work of the government in the economic field, supported by cooperation between the Ministry of Finance and all stakeholders.

"State finance is a tool to realize the ideals of Indonesian independence to create a just and prosperous society and a civilized and dignified nation," said Sri Mulyani.

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Beautiful Waterfalls Hidden in Pemalang

The sweeping view of Bengkawah
Who would have thought in Pemalang hidden beautiful waterfalls that will make the traveler stunned. Prove yourself by visiting Curug Bengkawah this weekend.

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About 45 minutes drive south from Pemalang City there is an area called Randudongkal. The location is located around the foot of Mount Slamet has a cool and beautiful atmosphere.

Looking from Near Curug Bengkawah
There are many natural spots that are still hidden, one of which is Curug Bengkawah. Curug is still very beautiful because access to the curug is pretty hard so not many know.

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Curug has not been managed properly, road access is still minimal and can only be passed by motorcycle. Guard and monitoring posts were not there so it is very vulnerable for visitors to the occurrence of accidents.

Cool water Curug Bengkawah
This has happened several times since the strong currents and deep waterfalls are already quite a lot of victims of drowning. There was only one resident on guard in the parking lot. Residents were also reminded visitors not to swim in the middle.

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After parking the vehicle, we will walk through the barbecue around 5 minutes. The first time we arrive at the location the atmosphere is so cool and mystical impression let alone there is a big tree around the waterfall.

Silent Curved Waterfall
However, the beauty presented Curug Bengkawah is very beautiful and able to eliminate all the fatigue during the trip. The stream of heavy water and its large size reminds us of Niagara Falls in the mini version.

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Rice fields to Curug Bengkawah
Around the waterfall there is enough land space and can to build a tent. The atmosphere is quiet makes Curug Bengkawah an attractive destination for lovers of silence.

When Bamboo Technology Can Overcome Flood and Landslide ...

Bamboo is used as embankment to overcome flood problem in Cijangkelok River, Kuningan Regency. (Alek Kurniawan)
For a long time, people in Kuningan Regency precisely on the banks of Cijangkelok River in Citenjo Village are worried when the rainy season comes.

This is caused by the flood disaster that often hit the area. One of the disasters that is still remembered in the people's memory is the flood in January 2017.

"I still remember that time January 22, 2017 at 12.00 noon. It rained heavily. At 02.00 am the rain subsided, at 04.00 am heavy rain fell again. The rain lasts 3-4 hours, "said Cisanggarung River Operation and Maintenance (OP DAS) officer, Kuningan, for Cijangkelok River, Yayat Sudiyatna.

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Yayat also explained, in the afternoon, the water surface of the river began to overflow to the settlements.

"This flood water reached one meter and flooded seven villages. Citenjo village is the worst, "added the man who works to monitor the bioengineering project on the banks of this Cijangkelok River.

Considering these conditions, the Directorate General of Water Resources (DG SDA) of the Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing (PUPR) through River Civic Center (BBWS) Cimanuk Cisanggarung paid special attention to Citenjo Village.

The next month, in February 2017, the embankment was built by BBWS Cimanuk Cisanggarung in collaboration with the local community to prevent further flooding.

What is built is not a dike in general, but a dike made of bamboo with bioengineering method.

Bamboo is planted is to hold the river water that overflows and causes flooding in the Village Citenjo, Kab. Brass, Wednesday (15/11/2017). (Alek Kurniawan)
In Indonesian, bioengineering can be interpreted to be biological engineering.

The biological engineering is a discipline applied in biosystem-based engineering (a combination of biological, environmental and agricultural sciences) to improve the efficiency of the functions and benefits of the biosystem itself.

Application of the science of biological engineering is rarely seen its existence in plain view. But apparently, the field of science brings many benefits to society.

"In February 2017, we planted 300-meter bamboo on the banks of the Cijangkelok River for natural embankment making. Bamboo we choose because this plant fits with the elements of the soil here and can withstand the erosion of river water that overflows, "said officer maker commitment (PPK) OP III BBWS Cimanuk Cisangarung, I Gusti Ngurah Antariza.

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In addition, Antariza also explained that this bioengineering method was chosen to restore the function of river vegetation and can automatically restore the river dikes back green.

"This method is also used to minimize funds. The project that runs for 3 months is only spent Rp 200 million of State Budget, "continued Antariza.

Currently, the bioengineering project in Citenjo Village is completed 100 percent. Bamboo is embedded more dense and bushy so it is expected to hold the river water overflow.

Tackle landslides

In addition to overcoming the problem of flooding in Citenjo Village, Kuningan District, it turns out this bamboo bioengineering method is also used to cope with landslides on the banks of the Cigora River, Bandungsari Village, Brebes District.

Construction of embankment on the banks of the Cigora River, Bandungsari Village, Brebes Regency when built. (BBWS Cimanuk Cisanggarung)
In early 2017, the riverbank that is also bordered by inter-provincial roads is avalanched so that roads connecting the Provinces of West Java and Central Java are temporarily cut off.

After the road repaired, BBWS Cimanuk Cisanggarung re-apply the method of bioengineering with bamboo plants to withstand landslides.

"Although the method used is the same as that in Kuningan, the embankment construction is here through two stages. First, the construction of the embankment right on the edge of the river. Second, the construction of embankments in the river boundary with the highway, "said PPK OP III technical operators BBWS Cimanuk Cisanggarung, Muhammad Cucu Sudiyan.

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For embankment on the edge of the river, the construction used is the installation of stones and sacks containing sand and planting bamboo shoots in between.

"Then for the second stage we planted bamboo with a few centimeters. Then at that empty distance, we planted grass vetiver (fragrant root) which serves to grip the soil to a depth of 3 meters, "added Sudiyan.

In addition, planted with plants Kaliandra is useful to suck water and hold the grains of eroded soil. Finally, there are marine pandanus plants that can withstand landslides.

Bamboo that has been planted by pandan laut, grass vertiver, and Kaliandra is expected to overcome the landslide in Brebes Regency (BBWS Cimanuk Cisanggarung)
The project that runs from February to April 2017 is also already felt the benefits of this rainy season. No more landslides.

Going forward, BBWS Cimanuk Cisanggarung targets a 500m follow-up development on the banks of the river so that the coverage of protected areas is increasing.

The Directorate General of Natural Resources also hopes to apply this bamboo bioengineering method throughout Indonesia. Thus, the benefits can be felt by all circles of society.

Severe! Viral Photo of Sea Horse Bring Cotton Bud Trash in the Sumbawa Sea

Photos of sea horses in this Sumbawa sea viral in social media. Not because it's cool, but because this sea horse brings cotton buds on its tail.

Naturally, mini animals like sea horses live around coral reefs. The tail is usually wrapped in coral or seaweed. This is done so that the seahorse stays stable in its position and does not oscillate due to ocean currents or waves.

But looking at the photos shared by Instagram Sea Legacy account, an ocean conservation organization, makes heart pain. Instead of wrapping a tail on a coral or seaweed, this one sea horse wound its tail on a cotton bud.

Viewed Travel Team from Instagram, Friday (15/09/2017), this deplorable photo of Sea Legacy direpost from Justin Hofman account, one of the activists. This photo immediately became viral in sosmed since it was first shared 2 days ago. Until now, the photo has been favored up to 40 thousand times and commented on 1,922 traveler.

It's a photo that I wish didn't exist but now that it does I want everyone to see it. What started as an opportunity to photograph a cute little sea horse turned into one of frustration and sadness as the incoming tide brought with it countless pieces of trash and sewage. This sea horse drifts long with the trash day in and day out as it rides the currents that flow along the Indonesian archipelago. This photo serves as an allegory for the current and future state of our oceans. What sort of future are we creating? How can your actions shape our planet?.thanks to @richthebirder for finding this little seahorse and to the Natural History Museum of London for getting this photo in front of as many eyes as possible. . #plastic #seahorse #wpy53 #wildlifephotography #conservation @nhm_wpy @noaadebris
A post shared by Justin Hofman (@justinhofman) on Sep 12, 2017 at 8:28am PDT
In the photo, Justin Hofman calls this photo really frustrating and sad. A rare opportunity to immortalize the photo of a sea horse in the ocean of Sumbawa, transformed into pity because of the cotton bud waste brought in the tail of the horse.

"This sea horse is drifting udder with garbage (cotton bud -red) carried by ocean currents along the Indonesian archipelago.This photo is an allegory of our present and future ocean conditions.What future do we create? How is your action for the planet ?," Justin wrote in his photograph.

When confirmed Team Travel, Justin confirmed that the location of this photo was taken in the sea of ​​Sumbawa, NTB.

"Yes, that's right," Justin replied through a short message when asked if the photo of the sea horse was taken in Sumbawa.

Furthermore, Justin explained that the location of this image was taken around Sumbawa Besar. Justin took this sea horse photo while snorkeling with his friend named Richard White.

"I do not know exactly what the city's name is, but this photo was taken near Kencana Beach and Gemba in Sumbawa, this sea horse I found at sea level," explained Justin.

At that time, Justin claimed to see a lot of garbage that drifted up to the ocean. The garbage, according to Justin, comes from a local village.

"The scenery is common, almost in all parts of Indonesia where there is strong ocean currents, the garbage from the local countryside will be collected, fish and other animals also like to live in the waters with strong currents because there is so much food, so lots of garbage, coral reefs, and marine animals gathered in one place for one reason: ocean currents, "Justin says.

Photos taken by Justin is like a separate irony. Indonesia whose sea is very rich, and nature under the sea is very beautiful, apparently not free from waste problems. How long will this keep going?

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