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5 Surprising Facts about the Desert

Desert is indeed often perceived as a place with a wide area and filled with sand. Barren, barren, and hot may be the key word that always appears when talking about deserts. However, it turns out that the desert is not always talking about it. Then, what are some interesting facts that are not widely known about the desert? Here are 5 interesting facts:

 1. Desert Area on Earth

The area of ​​the Earth is generally controlled by the sea with a total of approximately 71 percent of the total area of ​​the Earth. About 29 percent of the land area that is left is not much that can be used as a place to live, it is estimated that one third (33 percent) of this land area is controlled by deserts spread across the poles to deserts on the African continent and the Asian continent (estimated land area of ​​the Earth 148.9 million km²). No wonder the number is very large because the polar region is a very large area.
Sahara Desert | wikipedia

The deserts that are spread throughout the continents of the world are almost not used as a place to live because the land is quite barren and difficult to get food, water for life and desert storms are quite disturbing. But some countries in the Middle East have begun to spread their wings to areas around the desert by building pretty beautiful cities.

 2. Snow in the Desert

According to science, if an area has certain rainfall (allowing rain) and has enough low temperatures to cool down water, then the area allows snow. Desert is not a region without rainfall, only the rainfall is very small. But when it falls in the winter with the right time, snow is very likely to fall in the area.

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Sahara Snow |
This was proven precisely in 1979, the lowlands of the Sahara desert recorded their first snowfall in living memory. It snowed in places in southern Algeria, where a half-hour snowstorm stopped traffic. In winter, the temperature drops quite low at the top of Tahat, the highest mountain peak in Algeria, causing snow every three years.

3. The Most Isolated Tree on Earth

Most living trees coexist and colonize very much in number, but not with this one tree. The tree that was once considered the most remote tree on Earth is the only tree in a distance of more than 400 kilometers.
Tree of Ténéré |

The Ténéré tree is the only tree shown on the map on a scale of 1: 4,000,000. This tree is located near a 40-meter deep well found in the Sahara desert region. But unfortunately the tree that was quite horrendous and became the highlight of this collapsed in 1973, was hit by a truck driver who allegedly drunk. Until now this tree is still an interesting thing so that the local government made a monument to commemorate its existence.

4. Desert, Not Just about Sand

In geographical terms, the desert is an area that receives a rainfall of at least 250 millimeters per year. Usually if we talk about deserts that must have occurred in our minds there are deserts in Africa and eastern countries in Asia. But it turns out that the desert is not just talking about the area or the scattered barren shadow.

Snow and desert
The formation of the desert itself is divided into two, that is due to the weathering process of rock types and excessive evaporation of ground water. Deserts are usually separated based on the biome that lives inside, which is divided into cold deserts, hot and dry deserts, semi-arid deserts and coastal deserts. The majority of the desert that covers the earth itself turns out to be in the polar region.

5. The Biggest Desert in the World Not Available in Africa or Asia

The Antarctic Desert is a pretty amazing area with a very cold area and isolated from the outside world. The area reaches 14 million square kilometers making it the widest desert on Earth that belongs to the cold desert. The rainfall in the area itself is less than 51 millimeters per year. Most of the area is covered with ice, which covers approximately 90 percent of Earth's water.

Antarctica |

At least 2 percent of this largest desert is not covered with ice and is a habitat for animals such as penguins, seals, birds and other animals. Other areas or 98 percent of the area are covered with ice with a thickness of up to 1.6 km. Like in other deserts, wind storms still come to form a storm that can reach speeds of 320 km per hour.

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The Largest in the World, the Blue Whale is Much Larger than Dinosaurs

Photo: Eco2drew / Getty
Much larger than any type of dinosaur, blue whales are the largest animal ever.

Adult blue whales can reach 30 m in length and weigh more than 180,000 kg - about the same size as 40 elephants, 30 Tyrannosaurus Rex, or 2,700 average-sized humans.

Who's the giant among the giants starts from something much smaller.

Like all whales, blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) evolved from four-legged mammals that lived on land about 48 million years ago.

This ancient ancestor, Pakicetus, only has a length of 1.8m. He lives on the river and some of his offspring adapt to life in water which eventually gave birth to a fully aquatic creature called Dorudon ("Spear Tooth"), which lived 37 million years ago with a length of 4.5m.

At Dorudon, we see the beginning that makes whales so special. His nostrils retreated from his snout to the top of his head, his front legs became stiff fins, his body extended, his hind legs disappeared and his tail evolved into two elastic anchors, which pushed the animal forward through up and down motion in the water, not side-to-side movements - fish tail side.

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The evolution of Dorudon to the blue whale involved a number of changes to overcome its enormous size. Here are nine changes you need to know:

1. Inhale deeply!
Blue whales can dive for up to an hour in one dive, darting to a depth of 100m, so they need very efficient lungs to survive. Two large blow holes, large enough for small children to crawl into, allow rapid and efficient oxygen exchange. Blue whales replace between 80 and 90 percent of oxygen in their lungs every time they breathe, compared to only 10 or 15 percent in humans.

2. Can you hear my beat?
Oxygen is pumped around its extraordinarily large body by the heart of four chambers, which are the same size. It weighs around 900kg - the size of a Mini car - the heart of a blue whale beats every 10 seconds, pumps 220 liters of blood throughout its body, and pulsates so hard that it can be heard from a distance of 3 km through sonar equipment.

3. Thick skin
Blue whale skin is unique, just like fingerprints. The pale bluish gray gives the blue name in the blue whale, although the skin can also look silvery gray or brown, depending on the light. The blue whale has between 80 and 100 long grooves that radiate along the throat and chest.

4. There is no time (or ability) to cry
Blue whales have relatively small eyes for their body size - each the size of a grape - and their vision is considered weak. They have no tear glands or eyelashes.

5. Your voice comes out
Although it has no external ears, blue whales are believed to have excellent hearing, using air sinuses and bones to detect sounds. They communicate using low frequency whistles or roaring sounds that can travel hundreds of kilometers and reach 188 decibels - louder than passenger jets.

6. Big mouth
Their gigantic mouth - large enough to hold 100 people - can catch a large number of prey with every gulp of water, filtering out the nutritious krill from the released water with stiff hair growing from the palate. During summer, they eat up to 6,000 kg krill a day.

7. Awaken the air
Blue whales reach sexual maturity between the ages of five and 10 years. They search for warm equatorial waters before embarking on elaborate mating rituals involving males and females rolling over one another, diving in the depths of the ocean, then suddenly swimming to the surface to copulate. Male whales have the largest penis in the animal kingdom, about 30cm in diameter and 3m in length.

8. A thirsty baby
Blue whales are placental mammals with the fetus developing in the mother's uterus. The developing fetus grows rapidly and after seven months, the length is around 3.5m.

The whale child is born with a tail first after 12 months and weighs around 2,700 kg, swimming directly to the surface for air.

The baby suckles on the two nipples of the mother, which feeds 180 liters of fat-rich milk every day, allowing it to grow by 90kg every day. Weaning occurs about seven or nine months, when the baby's whale reaches around 15m.

9. Total population
It is estimated that there were more than 250,000 blue whales. Now it is estimated that only between 10,000 and 25,000 are left in the world. After decades of being hunted for meat, oil and other valuable body parts, they are now classified as an endangered species on the IUCN Red List.

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Used Oils Can Also Benefit the Country

World economic growth has significantly increased lubricant consumption from year to year in the industrial, transportation, heavy equipment and manufacturing sectors. From these needs America itself needs approximately 1000 million liters per year.

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Lubricants are derived from crude oil taken from the bowels of the earth. Petroleum is a limited natural resource that will eventually run out. This condition will certainly cause a fuel crisis that will disrupt the world economy.

One solution to maintain the availability of lubricants to meet various human needs is to reprocess the used oil. One legal company that is capable of managing used oil is the Indonesia Gemilang Entrepreneur.

The presence of parties who manage used oil provides many advantages not only in the economic sector but also in the environment. Managing used oil can save the country's foreign exchange because Indonesia can avoid having to import base oil or import crude oil to be processed into base oil.

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Besides reducing illegal recycling or better known as Mixed oil. Mixed oil is attractive to consumers because prices tend to be cheaper than the original oil produced by companies that are experts in their fields. In addition, the use of counterfeit oil cannot be accounted for, which results in poor quality fake lubricants.

Used oil that is not managed properly will have a negative impact on the survival of humans, animals and plants and the environment. The danger of used oil being disposed of carelessly has a worse effect than ordinary crude oil spills. It takes a very long time to recover soil and water contaminated by used oil.

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Be Alert, People who Sleep Late, Faster Death

Are you one of those who often stay up late and can only be productive in doing something after 2 am? If so, then you should reduce the habit.

As quoted from Shape, according to a study published in the journal, Chronobiology International, revealed that sleeping late at night increases the risk of death, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases.
Research called late sleep can die quickly. Photo: thinkstock

This large-scale researcher asked more than 433,000 participants to classify themselves as morning people or night owls. In addition, weight, body mass index, illness and sleep duration are also taken into account.

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After tracking participants for about six years, analysis at the end of the study revealed that those who were identified as night types were 10 percent more likely to die sooner than people who got up early.

Types of people who sleep too late are also found to be more susceptible to diabetes, as well as other digestive and respiratory disorders.

Yes, people who often stay up late will experience health problems because they interfere with their body's wake and sleep cycles. So, if it includes the type of night owl, you should reduce sleep late and change your sleep pattern with a healthy and ideal sleep pattern.

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Cute Face Is Not The Most Important For Women, It's 7 Things That Make Women Fall In Love With Men

As a handsome person, who has a handsome face and charming appearance can indeed captivate women, but keep in mind that attractive face is not the most important thing for women when choosing a partner. There are seven other things that make a woman fall in love with a man, anything?

1. Easy to get along and have lots of friends

Handsome men always look more attractive in the eyes of women. Men who have many friends certainly have a good personality because if not, then this man could not have many friends and liked by his friends.

Having many friends also hinted that this guy is not picky friends in hanging out, anyone can be his friend and he can make them all comfortable to be around him. If his friends just comfortable to be around him, especially women who become his partner, would feel very comfortable.

2. Have a steel determination and willing to work hard

Abstinence is one of the characteristics of successful people. A man who has a strong determination of steel and is willing to work hard is a man who appeals to women, not men who are spoiled and just love to have fun or spree.

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3. Have a good sense of humor

A man who has a good sense of humor has his own charm for women. It's useless to have a handsome face if it can not be funny to make the atmosphere so cheerful. Relationships will be boring for women if the man can not make himself laugh.

4. Know which one should be a priority and be able to decide the best

Being able to determine priorities and make the best decisions is an important characteristic that men must have. Men who are easily influenced by others and unable to make firm decisions are men who can not be relied on by women. It's hard for women to connect with men like this.

5. Respect and appreciate women

Men who know how to treat women appropriately, just as women should be treated, are men who respect women. Men who do not put their own ego first and are willing to listen to women are men who value women. A man like this is a man who will make a woman happy.

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6. Positive and always know grateful

People who in words and actions are never positive will be shunned by others. No person can stand close to the person who every day work just always complain and complain.

Therefore, being a man who in words and positive deeds will surely be liked by women. In addition, men who always know thankful and live the day with a smile and full of fun will also make women interested.

7. Reliable and willing to sacrifice for the person he loves

A reliable man, always there when his partner needs him, is a woman's dream man. The man who is willing to sacrifice for the person he loves, not only couples but also his family and friends, is a man who is not only selfish. This characteristic is very valuable in the eyes of women.

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Great, Men's Noble Action Save 2.4 Million Lives

A man named James Harrison from Australia managed to save 2.4 million lives.

A man named James Harrison from Australia, woke up from a major operation that he lived in 1951 ago. At that time, Harrison was 14 years old and the doctor had picked up one of his lungs. During this difficult time, Harrison learned that he was alive thanks to the amount of blood transfusions he received.

Illustration of blood transfusion. (Shutterstock)

From there, Harrison intends to donate his blood regularly, even though he has to wait another 4 years for the age of 18 because the previous Australian law requires the donor to be at least 18 years old. But he has not forgotten his wishes and donated his blood regularly to the Australian Red Cross Blood Services for 60 years.

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When Harrison became a donor, doctors said that his blood might help solve deadly diseases. Quoted from Bored Panda, until around 1967 in Australia there are thousands of babies die each year and doctors do not know what causes it.

"There are many women who have miscarriages and cases of babies born with brain damage.We now know that the cause of these terrible things is rhesus disease, a condition in which the blood of pregnant women begins to attack the baby's blood cells it contains," explained Jemma Falkenmire of the Australian Red Cross Blood Services.

The doctors found that Harrison had rare antibodies in his blood and they developed an injection called anti-D. Anti-D containing Harrison's blood is what saves mothers and babies.

It is estimated that he has saved some 2.4 million people. Now the man known as "The Man with the Golden Arm" has made 1,173 donations of blood plasma.

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14,000 Ton! 7 Giant Machines That Size Make You Surprised

A machine is usually only tens of meters in size, but in various parts of the world there are many other machines that have extraordinary size. In fact it makes these machines dubbed as giant machines thanks to its WOW size!

Thanks to its enormous size, its operation also requires a lot of people. In fact not enough one or two people, but requires up to hundreds of people to become the operator of the machine. Immediately, here's a row of giant machines that once existed. Let's check!

Here are 7 Giant Machines That Size Make You Surprised

1. The Large Hadron Collider

Photo source:

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The Hadron Collider is 27 kilometers in diameter and has a depth of 175 meters underground. Inside the Collider, there are two high-energy beams supported by thousands of super-conductive magnets in two vacuum tubes. Magnets are stored at a cold temperature of -271.3 degrees, which means they are cooler than in space.

Not quite up there, because the ongoing construction for a new underground accelerator machine that measures three times larger than the Large Hadron Collider. Given a giant machine located in Geneva, Switzerland is the smallest structure of the atomic nucleus.

2. The Giant Bucket Wheel Excavator

Photo source:

If the Large Hadron Collider is the largest underground machine, The Giant Bucket Wheel Excavator is the second largest engine in the world operating above ground. The bconon engine built in Germany in 1995 has a height of 29 meters and a length of 225 meters feet and weighs up to 14,000 tons. This giant machine can move 8.5 million cubic feet of land per day.

This machine is usually used to dig open pit pits, but this machine is not necessarily able to operate because it still requires some help experts to smooth the operation of the machine. And require the help of other heavy equipment such as bull doser to speed up workmanship.

3. Tuneling Machine
Photo source:

Tunneling Machine is the largest tunnel making machine with a length of 300 feet, this machine has a weight of about 7,000 tons. This makes the delivery of this machine should be divided into 31 parts when it will be distributed to a particular region. This 17.5 ton diameter engine beats a similar machine in Florence, Italy.

4. Giant Mechanical Spider
Photo source:

This giant spider-shaped machine called La Princesse, which can run as far as two miles per hour. Even this giant spider can also climb the side of the Concourse House building, a slum building on Lime Street. Giant spider machine on display in the streets of Liverpool, England has a weight of about 37 tons, 15 meters high and driven with 50 hydraulic axis.

Even for the operation it takes 12 people, while to transport it from one place to another, the machine requires 16 cranes. This spider-shaped mechanical engine became the world's largest mechanical engine.

5. World Biggest Remote Controlled Robot

Zollner Elektronic AG, a German company spent six years designing the largest remote control robot ever. The dragon-shaped engine robot is designed by a team of 15 experts and requires four operators to drive the giant dragon.

The giant dragon has a height of 4.5 meters, weighs 11 tons, wingspan along the 3.7 meters and can also extend fire through his mouth. In it equipped with a powered engine 140 horsepower, and has a 2.0-liter engine cap. This gigantic dragon has nine separate controllers, each containing two IT processors, a Fujitsu microcontroller, and 238 motion sensors for the environment.

6. Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60

Photo source:

This giant object is the largest conveyor bridge in the world. The entire structure measures 502 meters, 202 meters wide and 80 meters high and its weight is amazing, reaching about 11,000 tons. The giant machine was built in East Germany in 1991 by VEB TAKRAF Lauchhammer, until now the machine can still be found.

7. World's Largest Floating Vacuum Cleaner
Photo source:

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World's Largest Floating Vacuum Cleaner is a hopper dredger built in 1998. The machine has gross tonnage of nearly 33,423 tons and a deadweight of nearly 60,000 tons. The length of the machine is almost 230.71 meters with a width of 32 meters and still foam is used to date.

That's 7 Giant Machines That Size Make You Surprised. Not just the sheer size of the usual, but the function of the machines are also not less amazing.

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Galaxy Note 9 Launch Date

Puzzle when Galaxy Note 9 launched unanswered. Samsung has just deployed a launch event invitation.

As before, the event will be held South Korean vendors are titled Unpacked. However the dispatched invitation does not mention what device will be announced.

This is the launch date of the Galaxy Note 9 Photo: Samsung

But it seems to point to the Galaxy Note 9. Because the image displayed on the invitation shows the stylus look like the one in the previous Galaxy Note.

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The event will take place August 9, 2018. Samsung did not mention the location of the event. But if it refers to the tradition of launching Galaxy Note, the city of New York is usually used as the birthplace of the phablet.

For information on invitations distributed Samsung according to what was revealed by Bloomberg a few days ago. Mentioned Samsung will open the veil Note 9 on August 9. Just like Note 8, the launch location is in New York City.

This is the launch date of the Galaxy Note 9 Photo: Samsung

Still according to Bloomberg cited updetails, Note 9 has the same form with Note 8. Of course, the increase is its features. Among the more qualified cameras and more fabulous processor. And probably a new version of Bixby's digital assistant.

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Previously had also reported that the Galaxy Note 9 has pocketed the certificate of US mobile phone bodies or US FCC. This device will come with a 6.4 inch stretch and carrying Super AMOLED technology.

The main engine there are two options, namely Exynos 9810 and Snapdragon 845. RAM capacity embedded 6 GB. Internal memory will be 256 GB, but in some countries will be available 512 GB option. For the battery will be a capacity of 3,850 mAh.

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Advantages Use RFT Tires that Do not Need a Spare Tire

Currently tire technology began to grow more sophisticated. The vehicle may not carry a spare tire because it uses a tire called Run Flat Tire (RFT).

Described earlier, RFT is a tire that is resistant to use even though it has been leaked. That is, you can still run the car in a certain maximum speed and distance even though the tire is in a state of deflated or leaked. So, the rider can walk safely to the workshop to change the tires or at least towards a safer place.
Car Tire Illustration. Photo: Dadan Kuswaraharja

Using RFT tires has its advantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages? The following is extracted through the Micks Garage page.


1. Motorists do not need to change tires when dangerous conditions. For example, if a regular tire leaks and loses wind pressure, then the rider must immediately to the curb to change the tire. This may be more dangerous because riders who change tires on the side of the road potentially terserempet other vehicles. If you use the RFT and the tires leak, the rider can still run his car to a safer place or to the workshop to change the tire.

2. In tire situations losing wind pressure, RFT type tires are more stable than conventional tires. Because, RFT tires are made to help the rider when the tires do not have air pressure. RFT tires will help the driver to maintain better control in tire loss situations.

3. If you use RFT tires, then the weight of the car so lighter. The reason, because RFT tires usually do not require a spare tire. So, the car does not need to increase the burden of carrying a spare tire, jack, or wheel-opening keys.

4. If the car weight is lighter, the vehicle fuel efficiency becomes more leverage.

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1. Because it can be run safely even after leaking, the car with RFT tires do not need a spare tire. Meanwhile, the current regulation in Indonesia according to Law no. 22 of 2009 on Traffic and Road Transport requires cars circulating on the highway to carry spare tires. According to the regulation, there is a sanction that the car does not carry a spare tire.

2. Tire gets tougher. Because, RFT tires are designed with rigid side walls that make the trip so much harder on the bumpy road. If the car is already equipped with RFT tires from the manufacturer, usually the car manufacturer chooses the appropriate suspension to compensate for the harder tires.

3. RFT tire tread is running out faster than conventional tires. According to a study from J.D. Power, the user tires the average RFT tire replacement period is faster than those using conventional tires. His opinion is different on the grounds, but there is one theory that tire manufacturers are installing soft tread compounds on RFT tires to reduce the effects of harder traveling on bumpy roads. Because the softer compound makes the tread life shorter.

4. RFT tire price is more expensive. Because the construction is different from conventional tires, the RFT model will generally cost 20-30% more.

5. If the RFT tire is leaked, it is recommended immediately replaced rather than repaired. Therefore, the durability of RFT tires that have been leaked will weaken if repaired. Unlike the conventional tires that if leak can be patched to a certain extent.

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New Peugeot 508 SW: Cool Wagon For Cool Husband

Still remember the figure of Peugeot 508? Yep, the latest sedan from Peugeot is indeed getting a lot of praise because the design of this car is very cool and look different, especially with the accent lights like a lion's fangs on the front side of the car.

Well, Peugeot now displays a new variant of the Peugeot 508 is a variant of station wagon. This is the Peugeot 508 SW 2018.Peugeot 508 SW itself is scheduled to debut at the Paris Motor Show 2018, and will go on sale in early 2019, precisely in January next. CEO of Peugeot, Jean-Phlippe Imparato mentioned that after they spawn a radical fastback coupe in the Peugeot 508, it's time to introduce the station wagon version.

It added, Peugeot 508 SW is also a model that continues the design transformation trends and body Peugeot with a line of body that they think is spectacular, and also impressive. Then what is the purpose of the Peugeot Peugeot 508 SW variants? They mentioned that their main ambition is to become a market leader in the premium, attractive segment.

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Okay, just with the discussion from the Peugeot shoot, we turn to the car. Peugeot 508 SW has a dimension that was only stretched 3 cm just for the whole length of the business, while for the height of this car is still in the figure of 1.42 meters, aka the same high sedannya version. And the interesting thing that is in Peugeot 508 SW is the fact that this wagon is still using frameless model glass on the side. Well, carrying the form of SW, then obviously this car will have a larger baggage capacity, which reaches 530 liters. Even the figure can still be expanded up to 1780 liters if you bend the rear seat of this car, great. The figure is equal to the luggage capacity of the Volkswagen Touareg which is a large SUV.

Another advantage of Peugeot 508 SW when compared with the sedan version is headroom case. Yep, sedan version that carries the design fastback coupe is sacrificing headroom for rear passengers, but in the Peugeot 508 SW is certainly a much more spacious headroom.

In addition, the rear seats of this car can be rested up to 27 degrees blades. If you are claustrophobic, then you need not worry too much with this car because there is a large sunroof on the roof. For the interior, this car is identical to the sedan version, which is good news because its dashboard futuristic, modern, sporty, and elegant. For business machines, there are 6 pieces of options, ranging from 1.500cc engine to 2.000cc, ranging from a diesel engine with 130 hp power, to a gasoline engine that produces 225 hp power.

The engines are combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission, and there will be a PHEV engine version for the Peugeot 508 SW which is rumored to be present in 2019. Well, so how do you think this Peugeot 508 SW? Let's say what you think.

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People United Arab Emirates Choose Buy Luxury Car but Do not Have a Home

Dubai - Luxury cars may already be a common sight in the United Arab Emirates. Citizens there are known to have a row of super-sophisticated cars as collections rather than buying a house.
Illustration: Dubai Police Mobile Fleet. Photo: CNN

The price of the houses there is certainly more expensive than the price of the car. But for those with deep pockets and deposits in banks, many prefer to buy cars instead of DP houses.

Home is definitely more important than a car for being our home. The price is expensive to make people think to rent it rather than buying a house.

Because usually people tend to rent for something that can not be bought alone.

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While buying a car, many financing facilities make it easy. So many Arabs in droves to buy cars.

Yet as is known, because the goods running the price of the car must fall while property prices such as homes will rise. Buying a house on the other hand is an investment because the price keeps increasing.

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Is This The First Bank In The World?

Yazd - Did you know, the building that became the first bank in the world is in Iran? This bank has been around since the 3rd century!

Banks are not only known in modern times only. From the first, even since the 3rd century there has been a building that serves as a bank and this is the first bank in the world.

Photo: Sar Yazd Castle, the world's first ancient bank (yazd.bama / Instagram)

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Collected from various sources, Tuesday (22/05/2018) this building named Sar Yazd Castle. Indeed, buildings such as fortress is not intact anymore, but this is a witness how the community used to store valuables.

The building has existed since the 3rd century (travelgoooals / Instagram)

Sar Yazd Castle is in the village of Sar Yazd, Mehriz region, Yazd Province, Iran. This ancient bank was built during the Sassanist (3rd century) and became the first ancient bank in Iran and in the world.

For the community, this ancient bank used to function as a storage of grain, money, gold, jewelry and other valuables. This ancient bank has 3 floors with 450 rooms. Have you imagined how ancient ministry is not?

This ancient bank is surrounded by a 6 meter wide trench with a depth of 4 meters (fabtravel / Instagram)

This bank building is built of clay and does look like a fortress. This ancient bank is surrounded by a 6 meter wide trench, 4 meters deep with high towers. As well as this castle has only two main doors, and the other door only for the guard. In the past, this building is the most dumb and strongest building ever.

Sar Yazd Castle not only became a historic building of saaj, but also as a proof of how the development of architecture in ancient times. That is why Sar Yazd Castle was listed as Iranian cultural heritage by the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization in 1975.

View from one of the bank towers (

Now, this ancient building became one of the historical and cultural objects of Iran that must be visited by tourists when the holidays to Yazd. The favorite spot of tourists is when boarding one of the towers from the bank. From above, we can see the deserts and mountains that surround the bank.

If a traveler is interested in coming here, use local tour services. Due to entry into the building, it takes a key and permission from the local tourism office.

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