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Compete with Intel, IBM and others make Datacenter Technology

Photo: Reuters / Lucy Nicholson
A number of technology companies joined forces to work on open technologies to improve datacenter performance, which is done to counter the dominance of Intel.

The companies include IBM, Google, AMD, Dell EMC, HP, Nvidia and others involved in the consortium that will work on a standard called the Open Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (OpenCAPI).

The purpose of this standard is to provide interface designs that have large bandwidth with little latency, as quoted by Reuters on Saturday (10/15/2016).

This interface will help enterprises and service provider data center cloud to increase the speed of big data, machine learning, analytics and various other jobs.

The consortium plans to make OpenCAPI became available to the public before the end of 2016, and are now being used in a variety of servers and other devices from mid 2017.

Intel, the chip maker, chose not to reveal homemade server technology and chose not to join the consortium. Previous Intel also refused to join the consortium similar, like ccix and Gen-Z.

Intel handcuff 'McAfee'

Foto: Getty Images

John McAfee, founder of antivirus company McAfee, sue Intel over the right to use its name on a new company after the chip maker to buy McAfee.

Intel to buy McAfee in 2010, and then changed its name to Intel Security. Since then, McAfee joined the digital gaming company MGT Capital Investments Inc. as chairman and CEO. McAfee plans to rename the MGT into John McAfee Global Technologies Inc.

But it said McAfee, Intel warned that deter them. Using the name of McAfee, according to Intel would infringe a trademark of Intel who used to buy McAfee.

Objecting to this, McAfee was quoted as saying on the Business Insider, Monday (05/09/2016) submitted these details to the federal court of Manhattan, New York, United States. But a spokesman for Intel has not given any response related to the appeal.

Intel reportedly will release Intel Security as part of a strategy to focus more on data center business more profitable. Private equity firm TPG is one of the potential bidders Intel-owned McAfee unit. The two have never met and McAfee estimates could be worth $ 3 billion.

But McAfee was only offered to TPG. Intel is still looking for other potential buyers, and hopefully with the prices could be higher. When buying a used McAfee, Intel to spend USD 7.7 billion. At that time, McAfee is becoming one of the security companies that dominate the market.

Intel introduced a new processor, create low-cost laptops faster and faster!

Intel. ©

At the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), Intel has just introduced to the public of their new processor platform, the Apollo Lake. This processor is the answer for those who want a cheap PC but perform faster.

Apollo Lake Processor was developed using 14 nanometer manufacturing process with Goldmont architecture. This process makes the data processing speed increases Apollo Lake, including the performance of the graphics card. Although it is not yet clear, Goldmont architecture makes Apollo Lake has a clocking speeds of up to 2,7GHz.

Intel's new processor also comes with a choice of chip dual-core or quad-core. Power consumption is also low, a minimum of 6W and 10W maximum.

According to Intel, the processor Apollo Lake can make middle and lower PC prices are getting cheaper. The reason, Apollo Lake make laptops thinner without sacrificing performance, including efficiency in many sectors.

Their USB Type C help fuel the plus points of this type can be given USB data transfer speeds up to 10Gbps and became charger with a power capacity of 100 Watt. Intel added when Apollo Lake will become the brain of some products to go on sale the second quarter of 2016.

Intel co-founder and Silicon Valley legend Andy Grove died

Intel founder Andy Grove. © Stanford University

July 18th 1968, Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce and Andy Grove recorded history by establishing a company Intel. However, on 22 March 20016, the figure of Intel co-founder Andy Grove has passed away.

Name Andy Grove may be unfamiliar, but the sosk among the instigators of the technology known as Silicon Valley legend or technology development center in America.

Even Grove is often called the founder of the Silicon Valley. So it is not wrong in 1997 when Time magazine calls the Grove as a pioneer of the digital revolution and select it as 'Man of the Year'.

News of the death Grove published directly by Intel early this morning. Unfortunately the cause of death of 79-year-old man was not known.

"Andy made the impossible could happen, to inspire generations of technologists, entrepreneurs, and business leaders the world," said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, CNET (22/03).

Lead singer-frontman international technology industry immediately expressed their condolences via Twitter, one of which is the Apple boss Tim Cook.

"Andy Grove is one of the 'giants' in the world of technology. He loved this country and encourages Americans to his best. Rest in peace," wrote Tim Cook on his Twitter account.

Apple 'teased' Android and Windows

iPhone SE. © 2016 REUTERS / Stephen Lam

In the event Apple held overnight US time, Apple is in no rush to release a new smartphone and a tablet of their output, but they begin by discussing the issues. Starting from the Apple case with the FBI, energy utilization, as well as the development of the health platform.

But when it went to the session launching the latest devices, namely the iPhone SE and update iOS 9.3, Apple slightly offensive competitors. Apple through his vice president, Greg Joswiak, noting that 80 percent of users of iOS-based devices have been switched to iOS 9. This is in stark contrast to only 2 percent of Android users are already using Android Marshmallow the most recent.

After a bit offensive Android, it still continues when the iPad Pro was released by the head of marketing Phil Schiller. Apple itself seems there is a desire to deflect consumer Windows to Apple, where the iPad Pro offers more devices to support productivity and multitasking.

Schiller himself also underscored Intel and Microsoft's statement which said that 600 million PCs around the world have not been updated for five years.

"It's really sad," said Schiller responded to the statement.

After commenting directed to competitors, Schiller went on the show to talk about iPad apps now totaling 1 million more in the App Store. In addition, he talked about the best features of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Samsung Notebook 9, 'Sexy' and Slim Macbook Air Competitor

Las Vegas - In addition to announcing their commitment in developing the technology Internet of Things (IoT) and VR on the mat Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2016, Samsung apparently also brought his laptop line devices that are not less interesting.
Samsung Notebook 9 reveal that weight less than 1 kilogram, which only amounted to 0.83 kilograms!
Laptop named Samsung Notebook Series 9 is claimed as the thinnest laptop ever owned by Samsung.

Notebook 9 does have a body so slim. So no wonder that many people dub the laptop as a competitor to the Macbook Air. If at first glance, color, material, and design of this laptop keyboard does resemble the design of Apple's Macbook Air.

According to information reported by Techno Buffalo, Friday (08/01/2016), Notebook 9 which comes in two series (13.3-inch and 15-inch) running the Windows 10 operating system.

Matter how mild this laptop, the Samsung Notebook 9 reveal that weighs less than 1 kilogram, which is only 0.83 kilograms.

Unlike the MacBook which is supported by the M-Core processor, the laptop is actually powered by the latest Skylake chip made by Intel, which can be used up to a Core i7. This means that, although the design is so sleek and very lightweight, performance Notebook 9 should not be in doubt.

Other specifications mention that the Notebook 9 features the baclkit keyboard, two USB 3.0 ports, SD card slot 3-in-1, 4GB and 8GB RAM, and SSD 128 GB or 256 GB.

The laptops will be marketed in the first quarter of this year. However, the South Korean company has not divulge the price is priced for each size. (Jek / Isk)

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