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Street lights in this city will be replaced with man-made moons

Beijing - China is reportedly in the process of creating an "artificial moon" that is bright enough to replace street lights in Chengdu City located in southwest China in 2020.

The satellite that can emit light is claimed eight times brighter than the original moon, according to state media People's Daily, and is part of China's growing ambitions in space projects.

Chinese scientists plan to send three artificial months into space in the next four years, and the artificial moon is made of materials that reflect light like a mirror - thought to orbit at 500 kilometers above Earth and illuminate areas with diameters of 10 to 80 kilometers.

Wu Chunfeng, chairman of the Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute Corporation, which developed the project, said that the burning satellite would provide "light like at dusk".

"The brightness and timing of satellite services can both be adjusted, and lighting accuracy can be controlled within a tens of meters radius," Wu told state media agencies.

Wu Chengfeng added that three artificial months would operate alternately to significantly reduce the electricity consumption of various infrastructures, especially during the winter.

The light reflecting satellite is designed to complement the moon at night.

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'Who pays for it and what is the purpose?'
Chengdu, China, Light from artificial moon will save millions of dollars in electricity costs every year. (Flickr: DvYang)
Wu said 50 square kilometers of artificial lighting in Chengdu could save around 1.2 billion yuan, equivalent to Rp 2.6 trillion in electricity costs each year.

The artificial moon can also be used to illuminate areas that experience power cuts caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, he said.

In addition to its economic benefits, many comments from residents on China Weibo's social media platform worry about potential negative effects such as how the artificial month will affect sleep patterns and how much money is being sucked to finance the project.

"What's the point of creating an artificial moon that violates the laws of nature?" Shaolin Xu, a famous commentator who has 1.4 million followers on Weibo, said in his account.

"Who paid for it and what was the purpose of the launch?"

"This is definitely a good project to save energy and reduce pollution," another Weibo user commented.

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While the People's Daily quoted Wu as saying the brightness of the artificial moon would be bright enough to replace streetlights, other state-run media, Xinhua, quoted Wu as saying the brightness would only be about one-fifth of street lights.

Xinhua reported that the idea of ​​the man-made moon came from a French artist who imagined hanging a necklace made of mirrors in the sky to illuminate the streets of Paris at night.

Russia tried to launch a "25 meter diameter space mirror" but the project was suspended in 1999.

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The phenomenon of Beginning of New Year 2018: Wolf Moon, Blue Moon and Blood Moon

In welcoming the new Year 2018 this time, there is something unique for lovers of sky scenery. Moreover, those who work as researchers of the moon, certainly very enthusiastic with the phenomenon where the moon looks bigger than ordinary size. In January of 2018 there will be two phenomena supermoon named Wolf Moon and Blue Moon.

Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon or Moon Wolf is the nickname of the full moon given by the Indian tribe. They argue that the moon will come when the hungry wolves howl outside their camps.

According to Old Farmer's Almanac, Wolf Moon will start to look in the American area on January 1, 2018 at 9:24 pm. While in Europe and Asia, the full moon 'Wolf Moon' peak will be visible on 2 January 2018 and will continue to light up the night sky over the start of the new year.

This phenomenon occurs because the position of the moon's orbit is closer to the earth. As quoted from, astronomers call the orbit of the moon adjacent to the earth as 'perigee'. Where the distance between the moon and the earth can reach 221,559 miles or about 356,565 kilometers. This will cause the full moon to look 7% larger than usual.

When it reaches full full-moon phase, Wolf Moon will be in the constellation Gemini, roughly along the line between Pollux (Beta Geminorum) and Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis). The moon is so bright that it will make the sky as near the outer space.

Blue Moon & Blood Moon

The second Super Moon will again be present in the western sky of the United States, hawai and eastern asia. Perigee will reach 221,559 miles (356,565 kilometers) on January 30 because its orbit is not perfectly circular (sloping). In this blue moon period, the moon will look 11% larger than usual.

blood moon Full Moon on the night of January 31 will be followed by the appearance of a total lunar eclipse called the blood moon. For those in the western part of the country, the eastern and eastern islands, the opportunity to see the moon turns red as it enters the deepest part of the shadow of the earth during an eclipse. This is quite amazing because this rare phenomenon will adorn the sky on the eve of the new year 2018.

For a more amazing experience when viewing the moon, use tools such as telescopes or advanced cameras that can help us see the colors and light of the moon more clearly and safely.

Reasons Earth Livable to the Present

Researchers have managed to find the relationship between
the mineral content with the support of a planet to life
One of the advantages the Earth than any other planet is capable of supporting life. This is clearly one of the factors that distinguishes the Earth with other planets in the Solar System.

But, you know it turns out one of the factors that made the Earth can support life comes from the minerals in the planet.

Is a pair of researchers from the Geophysical Laboratory at the Carnegie Institution of Washington who submitted the idea. Both managed to find a relationship between the presence of minerals, especially rare earth minerals, on Earth with the ability of the planet to support life.

"Life does not get started without some chemical properties in mineral when the Earth was formed," said Robert Hazen, one of the researchers, as quoted from page Tech Times, Monday (02/15/2016).

He said that the ability of a planet to support life influenced the content of rare minerals in it.

This conclusion is drawn Hazen after managed to find more than 2,250 rare minerals on Earth. According to him, the presence of rare minerals not only sustain life, but also a characteristic of a planet. Therefore, the content of rare minerals can be a 'fingerprint' of each planet.

Hazen also added that the same thing may also apply on other planets. He estimated that the discovery of life on other planets, such as Mercury and Mars, because the planet has only two mineral content simple.

This is also the reason why the exploration on the Moon and Mars did not manage to find something astounding in the field of mineralogy. Therefore, most likely, the two places have no mineral content is unique and rare.

On the other hand, co-Hazen, Jesse Ausubel, said that the presence of the mineral is also associated with diversity of life of a planet. According to him, ecologically poor planet is a planet that has a little mineral content.

In addition to successfully find a correlation between the presence of minerals with a planet's ability to support life. The discovery of a rare mineral may also help to understand more about forming the Earth itself. (Dam / Ysl)

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