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The Importance of Maintaining Sex Life For Marriage to Always Be Happy

For couples who have been married for years, maintaining sex may not be an easy thing. But it is very important to do to maintain the harmonization of your relationship with your partner.

Maintaining an intimate relationship with the partner in question is how to keep doing it even though you really don't want to have sex. That is, you do that only to ensure that you and your partner are sexually satisfied.

This is certainly not easy, because there will be certain moments where one of you is not wanting to have sex. For example, when your partner wants to have sex, all you want to do is relax and watch TV.

At times like that, sex will be a time-consuming annoying thing. Or even vice versa, when you really want to have sex, your partner is too tired or stressed.

Though in marriage or long-term relationships, maintaining a passion for sex for you and your partner is very important to do as a way to maintain harmony in relationships.

Reported by the Bride, here are four things that can convince you that keeping sex still passionate will make your marriage more happy.

1. Mutual understanding

You and your partner certainly have a different love passion. To overcome this, there must be a form of compromise.

Making sex stay awake will help couples better understand their sexual needs. You have to be brave to say the reason if you don't want to do it and also dare to initiate if one day your partner wants sex.

2. You Will Not Regret Doing It

Maintaining the relationship to make love with your partner is done to keep the passion of both fulfilled properly. In marriage, you will not regret making extra efforts to have sex. If you and your partner want to have sex with each other, then believe you will feel better mentally and physically after doing so.

3. Make More Confident

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In a relationship, you must dare to express your intentions and desires, including in terms of making love. Because having sex can also make you and your partner feel wanted by each other. Therefore, sex is one of the main keys to a happy relationship.

Both partners must be willing to be more confident in expressing their desires and trying to meet one another's needs.

Having sex and being committed to continuing to maintain harmony will bring all the changes in life in your relationship and partner.

4. Add intimation

Having sex to orgasm can increase intimacy in a relationship. Orgasm has been proven to be able to release oxytocin, a hormone that will make you feel happy. In addition, sex also helps you feel closer to your partner.

If your sex is not maintained properly, it could be that the harmony of your relationship will not run smoothly.

Therefore, don't skip sex just for reasons that can actually be avoided. Because the more you do it, you and your partner will feel happier.

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5 Ways to make your Couple always feel appreciated

Undergoing a long-term relationship or marriage, sometimes makes people no longer appreciate the presence of such couples in the early introductions. Coupled with a myriad of activities and routines that make the couple is no longer concerned with intimacy and appreciate each other in a relationship.

Although seem trivial, but showed his appreciation for the positive things that made the couple is something that is important to always do. If not, try doing these simple ways to make him feel appreciated

5 Cara membuat pasangan anda selalu merasa dihargai
Illustration couples. © 2015 MBC
Do not forget to say thanks

Just because couples do the same thing for years, does not mean that gratitude should be lost, is not it? Because in fact you would want a couple appreciate everything that has been done.

Therefore, henceforth when the couple just pick you up at the office or bring snacks, do not hesitate to say that you are very appreciative and grateful for all the work done.

Give a little personal space

Everyone sometimes need space to be alone, not to mention your partner. Undergoing a relationship does not mean to be 'glued' continue without having a room to myself.

If you go to the beauty salon without kids, playing video games or watching a football game can make a couple happy, give them time to do the occasional hobby or simply meet with his companions.

Do not underestimate your partner, especially in front of others

Instead of degrading the pair, it is better to discuss any problems with him in private. For complaining about problems with the couple in front of other people will only make him hurt and defensive, plus without giving any settlement.

So whatever you angry with your spouse, make it a habit to have a heart to heart dialogue and find the best solution with the him.

Do the little things that mean

Actions speak louder than words. So every action, even the slightest, is able to make it feel like the luckiest person in the world. Example, make a cup of coffee when you know that last night the couple had to work late, or make a bowl of hot soup and drugs when she was attacked by the flu.

Better still if you can give the couple a bit of a surprise. Buy a gift that you know the couple will surely love, such as a favorite book that has long been sought or take him to a restaurant that has long wanted his visit.

Spend time with Couple

Take the time to someone is a very valuable thing, because time is something that is priceless. Moreover. who would not want to spend time together with loved ones?

Plan a romantic vacation together, where you and your partner can spend some quality time together and reminisce about your first honeymoon trip. Or you can dedicate one day a week for a brief romantic date.

Specials for the Husband, let these Powerful Tips to Play Many Rounds

Illustration of a sexual partner. Shutterstock / Zurijeta

Sexual intercourse arguably become an important seasoning in household life. The reason that sex is not only to satisfy the appetite, but also can make the relationship of husband and wife getting intimate and affectionate. And this is certainly a positive impact for the wedding.

Because of the importance of sexual relationships, both men and women will make every effort to make it memorable. Unfortunately, in the middle of a lifestyle that is not known as it is today, a man's sexual performance may decline. In addition to premature ejaculation, men also feel tired after the first ejaculation. Though the wife usually expect further rounds.

Your own experience the same sexual problems? Well, try the following tips to make your beds relationship can take place many round.

Kegel Exercises
Not only useful for women, Kegel exercises are also beneficial for the sexual life of men. For Kegel exercises will help him to control the muscles of the penis and increase the blood flow in the penis area.

Drinking Juice
Drinking juice especially watermelon juice or pomegranate juice is beneficial to increase the ability of the man on the bed. For both this fruit is helpful to increase blood flow in the penis area.

Do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages
Research has shown that smoking and alcohol can reduce a man's ability to have an erection and performance in bed. Absolute reason is because cigarettes and alcohol contain chemicals that can poison the blood health.

Consumption of foods high in protein
In addition to good sperm cell formation, foods high in protein are also able to increase testosterone that can help men prolong the duration of sexual abilities.

Consumption of garlic and ginger
Although a mouth odor, eating raw garlic and ginger, especially in the morning is good for improving blood circulation is beneficial to support a man's sexual abilities.

Avoid viewed porn
Pornography seemed to be an adult male pastime. Even so, you have to cut because it could affect your ability in bed because of the ability of the brain can be distracted.

Reduce masturbation
Masturbation is also a hobby that is done by men. And you alone have the hobby? Should subtract the sake of the maximum of your ability in bed.

11 Men's More Like It Here This Sentence Than I Love You

For men, it turns out there are happier than the words 'I Love You'. Source:

For those of you who are in a relationship of love, the saying 'men are visual, verbal women are' certainly have never heard of.

Yes, men are visual creatures who tend to be impulsive, while women are verbal creatures who love to analyze things. Men from Mars, women are from Venus. With so many of these differences, I wonder if it pleases men and women need different ways. If you flowery heard the phrase 'I love you', he does not feel the same way when he heard the sentence. Reporting from on Friday (02/09/2016), here are 11 things to a happier man than a sentence of love.

1. Mindfulness

When men see you busy with cell phone dinner time, the brain will instantly interpret that he is not important, as submitted by Mike Dow, a marriage therapist. Male brains are created to do one thing at a time and filter out other things that are not important, while women born for multitasking, or do a few things at a time. Men will feel more appreciated if you focus on him. Without the phrase "I love you", he will feel that he is a priority and be loved by you. Maintain eye contact and reduce nuisance if you are together with your partner.

2. favorite cuisine

How to seize the man's heart is through food. This saying has proven true for many people. When you cook your favorite foods without having to ask the couple, it shows that you know the couple well. Couples who pay attention to the little things have the happiest marriage, according to Mike Dow. However, it could be a couple you love whatever you cook for him.

3. Wear a favorite outfit

When you're wearing a dress the couple's favorite, it shows that you still want to look beautiful in front of him even though it is a long time together. The male brain can be more responsive to the visual stuff. See you in a dress of her favorite shows that you are still interested in the pair.

4. Caring for yourself

Do things to reduce stress, exercising, eating healthy, quitting smoking is probably the way you take care of yourself, but it also shows your partner that you love him. By maintaining the health and appearance, men feel that you want to live a long life with him and will make much of a sense of grief for your loss.

5. Give praise

Since a long time, men have struggled to get and retain women, and they are not afraid to show their masculinity when there is competition. Give praise to the husband to make them look the way they want, such as a strong, macho, sexy, brave, always solve the problem, and the hero in your life. Honest compliments about appearance and strength of the couple made him feel that he admired, and it is the same with the words love.

6. Provide free time

Perhaps you did not trouble to ask the next time you need me time, but men are not always able to convey their needs verbally. There is no harm in encouraging couples to meet his friends, doing his favorite sport, or just for a relaxing day at home. This will make the couple feel that you are giving full support to him, and also the freedom to do whatever he liked.

7. Ask for advice

Men want to feel that he is an important part of your life and being able to solve various problems. Try asking his opinion about the problems in the office, to show that you believe in him and his views are valuable to you. When he was asked to fix something, he will feel competent and capable. Asked for his opinion make the couple feel that he is needed and there is an important place for him in your life.

8. Appreciate the small things

When the couple taking out the garbage or get the kids to school, do not forget to say thank you to show that you appreciate it. When you and your partner are so busy going through every day, a lot of little things that go unnoticed. Men also have feelings, and to say thank you, he will continue to behave and live your relationship with positive energy.

9. warm hugs

Before the couple left for the office, consider swapping kiss the lips with a warm hug. Women prefer to connect through words, but men prefer physical touch. Try cuddling least 7 seconds, and you will find it has gained something, as well as your partner.

10. Quickie

Old sex is fun. But occasionally a brief sexual relationship can be beneficial for you and your partner. If a woman feels loved when cuddling after sex, men feel loved when releasing the hormone dopamine, which is when he reaches satisfaction. Nothing wrong with a quickie you do to increase the sensation of fun in your relationship.

11. Being a good listener

Tension at work and family can be stressful for a man, who can not always be channeled. Create an atmosphere that can make your partner moan to you. Listen to vent couples without trying to fix anything, and he will feel that you do not consider it weak. He will feel comfortable to confide to you, and that you care about him. If the couple home office with a bad mood, you should ask if anyone wanted him to talk about. If no, listen. If not, give it time.

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