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Pilots Disclose the Secrets of How to Survive a Plane Accident

Try to be honest with yourself, when was the last time a traveler paid attention to safety instructions on the plane. Or even always busy listening to the headset?
Illustration of a plane crash (Kiagoos Auliansyah)

Secured on Friday (11/09/2018), as reported by Travel + Leisure, do not heed the safety directives anymore. The latest data on the possibility of a fatal plane crash that can kill you is in the number 1 to 11 million.

Therefore, a traveler must be prepared to face the danger early on. There are a number of actions that passengers can take in critical situations.

The above will be explained by Dave Inch, pilot of a Boeing 787 aircraft. Explanation in an emergency is on the Quora site.

First, you have to make sure that it is ready in the event of an accident by removing all sharp objects from the bag, loosening your belt, and removing any ties or scarves. You also have to remove high heels and glasses if you wear them.

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Furthermore, passengers must know where the nearest exit and emergency exit is, because some doors cannot be used when landing on water. Then count the number of rows of seats to the exit and try to identify any bumps and obstacles on the road, just in case the cabin is filled with smoke.

Do not get up from your seat unless instructed to do so and do not open any doors or windows by force unless instructed by the flight attendant. If smoke appears, a piece of damp cloth will greatly help breathing.

Then, follow the instructions of the flight attendant and work together to get everyone out. Don't waste time taking videos.

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If a traveler still takes video and survives is a cool thing. But imagine if you or someone else died because of the video.

The next instruction is not to develop a float until you exit the plane door. This is important, if you develop it in a plane that has been filled with water, you will be trapped and cannot swim out.

If that happens, remove the float and hold other people when you can get out. Because one life vest can be used by two people.

After getting out of the plane, stay away from smoke and fire. In cases and there are survivors who are following the flight attendant's instructions and not carrying any items that block you.

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28 secret North Korean propaganda sites uncovered to the public

Illustration of North Korea's Kim Jong-un. © REUTERS / Ivan Alvarado

Coincidentally, the North Korean propaganda page open all of their secrets to the public. It certainly makes the public can see clearly life in the closed state.

Sites was leaked to the public at around 10 pm local time yesterday, as reported by Sputnik, Thursday (21/9).

A total of 28 This site was created by the arrangement of the code that is to be updated regularly. Allegedly, there is someone in the state regime of Kim Jong-un who accidentally pressing the wrong propaganda site so they are open to the public.

North Korea is highly restricted access to their propaganda page. Only the North Koreans who use the Internet network state who can access these sites.

Due to the many curious and went to the Pyongyang propaganda site, these pages impaired.

The contents of the websites are largely propaganda is covering the life of Kim Jong-un. Mentioned about two pages are used to peel out the story of the North Korean leader.

Life-his personal life during a visit to the orchard and so on. No wonder if there is a special link titled 'Activities Supreme Leader'.

Not only that, most of the sites also contain about South Korea, contain matters related adverse neighboring country.

One of opinion in news sites Rodong discuss how South Korean President will pay for what he did in the North. Rodong Sinmun also reported drug crime rate continues to grow in South Korea.

Although many sites revealed to the public, these pages do not seem to have a site on the country's weapons technology.

Earlier, North Korea never had a problem with the server in 2014. They accused the United States as the culprit.

Obviously, it was denied by the White House. Dan Holden, from the company's network protection, DDoS Arbir Networks said the US does not engage on a server problem in North Korea.

"I'm pretty sure this is not the act of the US government. Many countries of the world are experiencing the same thing with North Korea, but that certainly is not the act of the US government," he said.

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