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5 Tips for Success of the First Night for Girls or Womens

The first night is the most anticipated thing for every newly married couple. But in fact, not a few women who feel afraid and worried because they think having sex the first time will definitely hurt. In fact, it doesn't have to be that way. Intimate relationships are guaranteed to run smoothly without obstacles if you first read the following tips the first night.

The first night doesn't have to be sick!

The first night doesn't have to be painful, especially until it's bleeding profusely, like many people say. Having sex for the first time may feel a little uncomfortable, causing a tight sensation like a little pressure. However, sex (both the first and the hundredth time) should not cause excessive pain.

Likewise with bleeding. For most women, the first sex may be able to tear the hymen to cause a slight discharge of blood during and after sex. There are also women who don't bleed at all because the membranes aren't torn. Whichever is natural, as long as it does not bleed profusely like during menstruation.

In many cases, pain during sex is a manifestation of the effects of psychological stress due to fear and anxiety facing the first night. If you think about the pain continuously, suggestion of pain will most likely come true.

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You can also feel pain during intercourse the first time if your vagina is not "wet enough" because it is less lubricant. Whether it's from natural vaginal lubricants because it is less aroused or not helped by market sex lubricants.
Tips for the first night to be smooth and romantic without pain

1. To the salon for body care
Towards the wedding day and the first night, it's a good idea to take the time to a salon or other beauty place that provides a package of premarital care from head to toe.

Caring for yourself by doing waxing and scrubs will make the body cleaner, more fragrant, and more maintained. Vaginal hygiene can be one of the factors that arouse your confidence during the first night, you know!

2. Wear sexy lingerie
Tips for this first night are actually not mandatory, but what is wrong, anyway, pamper yourself (and your partner's eyes) with sexy lingerie?

The moment of the first night will certainly be more tempting and unforgettable when you wear lingerie that can make you look different, confident, and feel sexy on the bed

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But remember, don't use lingerie or underwear that is too complicated in design. For example, many knot ornaments use a rope which will actually make it difficult to remove.

3. Prepare the lubricant
If the foreplay is considered not enough to make a woman "wet", it's a good idea to keep ready for a bottle of sex lubricant from the start. Especially if you still feel tense or not relax so that the vagina reluctantly removes its natural lubricating fluid.

There is nothing wrong with using sex lubricants on your first night to smooth the way of penetration. Choose water-based lubricant products that have minimal risk of allergies. Also choose lubricants that are guaranteed to be safe for the vagina.

4. Warming up first

Warming up here means not gymnastic body stretches with neighboring mothers on weekends, you know! (Even though there's nothing wrong, too.)

Heating is meant foreplay before sex to prepare your body to receive penile penetration. Foreplay is the right time to get to know, understand, and love the intricacies of each partner's body, also to learn what each other likes in terms of sexual stimulation.

Foreplay can be started with seduction of rags or naughty words that make couples excited, or can also be through physical intimacy such as hugs, kisses, caresses, bouts, to oral sex.

Foreplay is the best way to make women quickly "wet". It's best to spend 10-15 to warm up on the bed before moving on to the next round. In essence, focus first on intimate moments created specifically for both of you.

5. Find the best position

There are 1001 variations on sex positions that you can try with a partner. But if this is the first time you are both, it never hurts to make love to the most standard position, namely missionaries.

This classic position is done by the way a woman lies on her back by opening her legs and slightly bending her knees, while a man is above a woman.

The missionary position will be more fun if your legs are connected circularly to a man's hip or back so that the penetration is easier to stimulate the clitoris. Not only that. This position is also still possible for both of you to caress each other and explore each other's bodies.

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The Importance of Maintaining Sex Life For Marriage to Always Be Happy

For couples who have been married for years, maintaining sex may not be an easy thing. But it is very important to do to maintain the harmonization of your relationship with your partner.

Maintaining an intimate relationship with the partner in question is how to keep doing it even though you really don't want to have sex. That is, you do that only to ensure that you and your partner are sexually satisfied.

This is certainly not easy, because there will be certain moments where one of you is not wanting to have sex. For example, when your partner wants to have sex, all you want to do is relax and watch TV.

At times like that, sex will be a time-consuming annoying thing. Or even vice versa, when you really want to have sex, your partner is too tired or stressed.

Though in marriage or long-term relationships, maintaining a passion for sex for you and your partner is very important to do as a way to maintain harmony in relationships.

Reported by the Bride, here are four things that can convince you that keeping sex still passionate will make your marriage more happy.

1. Mutual understanding

You and your partner certainly have a different love passion. To overcome this, there must be a form of compromise.

Making sex stay awake will help couples better understand their sexual needs. You have to be brave to say the reason if you don't want to do it and also dare to initiate if one day your partner wants sex.

2. You Will Not Regret Doing It

Maintaining the relationship to make love with your partner is done to keep the passion of both fulfilled properly. In marriage, you will not regret making extra efforts to have sex. If you and your partner want to have sex with each other, then believe you will feel better mentally and physically after doing so.

3. Make More Confident

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In a relationship, you must dare to express your intentions and desires, including in terms of making love. Because having sex can also make you and your partner feel wanted by each other. Therefore, sex is one of the main keys to a happy relationship.

Both partners must be willing to be more confident in expressing their desires and trying to meet one another's needs.

Having sex and being committed to continuing to maintain harmony will bring all the changes in life in your relationship and partner.

4. Add intimation

Having sex to orgasm can increase intimacy in a relationship. Orgasm has been proven to be able to release oxytocin, a hormone that will make you feel happy. In addition, sex also helps you feel closer to your partner.

If your sex is not maintained properly, it could be that the harmony of your relationship will not run smoothly.

Therefore, don't skip sex just for reasons that can actually be avoided. Because the more you do it, you and your partner will feel happier.

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Why Not All Rape Victims Fight Back?

Illustration (Thinkstockphotos)

There are criticisms often addressed to victims of sexual violence: If he does not allow sexual acts, why not fight back, shout, or wriggle as hard as he can?

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Sexual violence experts have long argued that a person who is a victim of an experiment or an act of rape may experience a shock, so that it is difficult for them to fight their attackers.

That opinion is now supported by a recent Swedish study. It is said that victims of sexual violence suffered temporary paralysis called "tonic immobility". Conditions that make them can not fight, or even to shout.

In his research, the team of experts spoke with about 300 women who came to the emergency department in Stockholm about a month after they became victims of rape or attempted rape.

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Nearly 70 percent of victims claimed to have temporary paralysis and 48 percent answered experiencing a more "severe" paralysis or could not move or speak at all during the incident.

The research team also found that women who experience paralysis in times of sexual violence are more at risk of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as depression.

"Tonic immobility during rape is a frequent reaction experienced by victims suffering from PTSD and severe depression," write the investigators.

The results of this study are expected to help the team of lawyers who accompany the victims of rape. If the rapist's lawyer argues that the victim is silent and can not be considered rape, there is now scientific evidence to justify it.

3 Tips To Get Your Wife Fast Climax

Compared to men, women take longer to reach the point of climax.
 But these three tips will shorten your time.
Compared to men, women take longer to reach the point of climax. However, if the male partner is clever in giving a touch in the most sensitive areas - the vagina - of course a long time will be shorter.

Citing The Health Site page, Tuesday (05/16/2017) following tips to trigger the vagina's wife to reach climax in a short time and maximum.

Tips 1
Touch and wheeze right in the outer labia. Make yourself as comfortable as possible until the pussy is warm.

Tips 2
Switch to her clit. Put pressure right on the labia. Repeated gentle movements can give women special satisfaction, even you are also allowed to play pubic hair.

Tips 3
Apply some lubricants to stimulate her clitoris. At this stage the male partner must exert an extra strong pressure for maximum climax.

Climax Love, Love, Sex

This is a risk if one uses condoms

Ilustrasi kondom. (Shutterstock)
Illustration of condom. (Shutterstock)
What is the right way to use a condom? Consider the explanation from health experts.

Condoms are the most effective male contraceptive tool to prevent unwanted pregnancies. But sometimes, these contraceptives fail to prevent pregnancy if they do not understand how to use them.

According to dr. Heru H. Oentoeng, Sp. And, 0.3 percent of condoms fail to prevent one pregnancy, because of the wrong way of using it.

He said condoms should be worn when the penis is erect. Make sure, he said, men use condoms after foreplay.

"The way to install it is also mandatory, hold the tip of the condom so that air does not come in. This is to ensure that condoms do not erupt or leak," Heru told a recent media briefing.

In addition condom storage, he added, should also be considered. Avoid overlapping the condom with other objects, because it can damage the function of condom protection in preventing the semen out.

"Temperature of storage should also be considered, do not put in place of high temperatures because condoms made from latex are easily damaged if exposed to heat," explained Heru.

If you want to use a lubricant, it is advisable to choose a water-based lubricant. Avoid using body lotion or baby oil that can damage the material condom.

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Understanding Male Erection From Youth To Elderly

Ereksi dari berbagai kelompok usia.
Erection of various age groups.
Erection or condition of the penis hardens when aroused often concern men. Erection problems, such as erectile dysfunction or erection hardness reduction, often interfere with man during sex with a partner.

To know more about erection problems, urologist Dr. Andrew Siegel provides exposition about the erection of various age groups.

Dr. Siegel is also Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, USA writes, old age can be a very bad condition for a man to have an erection, as written from Health24, Sunday (03/26/2017).

Erection before puberty

Dr Ferdi Marais, urologist Busamed Private Hospital in Somerset West said, for boys who have not reached puberty but already erection including the fact that common.

This is because the erection goes in the category of psychogenic erections (audio-visual stimuli or fantasies), reflexive (touch stimulation of the penis), and nocturnal (experienced normal erections during sleep).

"Usually two types of reflexive erections and nocturnal seen in children before puberty," says Dr Marais.

Erection 20s

At the age of 20 years, were high-high libido. Therefore, little stimulus alone can be caused erection.

It might even men can suddenly an erection when they do not want to erect. However, the consequences of which could lead to the possibility of risk of premature ejaculation.

Erection 30s

The male sex drive remains strong but not strong enough as a result of what is consumed at the age of 20 years. Men can still get an erection but the quality can not be obtained spontaneously.

Erection 40s

After the age of 40 years, changes in sexual function becomes more apparent. Men can usually get an erection quality was pretty good but at this age, but they require more intense physical stimulation.

Erection 50s

Sex is still considered important but usually reduced sexual desire. At night and morning erections become less frequent.

Erection 60s

Testosterone level has plummeted, leading to the sex drive is reduced. Erections can still be obtained even if takes more effort. Although erectile dysfunction becomes unavoidable condition.

Erection 70s

The quality of male erection feels down after reaching the age of 70 years. Spontaneous erections seldom occur.

However, Dr Ravi Kacker, a urologist at Harvard say, the views erection down after the age of 70 years is a common misconception.

Erection still necessary for man to achieve orgasm. Even a weak penis can be stimulated to orgasm making it possible for men in their 70s to feel sexual intimacy.

Risug, Contraception "Magical" For Men India Creation Scientists

Ilustrasi alat kontrasepsi spiral. (Shutterstock)
Illustration contraception spiral. (Shutterstock)
Professor Sujoy K. Guha from India created RISUG, contraception for men who had passed a successful trial.

Professor Sujoy K. Guha from India could be the most ambitious figure of the concept of contraception for men. It's been 37 years, he is looking forward to his work to be introduced to the world.

In 1979, Guha published a paper in the scientific journal Contraception and make the idea of ​​the creation of drug molecules called RISUG.

The idea is simple, all the particles in RISUG carry an electrical charge and can be tamed by the opposite charge. Sperm can be tamed by the negatively charged positive ions of the polymer drug RISUG. This polymer is incorporated with a single injection into the scrotum.

RISUG itself contains styrene formula Maleic acid anhydride added dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO SMA +).

Contraceptives for men can be said is unusual. Almost all methods of contraception makes women as a target.

Site National Health Service in the United Kingdom concluded there are 16 methods of contraception were registered and 13 of them to women.

Options for men only use condoms, vasectomy and withdrawal (withdrawal).

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In October 2016, then, was widely reported on clinical trials of hormonal contraception for men who are still in development forced dismissed because it has side effects experienced by the test subjects.

Two years ago, Motherboard wonder why RISUG has not been thrown into the market. The average time for a drug that originated from the idea until finally thrown into the market take 10 to 15 years.

RISUG itself has been tested to 282 subjects at ten hospitals, and the result is magical, RISUG show full efficacy without the side effects.

Indian Council of Medical Research in itself is planned to apply formally to drug control organizations in India.

Despite decades of delay, throwing plans to market RISUG not seem to be much longer. Guha claimed to have planned two places in Delhi as a center for the manufacture of RISUG.

"I can not wait for the company any longer. I'm a scientist, not marketing," the Indian man said as quoted from

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Specials for the Husband, let these Powerful Tips to Play Many Rounds

Illustration of a sexual partner. Shutterstock / Zurijeta

Sexual intercourse arguably become an important seasoning in household life. The reason that sex is not only to satisfy the appetite, but also can make the relationship of husband and wife getting intimate and affectionate. And this is certainly a positive impact for the wedding.

Because of the importance of sexual relationships, both men and women will make every effort to make it memorable. Unfortunately, in the middle of a lifestyle that is not known as it is today, a man's sexual performance may decline. In addition to premature ejaculation, men also feel tired after the first ejaculation. Though the wife usually expect further rounds.

Your own experience the same sexual problems? Well, try the following tips to make your beds relationship can take place many round.

Kegel Exercises
Not only useful for women, Kegel exercises are also beneficial for the sexual life of men. For Kegel exercises will help him to control the muscles of the penis and increase the blood flow in the penis area.

Drinking Juice
Drinking juice especially watermelon juice or pomegranate juice is beneficial to increase the ability of the man on the bed. For both this fruit is helpful to increase blood flow in the penis area.

Do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages
Research has shown that smoking and alcohol can reduce a man's ability to have an erection and performance in bed. Absolute reason is because cigarettes and alcohol contain chemicals that can poison the blood health.

Consumption of foods high in protein
In addition to good sperm cell formation, foods high in protein are also able to increase testosterone that can help men prolong the duration of sexual abilities.

Consumption of garlic and ginger
Although a mouth odor, eating raw garlic and ginger, especially in the morning is good for improving blood circulation is beneficial to support a man's sexual abilities.

Avoid viewed porn
Pornography seemed to be an adult male pastime. Even so, you have to cut because it could affect your ability in bed because of the ability of the brain can be distracted.

Reduce masturbation
Masturbation is also a hobby that is done by men. And you alone have the hobby? Should subtract the sake of the maximum of your ability in bed.

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