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YouTube Reportedly Dropped

The YouTube website indicated to be uprooted to date. The Google site page may still be accessible, but some users complain that they cannot play videos.
YouTube application. Photo: detikINET / Irna Prihandini

Users will see an error message when trying to perform various functions on YouTube. Includes login, upload or play content.

Many YouTube users from within and outside the country complain about the fall of these sites on social media such as Twitter. Until now, there is no definite explanation for the cause.

Overseas media has begun to load YouTube uprooted. Media Express in the UK for example, downgrading 'YouTube DOWN - streaming video website not working WORDWIDE'.

The following are some of the complaints made by netizens regarding YouTube's crash:

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Must Know, All About iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

Launch of the trio of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. Photo: Stephen Lam / Reuters
The anticipated iPhone X successor finally arrived. Unmitigated, three new iPhones are offered at once, namely the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

The difference between this new iPhone and its predecessors includes screen size, a faster processor, improvements in the camera sector, and dual SIM functions.

The new iPhone always has a magnet among fans and will always be hunted. Here are some things about the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR that you need to know.

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Different specifications
XS iPhone and XS Max. Photo: Slashgear

The three new iPhones released simultaneously have almost the same main features, but there are a number of differences that can be taken into consideration.

For screen sizes, the iPhone XS is the smallest of the three, XR is in the middle, while the iPhone XS Max, as the name implies, of course, has the biggest screen.

For photography needs, the iPhone XS and XS Max are equipped with a dual rear camera with 12 megapixel resolution and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens. For the needs of selfie photos, immersed 7 megapixel front camera.

While the iPhone XR only has one 12 megapixel rear camera. As compensation for the absence of a second camera, the iPhone XR's back camera uses software to be able to take bokeh pictures.

About the durability, of the three latest iPhone, the iPhone XS Max battery seems to be the most long-lived. But it does need further testing to prove it.

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iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max can be ordered on September 14 and began shipping on September 21 in approximately 30 countries.

These countries are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal , Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and US Virgin Islands.

Then the next XR iPhone can be ordered starting October 19 and is available starting October 26. The target country is growing from the first marketing area of ​​the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

iPhone XR. Photo: Slashgear

iPhone XS and XS Max are available in 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB storage options. The price of the XS iPhone starts from USD 999 or around IDR 14.7 million for 64 GB storage.

While the iPhone XS Max, the price starts from USD 1,099 or around USD 16.2 million with the same storage options.

For the iPhone XR, it is available in 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB storage options starting at USD 749, or around Rp 11 million.

On this iPhone release, for the first time Apple supports dual SIM functions. The three latest iPhones support this function.

For the color choices themselves, there are a number of options offered.

iPhone XS: Gold, silver, space gray
iPhone XR: Blue, coral, yellow, white, black, Project Red
XS iPhone Max: Gold, silver, space gray

Dual Sim Card

Apple confirmed the existence of dual SIM functions for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. One for nano-SIM, and one for e-SIM. For the Chinese market, two slots are provided for physical SIM cards.

This decision turned out to get a negative response from netizens. Many say that if Tim Cook's company is outdated because it has only applied dual SIM now.

There are also those who say if Apple has run out of ideas considering that such technology is not new and they are actually packaging it to look revolutionary.

Apple does not call it a dual SIM. They embed the name DSDS, which is short for Dual SIM, Dual Standby.

Many are lining up

Many smartphone fans want to have the latest iPhone, not just their smartphone capabilities. Because, flagship smartphone means it has also entered the realm of style and prestige.

"The changes may not have significant changes. But fans, if they are tempted by a better camera, better battery, a better screen, dual SIM feature, usually immediately off guard," said Lucky Sebastian gadget observer.

According to Lucky, the iPhone if only seen from the hardware and its components, will be considered very expensive compared to capital. What makes an iPhone expensive is R & D.

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"R & D is expensive. It can make people feel more handsome and cool by using it, this is more immeasurable. It's part of the flagship that is not mentioned in the spec, but fans feel it. Just like the fashion or art industry," Lucky commented.

He praised Apple by mentioning that many smartphone vendors actually wanted to be like Apple, because they controlled the hardware and software lines, and could sell devices with very good margins.

That is why, he is very confident, however, the latest iPhone will always be anticipated and in demand, including the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. "Just look at who is standing in line in Singapore," he said.

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Here's How to Re-Charge the Right Mobile Battery

It can not be avoided if one day the phone battery will be damaged due to age usage. However, users will feel the phone battery more quickly damaged or leaked if not care for it properly.

Because it is recommended for mobile phone users take care of the phone battery, one of them by doing the recharge process correctly. Quoted from the page Popular Mechanics, Friday (6/7/2018), as for how to charge the battery is recommended as follows:

Photos: Internet

1. No while playing the phone

It does not matter if you doze off overnight and leave the battery constantly filled. Therefore, the phone battery and charger is now smart enough to set the power that goes into the device so as not to overdo it. In addition, charging the phone battery overnight is better than charging while playing the phone.

2. Charge the battery whenever there is a chance

Not practical for some users to charge the battery no matter how they can. But according to Battery University, it does not matter if the user striking and unplug several times a day when the phone is charging.

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3. Keep your phone battery cool

What becomes dangerous is not how long the user charges the battery, but the heat felt by the phone battery. Mobile phone batteries, especially smartphones are very sensitive to heat, even the Apple advises its users to release the phone case that can isolate the heat while charging the battery. In addition, the user should protect the phone while in the sun, this will maintain the health of the phone battery.

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5 Android Features, Rarely Known, Anything?

Illustration of Android smartphone. (Doc: Tech Radar)
Android smartphone capabilities undeniably growing and more qualified. Starting from just a communication tool, smartphone now comes with more diverse features.

But not all users know the various features offered by Android smartphone. For that, here are five functions of Android devices are sometimes not known to all users.

Although simple, some of these functions can actually maximize the use of smartphones. So, what are the functions? Here are five hidden features of Android quoted from Android Pit, Saturday (05/01/2017)

1. Run a voice command when the screen is locked

A number of Android smartphones actually have the feature enable voice-based search, even though the state of the screen is locked once. But this function only works on devices that have activated the sound detection system.

To enable it, just open "Google Settings", then select "Search and Google Now". After that select "Voice", continued "Ok Google detection" and activate "Always On". Now you just say "Ok Google" when activating it.

2. Shut down and reset the smartphone remotely

Losing a smartphone is a very annoying thing. Moreover, if it happens because of negligence or criminal acts committed by others.

Fortunately, Google has a feature called Android Device Manager that can be used to remotely control the device. Through this feature, you can remove and even reset the device to factory reset mode to prevent data being misused.

3. Become a compass or barometer

Mobile Application Illustration, Android App, Ponse App, Smartphone App. Credit: Freepik / photoroyalty
The presence of a number of sensors on Android smartphones turned out to function for a variety of functions. You simply install the available apps to take advantage of the functionality.

If interested in utilizing a smartphone as a compass, you simply install an application such as Smart Compass or AndroiTS Compass Free. While the device with a barometer, can use the DashClock Altimeter Barometer to maximize it.

4. Scan documents

No doubt, the scanner machine (scanner) is still quite attractive considering the use of paper is still high. But you know, a smartphone can also be used as a mobile document scanner.

Although the results are not too good, this ability is somewhat helpful for users who often need the scanning process quickly and directly. You simply install an app like CamScanner or Evernote to turn your smartphone into a scanner.

5. Opening Chrome tabs from other devices

Users who frequently perform activities with multiple devices, this feature of Google Chrome will be helpful. The reason is that you can open Chrome tabs from other devices right from your Android smartphone.

But keep in mind, when you take advantage of this feature, accounts that are entered in Chrome must be the same. Later, when you want to open a new tab on your smartphone, tab options coming from other devices will appear.

Watch out, Too Old Pake Smartphone Could Cause 5 About It!

Illustration of a woman using a smartphone. (Shutterstock)
Too often using smartphones could lead to some of these things.

Chat, photos, exist in social media, to play cool games can be done on a smartphone. No wonder if eventually many people are addicted to his smartphone really the same. Especially now that many increasingly sophisticated smartphones.

However, it does not mean you should just indiscriminate use smartphones to forget the time. Because if you use a smartphone can be dangerous over time !

Frequency danger using Smartphone

Weve still smartphone was already tested in such a way to be safe for use. But all that excess is not good, right? Well, if you overuse the smartphone, might be experiencing:

1. The Tense

When fun playing games or chatting, eyes you would not be separated from the smartphone screen. Well, if constantly staring at a smartphone screen in a long time, your eyes will become tired and tense. Could result in diminished visibility you loh!

2. Insomnia

You know, the light from the screen smartphone emit blue light radiation is harmful to the eyes? In addition to making quick eye fatigue, the impact of blue light radiation also makes you so often feel uneasy.

The continued impact of anxiety, it can make you insomnia. Therefore, you should protect your health by not using a smartphone too long at high brightness.

3. Spinal Disorders

You know, the weight of an average human head is 4-5 kg. Well, if you're using a smartphone for a long time with my head down, it will make bones stiff neck and back.

Well, so you're not stiff spine and bent, it is better do not get too down when using a smartphone. And also do not be too long to use his smartphone ya!

4. Aging

In addition to cigarette smoke, dermatologist says that for too long looked down at smartphone also cause premature aging. The reason for this activity will make the skin of the neck, the upper part of the neck and jaw bone has slipped down premature wrinkles appear.

5. Feeling Lonely

Not just a negative impact on the body, too long to use the smartphone can also give a psychological impact. People who are too often immersed in a virtual world of smartphones will be easier to feel lonely.

Why is that? Because of excessive use of smartphones will make you ignore the environment. The impact you could have shunned friends, until finally frequently turned his attention to social media.

Scary, right? So do frequency immersed in a world that is presented smartphone. Use a smartphone as needed to respond to messages, search for information and entertain themselves naturally wrote.

The Latest Battery Technology Claimed Safe and Can Survive Week

Ilustrasi baterai. [Shutterstock]
Illustration batteries. [Shutterstock]
The latest technology batteries that can last one week and claimed to be more secure.

Inventor of lithium-ion batteries in cell phones are now discovering something new. The new solid battery is not only safer than existing batteries.

In addition, the new battery is cheap to make. Interestingly, this battery can hold three times more charge. That is, you can go up to six days to travel without worrying about charging my phone.

Interestingly, although it can last a long time, the charging process takes too much faster to be full, only takes a few minutes.

This new battery technology developed by Professor John B. Goodenough of the University of Texas at Austin. 94-year-old man was thinking, this time background discovery of poor judgment on his first invention.

The new solid battery is also able to withstand more charge cycles than lithium-ion. That is, the battery life will be much longer.

This technology is considered by many parties is ideal for use in electric cars. Fast charging, longer life and greater capacity of up to three times, which theoretically makes electric cars will be better fuel than gasoline-powered cars.

The new battery uses sodium instead of lithium, meaning they are more environmentally friendly and more easily available.

Although it takes time until the battery is brand-new to the market. At least, can be a solution of the case of the explosion of some cell phones from major brands, which comes from the battery. [T3]

6 This Android Secret Codes Mandatory You Go

How to Overcome Mobile Touchscreen Problems (Special)

As you already know, almost all the existing mobile phone has the features or secret code that can be used to access information.

Through a row of code combinations of numbers and asterisks / fence is right, you can see checking the authenticity of an Android phone, audio quality, the quality of the touch screen, and so forth.

A quick, easy, and efficient for you who want to buy a new Android smartphone, or just want to know the performance of the battery and the smartphone's hardware.

Without any great length, the following are secret codes Android which we summarize for you.

1. * # 0 * #

You can test the performance of the display, touch-screen response, the main camera, vibrate mode, speakers, front camera, receiver, and others. Remember, this code only works for Android phones made by Samsung with certain types.

2. * # 06 #

This code you can use to check the IMEI number of your smartphone. The code is very useful when you want to buy a new phone or resale.

3. * # * # 4636 # * # *

This is the code most frequently and commonly used Android smartphone users. With this code, you can bring up some information, ranging from the IMEI number, network status, and much more.

4. * # * # 2664 # * # *

Android touch screen capabilities in trouble? If so then you can use this code to check, and press all sides of a smartphone screen.

5. * # * # 34971539 # * # *

Common knowledge, the camera is one of the most important and most widely used by Android users. With the code above, you can check the quality and condition of the camera phone.

6. * # * # 232 331 # * # *

With this code, you can find the strength of Bluetooth on the smartphone are still functioning properly or not.

For your information, some smartphone vendors have their own secret code to test the capabilities of their hardware. Therefore, do not worry if the above codes do not work.

This refrigerator can be checked its contents remotely use a smartphone

LG Smart InstaView. © 2017 Merdeka

LG introduces its newest innovation LG Smart InstaView at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas, United States. LG Smart InstaView a refrigerator products which have a series of futuristic technology. LG Smart InstaView is the result of collaboration with the Amazon through the Alexa service Voice Service and LG webOS operating system.

"Fridge Door-in-Door will make the owners to enjoy the experience that has never been obtained previously in possession of a refrigerator," said President of LG Home Appliance, and Air Solutions Company, Song Dae-Hyun through its official statement on Wednesday (4/1) ,

Who cares? Fridge is equipped with a series of advanced features that attract one of which the user can check the contents of the fridge just by using the smartphone. Of course, LG Smart InstaView is equipped with Wi-Fi so that it can monitor remotely.
LG Smart InstaView 2017 Merdeka

Users also claimed to be able to view the contents of the fridge from various angles. Because, LG put a 2 MP camera with a wide angle lens in a storage cabin.

"For many families, the kitchen is the busiest place in the house that makes often do not have time to do other things simultaneously. Now the only control through voice and Alexa service, users will be more convenient to do everything in his house," said Mike George, vice President Amazon Alexa.

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