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Pilots Disclose the Secrets of How to Survive a Plane Accident

Try to be honest with yourself, when was the last time a traveler paid attention to safety instructions on the plane. Or even always busy listening to the headset?
Illustration of a plane crash (Kiagoos Auliansyah)

Secured on Friday (11/09/2018), as reported by Travel + Leisure, do not heed the safety directives anymore. The latest data on the possibility of a fatal plane crash that can kill you is in the number 1 to 11 million.

Therefore, a traveler must be prepared to face the danger early on. There are a number of actions that passengers can take in critical situations.

The above will be explained by Dave Inch, pilot of a Boeing 787 aircraft. Explanation in an emergency is on the Quora site.

First, you have to make sure that it is ready in the event of an accident by removing all sharp objects from the bag, loosening your belt, and removing any ties or scarves. You also have to remove high heels and glasses if you wear them.

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Furthermore, passengers must know where the nearest exit and emergency exit is, because some doors cannot be used when landing on water. Then count the number of rows of seats to the exit and try to identify any bumps and obstacles on the road, just in case the cabin is filled with smoke.

Do not get up from your seat unless instructed to do so and do not open any doors or windows by force unless instructed by the flight attendant. If smoke appears, a piece of damp cloth will greatly help breathing.

Then, follow the instructions of the flight attendant and work together to get everyone out. Don't waste time taking videos.

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If a traveler still takes video and survives is a cool thing. But imagine if you or someone else died because of the video.

The next instruction is not to develop a float until you exit the plane door. This is important, if you develop it in a plane that has been filled with water, you will be trapped and cannot swim out.

If that happens, remove the float and hold other people when you can get out. Because one life vest can be used by two people.

After getting out of the plane, stay away from smoke and fire. In cases and there are survivors who are following the flight attendant's instructions and not carrying any items that block you.

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Know How to Get Rid of Mice to Avoid This Disease

When the transition of the season from drought to rain should be aware of various diseases that arise. Either from the condition of the body's resistance to those caused by viruses carried by animals. One of them is a mouse. So we need to know how to get rid of the right mouse.
Photo: Shutterstock
In the rainy season accompanied by flooding, mice will usually come out of their hiding places. The arrival of mice in the rainy season can transmit Japanese encephalitis and leptospirosis.

Leptospirosis or what is known as canicola fever is a disease caused by leptospira bacteria which is spread through rat feces and urine. Leptospira bacteria can live in fresh water for about 1 month. Even leptospira can also survive in moist soil, plants and mud for a long time. These germs can 'swim' in water so that they can infect a human leg that is injured.

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Symptoms of leptospirosis initially resemble flu symptoms, namely high fever, headache, chills, and pain. In the next stage, symptoms include vomiting, jaundice, abdominal pain, diarrhea and rash. Symptoms generally occur for a week. If left untreated, infection can cause kidney, liver damage, meningitis, respiratory problems, and even death.

To prevent the onset of diseases caused by rats, kill mice at home by using traps in the form of mouse glue such as Cap Gajah. This glue has a very sticky and easy to use stickiness level. In addition, Cap Gajah mouse glue is also safe to use because it is non-toxic and odorless.

With Cap Gajah mouse glue, eradicating rats at home becomes easier and more effective because there is no need to use other tools. After getting caught in glue, the mouse can be immediately eradicated! Get promotions the Elephant Cap Mouse Glue by clicking here.

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The Latest Battery Technology Claimed Safe and Can Survive Week

Ilustrasi baterai. [Shutterstock]
Illustration batteries. [Shutterstock]
The latest technology batteries that can last one week and claimed to be more secure.

Inventor of lithium-ion batteries in cell phones are now discovering something new. The new solid battery is not only safer than existing batteries.

In addition, the new battery is cheap to make. Interestingly, this battery can hold three times more charge. That is, you can go up to six days to travel without worrying about charging my phone.

Interestingly, although it can last a long time, the charging process takes too much faster to be full, only takes a few minutes.

This new battery technology developed by Professor John B. Goodenough of the University of Texas at Austin. 94-year-old man was thinking, this time background discovery of poor judgment on his first invention.

The new solid battery is also able to withstand more charge cycles than lithium-ion. That is, the battery life will be much longer.

This technology is considered by many parties is ideal for use in electric cars. Fast charging, longer life and greater capacity of up to three times, which theoretically makes electric cars will be better fuel than gasoline-powered cars.

The new battery uses sodium instead of lithium, meaning they are more environmentally friendly and more easily available.

Although it takes time until the battery is brand-new to the market. At least, can be a solution of the case of the explosion of some cell phones from major brands, which comes from the battery. [T3]

Humans now, could create a Heart in the Lab, Argue with God?

The discovery that using stem cells to create stem cell alias heart, against the power of God ?

Today there are thousands of people in the world who have to live with the imperfect heart as well as the shortage of donor heart to survive. Creating a heart in the laboratory has been a dream for many medical personnel.

The latest news published in the journal Circulation Research mentions that the dream was one step closer to reality. One team of researchers managed to grow or create a human heart in a laboratory by utilizing stem cell alias stem cells.

The main problem in heart transplant, in addition to the lack of donors, is that there is a possibility that the recipient's body rejecting the new organ. Their immune systems would have thought foreign tissue as a threat, and attack and destroy them. The only way to stop this is to suppress the immune system with drugs.

Unfortunately, the only way to succeed in some cases. For the study, 73 human heart which are considered not suitable for transplantation is immersed in a solution.

In a solution that later provoked cells will destroy themselves. Until finally the remaining stem cells, complete with intricate vessels. These cells will be ready to become the foundation for the cells of a new heart.

Stem cells have the ability to become virtually any type of cell in the body, including the bones, nerves, and even the heart muscle. Stem cells are induced in such a way in the lab will grow to resemble real heart. After being given electric shocks, the heart could actually work.

"Among the next steps, we are looking to improve methods to produce heart cells better," said Jacques Guyette, biomedical researchers at the MGH Center of Regenerative Medicine, as quoted from iflscience, Tuesday (03/22/2016).

Although the study is good news for people who are waiting for a donor heart, we need to question again of human existence in the creation of the heart in the laboratory. Are we trying to oppose the existence of God?

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