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This is a Location Map Search for Lion Air JT 610 Aircraft

Search for Lion Air JT 610 aircraft that crashed in Karawang waters continued. The search area is also divided into a number of sectors.

Viewed from photos of Sector Distribution and Allocation of Assets on the Effective Search Search Area from October 30-31 2018 uploaded on Twitter account Head of the Information Data Center and Public Relations of BNPB, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Tuesday (10/30/2018) there 13 sectors are divided for the purpose of searching for the plane.

There are 9 sectors that are occupied by 1 asset each. While the other 4 sectors were filled with ships with sonar equipment such as Pertamina Ship, KR Baruna Jaya, KRI Rigel, and SAR SAR Basudewa.

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In addition, there are also a number of points on the map. Some are marked as green and red.
Map search area Photo: dock. Sutopo BNPB

However, it is not explained in detail the meaning of the color. Then there is also a piece of writing, rescue point 1, and rescue point 2.

There is also another map that is titled search heli area H.2. This map also shows a number of points above the sea marked in blue, green and others.

"The search operation for Lion Air JT-610 aircraft in Karawang waters continues to be carried out by a joint SAR team coordinated by Basarnas. SAR operations are carried out per sector for sea and air operations on 30-31 / 10/2018. Sonar technology is used for aircraft detection on the seabed, "Sutopo wrote.

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Previously, Dirops Search and Aid Basarnas Brigadier General Marshal Bambang Suryo Aji said the search area was determined around 150 nautical miles (NM) square. According to Bambang, the area was determined based on the current calculation. The search for victims who were on the surface and the possibility of being dragged by the current was anticipated.

"We checked the radius around probably between, the area is around 150 nautical miles square," said Director of Search and Basarnas Relief Operations Brig. Gen. (Mar) Bambang Suryo Aji in his office, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Monday (10/29) yesterday.

Lion Air JT 610 crashed in Karawang, West Java, on Monday (10/29) at around 06.33 WIB. The Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft departed from Soekarno-Hatta Airport to Depati Amir Pangkalpinang Airport, Bangka Belitung with 189 people in it.

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Street lights in this city will be replaced with man-made moons

Beijing - China is reportedly in the process of creating an "artificial moon" that is bright enough to replace street lights in Chengdu City located in southwest China in 2020.

The satellite that can emit light is claimed eight times brighter than the original moon, according to state media People's Daily, and is part of China's growing ambitions in space projects.

Chinese scientists plan to send three artificial months into space in the next four years, and the artificial moon is made of materials that reflect light like a mirror - thought to orbit at 500 kilometers above Earth and illuminate areas with diameters of 10 to 80 kilometers.

Wu Chunfeng, chairman of the Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute Corporation, which developed the project, said that the burning satellite would provide "light like at dusk".

"The brightness and timing of satellite services can both be adjusted, and lighting accuracy can be controlled within a tens of meters radius," Wu told state media agencies.

Wu Chengfeng added that three artificial months would operate alternately to significantly reduce the electricity consumption of various infrastructures, especially during the winter.

The light reflecting satellite is designed to complement the moon at night.

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'Who pays for it and what is the purpose?'
Chengdu, China, Light from artificial moon will save millions of dollars in electricity costs every year. (Flickr: DvYang)
Wu said 50 square kilometers of artificial lighting in Chengdu could save around 1.2 billion yuan, equivalent to Rp 2.6 trillion in electricity costs each year.

The artificial moon can also be used to illuminate areas that experience power cuts caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, he said.

In addition to its economic benefits, many comments from residents on China Weibo's social media platform worry about potential negative effects such as how the artificial month will affect sleep patterns and how much money is being sucked to finance the project.

"What's the point of creating an artificial moon that violates the laws of nature?" Shaolin Xu, a famous commentator who has 1.4 million followers on Weibo, said in his account.

"Who paid for it and what was the purpose of the launch?"

"This is definitely a good project to save energy and reduce pollution," another Weibo user commented.

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While the People's Daily quoted Wu as saying the brightness of the artificial moon would be bright enough to replace streetlights, other state-run media, Xinhua, quoted Wu as saying the brightness would only be about one-fifth of street lights.

Xinhua reported that the idea of ​​the man-made moon came from a French artist who imagined hanging a necklace made of mirrors in the sky to illuminate the streets of Paris at night.

Russia tried to launch a "25 meter diameter space mirror" but the project was suspended in 1999.

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Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer, a Disease Founded by Microsoft

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen died at the age of 65. According to information circulating, he died of complications from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also felt a loss and said Allen made an undeniable contribution to Microsoft and technology.
One of Microsoft's founders died. Photo: Getty Images

"As one of the founders of Microsoft, in his own calm and persistent way, he created magical products, experiences and institutions, and by doing so, he changed the world," said Nadella, quoted by CNBC.

Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer is a cancer that starts in white blood cells called lymphocytes which are part of the body's immune system. This type of cancer most often affects adults, but children can also get it.

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Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma usually starts in the lymph nodes or other lymph tissues, but can sometimes affect the skin. This can begin in the lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, thymus, or digestive tract.

This cancer is divided into two types, namely hodgkin's lymphoma and non-hodgkin's lymphoma. Both are different and have very clear differences in healing efforts. Thus reported by the American Cancer Society.

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When the Future There Are No More Traffic Lights

Every year car drivers must spend an average of two days waiting for the red light to turn green. This is one of the factors why car drivers, especially in developed countries such as Indonesia, the United States, China, often experience stress while on the road.

Photo Illustration: Pool (Youtube)

All relevant parties certainly try to reduce this, starting from starting to encourage public transportation, autonomous vehicles, to the most extreme is to eliminate traffic lights.

The idea was expressed by an American manufacturer, Ford through a short duration video, as reported by carscoops (Thursday, 10/11/2018). Quite radical indeed, but Ford said the elimination of traffic lights could be applied in the future when the car was fully connected.

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Ford calls this technology Intersection Priority Management (IMP). If the vehicle is fully connected, the car can 'talk' to each other to coordinate and decide how much speed should be maintained so as not to bump into each other. The IMP will function especially on vehicles approaching the intersection.

Means that later there will be no cars that have to stop so it is very effective to reduce time on the streets due to stop-and-go. In addition, Ford also said this technology could save fuel because the driver was no longer stuck in a red light.

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This pattern also promises to improve safety because almost 60 percent of accidents occur at intersections. This technology is also mentioned by Ford, it does not rule out the possibility of being pinned on autonomous vehicles.

Can you apply it all over the world?

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Facebook Announces New Instagram Boss and the story of pulling back the old boss

A week after Kevin Systrom was left behind and Mike Krieger, CEO and CTO Instagram, Facebook announced Adam Mosseri as the new boss of Instagram.

Previously, rumors of Mosseri as Instagram's new boss had been blowing hard a few days after Systrom and Krieger withdrew.

Mosseri previously held the position of Instagram Head of Product since May 2018. He also previously led the News Feed division on Facebook.

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"We are very pleased to hand over control to a product leader with a strong design background and focus on crafts and simplicity - as well as a strong understanding of the importance of the community," Systrom and Krieger said in a statement. / 10/2018).

Based on the statement of the Instagram spokesman to CNBC, Mosseri will also soon take over the leadership of Instagram.

In his official statement, Mosseri said that he felt excited to welcome his new position.

"I feel humble and excited about the opportunity to lead the Instagram team today," Mosseri said.

Through its official account, Instagram also uploaded photos of Mosseri with Systrom and Krieger. In the caption, Instagram congratulated Mosseri and thanked Systrom and Krieger.

"The new leader, Adam Mosseri, with a design background and love of simplicity and skills - two elements that are essential for Instagram - are now taking control. Congratulations and good luck @mosseri," wrote the caption in the photo.

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Mosseri is a veteran on Facebook. In 2008, he joined as a product designer. He also briefly became the design director for Facebook's mobile app division, before leading the News Feed division.

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The Mercedes-AMG A35 Slowly Appears, Stretch EQ Boost

Although the Mercedes-AMG is considered too late to enter the hot hatchback class, there is absolutely no word "responsibility" when Mercedes-Benz and AMG together form the Mercedes-AMG A45 first. How not, the car used to use a 2,000 cc turbo engine with 380 hp more, which means it is the most powerful 2,000 cc turbo engine in the world. Coupled with a double clutch gearbox and 4-wheel drive, the Mercedes-AMG A45 can make Ferrari 360 Modena old-fashioned when tested.


But along with the emergence of the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz A-Class, it means that the AMG version must be discussed. Mercy later revealed the initial design of the A35 Mercedes-AMG that has been eagerly awaited, but all of us have just been able to see it in full at the Paris Motor Show next month. Photographs published on the official Mercedes-Benz Facebook and Twitter pages appear to display a "peeping" A-Class with the exterior of the Solar Beam Yellow Metallic, the same color as the Mercedes-AMG GT.

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But once again we confirm, this is the Mercedes-AMG A35. Can be read from a photo of a rear view that slightly shows off the emblem. Huh? This is not a Mercedes-AMG A45? Unfortunately not, because the AMG A45 and A45 S are still in the development stage. The Mercedes-AMG A35 is a kind of half-baked AMG that will be faced with another hot hatchback like the Audi S3. It's like the Mercedes-AMG C43 against C63, where one is the half-finished AMG and the other one is real AMG.

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While the Mercedes-AMG A45 and A45 S will get a more exclusive Panamericana style front grille, the Mercedes-AMG A35 can only get the usual AMG Sport grille. Even so, the presence of accessories such as a sporty roof spoiler and a large exhaust (hopefully double exhaust) makes this small car more attractive. The other engines and specs from the Mercedes-AMG A35 have not been officially released yet, but there are rumors that this car will get a 2,000 cc 4-cylinder turbo engine that was previously used on the A45.

Supported by EQ Boost technology, at least the Mercedes-AMG A45 must have more than 300 hp and more than 400 Nm of torque. With the addition of a typical Mercedes dual clutch gear and AWD 4MATIC drive, running from 0 to 100 km / h is completed in 5 seconds, although the edges will be electrically limited at 250 km / h, according to regulations. Just look, if the A35 is like this, it's not like what A45 will look like. What do you think? Convey in the comments column!

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Watch out! There is a "Code Bomb" that can damage the iPhone

For you iPhone and iPad users must now be vigilant. A security researcher has revealed 15 lines of CSS code that can be used to break into iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

This bug does not cause permanent damage, but can be inserted into a website that will damage the iPhone, once you visit it.

Sabri Haddouche revealed his findings through his twitter account. He revealed weaknesses in WebKit's web browsing engine, which Apple had recommended for browsers and applications on the iPhone.

Although this code can be infiltrated on any site, this bug will not allow anyone to be able to access your phone or tablet. As reported by, this bug is not dangerous, just annoying.

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It's called annoying because it can be loaded into a link and sent via email when used to disable your iPhone for a few seconds. In addition, until now there has been no way to prevent it.

For information, Haddouche has a history of finding bugs in software. He claimed to have contacted Apple about his discovery last week.

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Apple has not commented on the findings of this latest bug, but is said to be investigating. The technology giant is likely to be still busy with the global launch of the iPhone XS, but does not want to let this problem be ignored for too long.

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The Story of a Cardboard that Changes the World of Tourism

Who would have thought a cardboard could be a tourism promotion tool, not just 1-2 countries. Here's the story about Google Cardboard.
Photo: Google Cardboard (Gettyimages)

Google Cardboard is a simple cardboard tool created by Google in 2014. Virtual reality tools are synonymous with expensive items, but Google is trying to create cheap goods made from cardboard so that they sell well. the price is only USD 24.

Compiled from various sources, Thursday (08/09/2018) 4 years of the Google Cardboard trip is very interesting. For users and traveling enthusiasts to see various destinations virtually with this tool.

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Travelers and users can assemble their own boxes into VR devices and it would be really exciting to assemble them. Then Google Cardboard can be used to see various things.

The Verge in 2014 wrote that Volvo took Google Cardboard to the Volvo App. USA Today in 2015 wrote the Mattel toy factory as well to follow to develop VR with Google.

Google Cardboard is slowly becoming an effective tourism promotion tool. Bloomberg reported that Thomas Cook travel company developed a 3D travel marketing promotion using Google Cardboard. The videos offered are Pyramids in Egypt, 6 hotel properties and motorbike action in the desert. Exclaimed right?

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Then, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2016 utilizes Google Cardboard so that tourists can enjoy the festival virtually.
In early 2016, Google said it had received orders for 5 million cardboard devices. In 2017 there were already 10 million cardboard glasses ordered by people.

Now, many foreign tourism agencies have used Google Cardboard for tourism promotion media. Viewed detikTravel from its official website, Kangaroo State Tourism Agency, Tourism Australia offers 360 views with Google Cardboard.

Likewise New Caledonia Tourism. They also offer virtual reality tourist destinations relying on Google Cardboard. Who would have thought, a box of cardboard could change the face of world tourism promotion.

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