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Viral on the internet, agree not when the New Avanza is like this?

Many can't wait to wait for the latest generation of the Toyota Avanza. In fact, in recent times there have been quite a lot of images on social media, one of which was posted by an Instagram account @

In that post, the All New Toyota Avanza has blue, yellow, red and silver. The appearance is so different from the previous model where the face and curvature of Avanza are more modern and aggressive. The back also becomes more sturdy.

Photo: Pool (Instagram @

The latest generation Toyota Avanza is being worked on. Executive General Manager of Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) Fransiscus Soerjopranoto also requested that the community be patient to wait for the new Avanza.

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"Every model must have its next generation, we have 24 vehicle models, even the new ones released like Rush yesterday have been thought of as their successors," said some time ago.

Soerjo also did not deny that the Avanza model was quite behind. But in terms of sales, it still remains optimistic. Moreover, now the latest Rush Toyota, so Avanza lovers who want the latest Toyota output family car can move to the SUV.

"Rush first entry is 20-30 percent, if Avanza is 50-60 percent, then the rest is refreshment and additional. Indeed, they have it like that, the person who changes the car, take it Rush, don't take the same model again (Avanza)," he said when in Singapore.

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"Incidentally there is our consumer whose model, coincidentally we are seven seater, yes, if the Avanz can't get out, Suryo, I bought Rush first, but I am Avanza loyalist, if Avanza comes out I buy again, I'm sure the selling price of Rush won't drop much , "Suryo said imitating Avanza users.

"There must be all (Avanza latest models-Red), there must be Vios, Camry, Sienta, just the time is not yet known," he concluded.


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Steady!. Toyota Shows Some Unexpected Future Vehicles

Not to be outdone by other Car Manufacturers, Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), which runs the Toyota brand in the country, also displays some of their products, especially their future products. In addition, the TAM also displayed products sold in Indonesia with an amount of not less than 28 units. TAM also carries "Empowering Mobility, Beyond Possibility" as the theme at this 2018 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS). Let's discuss it further.

Toyota-Astra Motor President Director Yoshihiro Nakata who also attended the press conference at the Toyota booth in GIIAS 2018 said that as one of the players in the Indonesian automotive industry market, this exhibition event like GIIAS 2018 for Toyota has a very important meaning because it can be related directly with the community.

Through GIIAS 2018 this time, Toyota will deliver a message about many things to the public. Not only about products, but also various achievements in the development of automotive technology, as well as future technologies that society needs for a better future, in line with Toyota's spirit.

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PT Toyota-Astra Motor's Vice President Director, Henry Tanoto also said that his party is happy and optimistic, that the current policy being designed by the Government, which is related to the development of electrification vehicles, will provide fresh air to stimulate industry players to develop markets and environmentally friendly vehicle products. in Indonesia.

Well, because of that the TAM also brought some of their future products. In total, there are 6 exhibit vehicles, both the latest vehicles based on electrification technology and 3 future vehicle units, the i-Series Concept consisting of Concept-i, i-Ride and i-Walk and C-HR Hybrid EV, Prius Plug -In Hybrid EV and Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell EV.

The appearance of this exhibit vehicle is Toyota's message that puts forward the concept of developing a vehicle that is not only limited to means of transportation, but also gives freedom and joy to its owner. Well, what is really most interesting is the figure of the Toyota Concept-i who applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to recognize emotions and preferences so that the driver achieves an optimal level of safety and tranquility.

With this capability, Toyota can ensure that the safety and comfort of Toyota Concept-i users can be guaranteed well. Attractive? Of course. Visitors can also see some of Toyota's other technologies such as Hybrid X-Ray; Toyota safety technology through the Toyota Safety Simulator and information on Hybrid EV, Hybrid EV, Battery EV and Fuel Cell EV Plug-In technology through the Interactive Touch Wall.

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PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) Executive General Manager, Fransiscus Soerjopranoto on the same occasion also mentioned that his party hoped that the appearance of this exhibit vehicle could increase socialization and public understanding of the importance of developing environmentally friendly vehicle technology and industry for Indonesia in the future. So, what do you think? Want to see Toyota's future products? Please go to GIIAS 2018.

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Cars Not Using Fuel from Toyota This Makes Jokowi Interested

The Indonesian government is serious enough to develop environmentally friendly cars. Rows of environmentally friendly cars from various brands were also held at the 2018 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) exhibition.

For example Toyota. Toyota exhibited Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) through Toyota C-HR, Prius Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) and the latest one was Toyota Mirai with Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) technology or hydrogen fueled.

Toyota Mirai

Apparently one of Toyota's environmentally friendly cars attracted the attention of President Joko Widodo. The car is a hydrogen-powered Mirai.

"Pak Jokowi, when he passes by the side, is very interested in FCEV or Mirai technology, Mirai means the future," said PT Toyota Astra Motor Executive General Manager Fransiscus Soerjopranoto at ICE BSD Tangerang

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Toyota FCV Concept

Toyota deliberately showed off its environmentally friendly cars to answer the government's wishes.

"So that's why it is very reasonable for Mr. Jokowi to stop by our booth because he is very interested in Mirai because the fuel is hydrogen," explained Soerjo.

Environmentally friendly cars are indeed a lot of variety. Some are electrically powered, hybrid to hydrogen. Besides being environmentally friendly the cars are also claimed to be fuel efficient.

The Toyota Mirai drive engine is a Fuel Cell Sytem which is a combination of fuel cell and hybrid technology which is proven to be more efficient. Using hydrogen fuel, Mirai is truly environmentally friendly because Mirai does not produce CO2 or zero carbon emission at all.

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Just like other Toyota vehicles, Mirai is also designed as a comfortable and safe vehicle. The aerodynamic exterior design and combined with the FCHV drive make this car smoother than conventional technology vehicles.

Tests conducted by Toyota Motor Corporation, Mirai with a length of 4,890 mm and width of 1,815 mm have a cruising power of 650-700 Km for one time refueling. Refueling also does not take long, only about 3-5 minutes to reach the full tank.

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Toyota Crown 2018, Sedan Minister, Fabulous and Dusted Digital Technology

Included in one of Toyota's luxury sedan lines, Toyota Crown here succeeded in creating the image of luxury sedan used by ministers. Crown itself has scored many generations, and now we see this is the 15th generation Toyota Crown. Honestly, this Crown's looks are pretty great for an official car, though we're not too surprised because there's already a Toyota Crown Athlete whose face is great too.

Like the tradition of the Toyota Crown, the logo in front of the car is not an ordinary Toyota logo, but a crown logo. Toyota Crown chassis is already using TNGA, and suspension rely on multi-link suspension on all four wheels. No half-hearted, Toyota until willing to test this car at the Nurburgring before the official launch. Which minister who wants to speed up in Nurburging wearing Toyota Crown?

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Maybe it's because now there are variants of Toyota Crown RS is more sporty. Crown RS will get extra intelligence like front stabilizer, new damper, 18 inch rim and rear spoiler. Crown RS variant is available in all Crown engine options, even for Crown RS engine 2.000 cc turbo will be reinforced back and rear damper sport for the sake of better handling. Looks like all car brands like the name "RS" yes for the variant sporty.

Toyota Crown 2018 interior is not far from the impression of simple, clean and elegant. Like the new Audi A8 and A7, Toyota paired 2 screens in the center of Crown, and this is just for Toyota itself. The upper screen stands upright like a tablet PC to run all the digital features of the car, while the middle to control the basic functions of the car such as air conditioning, heating upholstery, hybrid car system management and others.

Toyota Crown byToyota as their first car connected car status, and it is available in all variants ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. All models already have data communication module as standard, offering 24/7 connectivity services that focus on safety, security, and convenience based on real-time driving data. Like other cars, Toyota Crown has a lot of driving modes, but there is a special "Custom" mode for Crown RS.

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To the rear cabin, luxurious as it should a Crown, and the room also looks spacious. Like Alphard and Vellfire, there is a handle grip to help facilitate access in and out of rear passengers. Ventilation special rear passenger air conditioning was ready, but somehow it seems there is no air conditioning control for rear passengers. Perhaps it is easier to ask the driver just to make such a thing.

There are 3 types of engine choices for Toyota Crown from Japan. The bottom choice is a 2,000 cc 4-cylinder turbo engine powered 241 hp and 350 Nm of torque, but for this 2,000 cc engine there is no hybrid option. New to the middle option, we can see the Crown hybrid engine with 2,500 cc 4-cylinder Dynamic Force, assisted by an electric motor to provide power of 222 hp.

The large-engined Toyota Crown carries a 3,500cc V6 unit mated to an electric motor to produce a combined 354 hp power. Using 8 speed auto gearbox, Toyota Crown with turbo engine and 2,500 ccc Dynamic Force hybrid can be selected with 2 types of drive, ie RWD or AWD. Special variant V6 hybrid, Toyota Crown is only available with RWD drive only.

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Toyota Crown is expected to sell as many as 4,500 units per month when the car is officially sold this weekend. Price affairs, Toyota Crown priced starting at 4.6 million yen or approximately 600 million rupiah. Well, just wait whether the officials or ministers in Indonesia interest with the new Toyota Crown, or perhaps businessmen and successful businessmen interested in this car.

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Toyota Sora Hydrogen Bus Starts Producing, Preparing For the 2020 Olympics

When visited the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, we were introduced to the figure of the hydrogen engined concept bus. Yes, the bus is a Toyota Sora that is prepared for soon ware-wiri for the sake of serving and supporting the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Bus technology similar to Toyota Mirai has officially started production and sales in Japan.

Since this bus and can be expected to make public transportation, it means will be produced in large quantities dong? Well, about that, Toyota already said that they will only distribute about 100 units of Sora just for the Tokyo area. Of course for the sake of the Olympics. This bus has a length of 10.5 meters and can accommodate 79 people, consisting of 22 people sitting, 56 people standing and 1 person bus driver.

Toyota Sora uses two stacks of hydrogen fuel cell aka Fuel Cell Stacks, each of which has a magnitude of 114 kW. They are ready to deliver electrical power for both AC-type electric motors that are synchronous, aka sync with each other and the power is 113 kW for each motor. Toyota Sora also has a small drive battery unit that relies on NiMH batteries are classified as old school.

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Toyota Sora has 10 hydrogen tanks with a combined capacity of 600 liters, with a pressure of about 70 Mpa. Toyota claims, the total mileage is not inferior to the usual diesel bus. Sora also has an interesting emergency feature, which is an external power supply. Thus, there is a special inverter connected to the vehicle through CHAdeMO, which is capable of providing up to 9 kW of additional power.

Actually, the external power supply can provide power up to 235 kWh, but it depends on usage only. Although it sounds like the idea of ​​a foreign-foreign hydrogen bus is very much for a country of Japanese caliber, Toyota itself has not commented about Sora's plan to become a regular bus. Well, if in Indonesia, may be the electric car brand Mobil Anak Bangsa (MAB) we ever discussed can imitate the steps of Toyota.

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This is the figure of Toyota C-HR Thailand Full Accessories

The emergence of a new car is usually followed by several support accessories that are sold separately. This is normal, because usually these accessories can support the look of the car, to look a little 'different', although basically the konsumes, who they are, can also buy the same accessories that we buy.This is normal, because usually these accessories can support the look of the car, to look a little 'different', although basically the consumers, who they are, can also buy the same accessories that we buy.

Well, talking accessories, as we know, Toyota C-HR is being prepared for the Thai market, even it's just a matter of time for release only. And like most new cars, Toyota C-HR in Thailand will also carry some OEM accessories provided exclusively by Toyota. Well, what does it look like? Like the picture we attached.

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In general, the look of the Toyota C-HR is full of these accessories feels quite exterior overkill, the impression is so crowded especially for alloy wheels and additional patches on the fenders. But can not be fooled, in addition to two aspects of it, the installation of OEM accessories to Toyota C-HR this fall even make this car cool.

Yep, a blend of white, black and red seems to fit for a crossover of Toyota C-HR. Let's examine one by one what accessories are visible in this photo.

First, there is a sticker on top of his bonnet, followed by a red front bumper red, and a garnish under the corner sensor which is also whitewashed red. Moved to the side, we saw a red-covered rearview mirror and side body molding which also has a similar color accent looks okay, it's just red - red in Velg? Big No.

Well, if the business appear behind, it seems to be debatable. The rear side still continues the red accent d luggage lips and around the rear reflector, but the shape of the new rear bumper seems to be someone who likes, or even hate it.

Oiya, if you are observant, cover number plate from Toyota C-HR is also OEM accessories you know, there is red - red too.

Well, the red color that dominates the accessories component is not the only option, because there is a silver color scheme for certain accessories such as wheels, garnish on the front bumper, and on the side body molding.

Okay, we get to the inside. In the interior, Toyota C-HR will get some accessories, such as leather upholstery option, child seat complete with holder, mini fridge, basic carpet, additional compartments such as box, dashcam, a number of cargo net, LED lights for interior, the unthinkable thing such as mounting tablet for second row, pillow, and also tissue box, but OEM.

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In general, consumers of Toyota C-HR Thailand can choose to add what accessories will be paired in the car.

In fact, some components managed to boost the look of Toyota C-HR is in our opinion, but there are still some components that apparently do not need to be installed.

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Leaked Mazda 3 2019, Full LCD Instrument!

Although yesterday the new Mazda 3 introduced again in Indonesia through the variant Mazda 3 Speed, overseas Mazda 3 will be able to a new generation that is in the development period.

What is certain to change is the engine, will use a new SkyActiv-X engine that does not use spark plugs like a gasoline engine in general. Apart from that, Mazda 3 design preview has been represented by the Mazda KAI concept.

So what's new in Mazda 3 2019? Well, the leaked images from PCAuto who got the picture in China this seems to be a little explain.

There are photographs featuring an instrument panel inside the car cabin that is similar to the steering wheel of Mazda cars, and apparently the car that claimed as Mazda 3 2019 is already using the instrument panel full LCD! Wow, it's okay.

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But okay, actually the full instrument panel LCD is not a new thing, even for a non-premium car class.

Renault Koleos spek Indonesia alone is full LCD, just unfortunately the car is scarce on the streets. Back to Mazda 3 2019, there are several display options that we can see.

The first mode features a large tachometer and a digital speedometer in the center, where at a glance similar to the Lexus LFA, Audi TT, Audi R8 or Audi RS5.
The second mode will feature a separate speedometer and tachometer, with needle animations for both and a digital number in the middle of both circles. Really be the BMW of Japan yes this Mazda, even the instrument panel was somewhat similar. Unfortunately, it is not known whether it supports multimedia functions such as Virtual Cockpit Audi sophisticated or not, but yes it is also very good.

In addition to impressive sophisticated, LCD instrument panel can make the car seem more premium.

We hope that the fate of Mazda 3 good in Indonesia and the next generation can be presented, features such as full LCD panel Instrument also qualified here, considering that Mazda is not a stingy manufacturer features.

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Toyota Gazoo Supra Will Be Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show 2018

Still sitting here and waiting for the sun to shine on the appearance of Toyota Supra 2018? Be patient, because slowly for sure one by one blankets covering all things about Supra began to unfold. According to AutoExpress, Toyota Supra will appear at Geneva Motor Show 2018 which will start opening the exhibition on March 6, 2018. Wow, sooner or later?

Another thing they know about is the new Supra (Supra's name is still not final, only spontaneous mention) will not be sold under the Toyota brand. According to Shigeki Tomoyama as president of Gazoo Racing, the new Supra will be sold under the Gazoo brand. "Supra will be Gazoo, really," he explained. Oh, how, yes, this mouth is still unusual to say Gazoo Supra, usually Toyota Supra.

But if it's going to be fair, there must have been a pro-cons when Toyota Celica Supra was decided to separate the name and become the model each, where Toyota Celica was a small coupe and Toyota Supra became a big GT. Next, Toyota Gazoo Supra will be available in 4 levels of engine setting, varying levels of power, suspension and fixtures. Many yes? Nissan GT-R and Honda NSX alone do not worry about the number of variants.

The cheapest type is supposed to be named Supra, whose medium is to use additional name so Supra GR, on it again Supra GR Sports, and the most expensive is Supra GRMN. Toyota Gazoo Supra will appear as a 2-door coupe, allowing the new BMW Z4 to be his brother to take over the look of the open roof of the convertible alias. According to Tomoyama, the new Toyota Gazoo Supra should have a charm to lure its fans, especially Toyota Supra owners last JZA80 coded.

The target is high, but we believe this can be achieved if the intention of Toyota when making the new Supra is as big as they make the last Supra. "This new car should be attractive to Supra's owners first. The old Toyota Supra has 6-cylinder engine in line with twin turbo and rear wheel drive. Well, this new car should have the same philosophy, "he explained.

It may refer to a new 6-cylinder engine with a power of 335 hp, but there will be a choice of 4-cylinder engine with a power of about 250 hp. Hm, small, yes, that's just a difference of 30-70 hp compared to Toyota Supra JZA80 with 2JZ-GTE engine. Yes, no matter what the result, we can just wait. On March 6, 2018, it is not long before today. What is your opinion? Say it in the comments field!

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