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Pilots Disclose the Secrets of How to Survive a Plane Accident

Try to be honest with yourself, when was the last time a traveler paid attention to safety instructions on the plane. Or even always busy listening to the headset?
Illustration of a plane crash (Kiagoos Auliansyah)

Secured on Friday (11/09/2018), as reported by Travel + Leisure, do not heed the safety directives anymore. The latest data on the possibility of a fatal plane crash that can kill you is in the number 1 to 11 million.

Therefore, a traveler must be prepared to face the danger early on. There are a number of actions that passengers can take in critical situations.

The above will be explained by Dave Inch, pilot of a Boeing 787 aircraft. Explanation in an emergency is on the Quora site.

First, you have to make sure that it is ready in the event of an accident by removing all sharp objects from the bag, loosening your belt, and removing any ties or scarves. You also have to remove high heels and glasses if you wear them.

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Furthermore, passengers must know where the nearest exit and emergency exit is, because some doors cannot be used when landing on water. Then count the number of rows of seats to the exit and try to identify any bumps and obstacles on the road, just in case the cabin is filled with smoke.

Do not get up from your seat unless instructed to do so and do not open any doors or windows by force unless instructed by the flight attendant. If smoke appears, a piece of damp cloth will greatly help breathing.

Then, follow the instructions of the flight attendant and work together to get everyone out. Don't waste time taking videos.

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If a traveler still takes video and survives is a cool thing. But imagine if you or someone else died because of the video.

The next instruction is not to develop a float until you exit the plane door. This is important, if you develop it in a plane that has been filled with water, you will be trapped and cannot swim out.

If that happens, remove the float and hold other people when you can get out. Because one life vest can be used by two people.

After getting out of the plane, stay away from smoke and fire. In cases and there are survivors who are following the flight attendant's instructions and not carrying any items that block you.

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The Story of a Cardboard that Changes the World of Tourism

Who would have thought a cardboard could be a tourism promotion tool, not just 1-2 countries. Here's the story about Google Cardboard.
Photo: Google Cardboard (Gettyimages)

Google Cardboard is a simple cardboard tool created by Google in 2014. Virtual reality tools are synonymous with expensive items, but Google is trying to create cheap goods made from cardboard so that they sell well. the price is only USD 24.

Compiled from various sources, Thursday (08/09/2018) 4 years of the Google Cardboard trip is very interesting. For users and traveling enthusiasts to see various destinations virtually with this tool.

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Travelers and users can assemble their own boxes into VR devices and it would be really exciting to assemble them. Then Google Cardboard can be used to see various things.

The Verge in 2014 wrote that Volvo took Google Cardboard to the Volvo App. USA Today in 2015 wrote the Mattel toy factory as well to follow to develop VR with Google.

Google Cardboard is slowly becoming an effective tourism promotion tool. Bloomberg reported that Thomas Cook travel company developed a 3D travel marketing promotion using Google Cardboard. The videos offered are Pyramids in Egypt, 6 hotel properties and motorbike action in the desert. Exclaimed right?

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Then, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2016 utilizes Google Cardboard so that tourists can enjoy the festival virtually.
In early 2016, Google said it had received orders for 5 million cardboard devices. In 2017 there were already 10 million cardboard glasses ordered by people.

Now, many foreign tourism agencies have used Google Cardboard for tourism promotion media. Viewed detikTravel from its official website, Kangaroo State Tourism Agency, Tourism Australia offers 360 views with Google Cardboard.

Likewise New Caledonia Tourism. They also offer virtual reality tourist destinations relying on Google Cardboard. Who would have thought, a box of cardboard could change the face of world tourism promotion.

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Safety Tips For Girls Want Traveling

The incidents of tourist rape in Labuan Bajo are of course everyone's concern. Women who travel, let alone alone, must remember the tips of travel security.

Now again the news of foreign tourists from France and Italy who became victims of rape in Labuan Bajo. The case was immediately addressed by local authorities. NTT Provincial Government ensures Labuan Bajo is safe to visit.

Actually there is no harm in a woman traveler doing solo traveling. But because of the departure alone, of course there are various things that must be prepared. In contrast to traveling with friends.

Starting from choosing safe destinations, to avoid lonely places, there are various solo travel tips that can be tried to reduce the possibility of things that are not desired. Summarized updetails, following 7 tips for safe traveling for women:

1. Find location information

Choose a destination within or outside the country that is safe. A number of agencies and online sites have surveyed anywhere safe destinations for the female traveler. The assessment must include how the crime rate is there. Whether the incidence of robbery, murder or rape is high, or including low.

For such information a traveler can look for it via the internet, on sites that are trusted. After determining the destination, it's time to find all the detailed information related to tourism, such as what the tourist object, local culture, modes of transportation, lodging, until the local culinary.

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2. Invite a friend

Well even when leaving from home to the holiday alone, it does not mean the journey you continue to be alone. Find friends from the different areas you meet. Who knows you guys aim to come to the same tourist attraction.

So the traveler will be safer in the tour, as well as get many new friends. It's even better when you leave there is a friend, so you are not alone.

Go to various attractions at least two. So it is easy also if there is an unexpected event and need help.

3. Be careful with new people

When making new friends, it could not hurt to put a little suspicion on people who behave well. It is not possible there is a certain intent behind his good behavior. Stay good in front of new acquaintances, but still be vigilant and do not necessarily give full trust. This is to avoid the possibility of them committing a crime.

4. Choose a licensed tour guide

When the streets are more fun if accompanied by a tour guide. Well, should the traveler be more selective in choosing this tour guide. If anyone offers to guide the trip, check with your credentials first.

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It is good to check first, whether he is part of a particular travel agent. If necessary ask for proof that he is an official tour guide, for example by showing a tour guide certificate that can also be a card. If it is suspicious, refuse it subtly and look for another tour guide that is more convincing.

5. Do not come to a quiet place

If the tourist object or restaurant you want to come look quiet, you should delay the visit there. Try to find information at what time the place will usually be crowded. Or invite new friends that you know when traveling. Traveling busy to a place that feels quiet will be safer.

6. Avoid night trips

Traveling it will be safer when the day is still bright, from morning to evening. At nightfall, to be safer should stay at the inn. Especially if the area is relatively quiet at night and away from the city crowd. If you have to go at night, ask to be accompanied by a trusted person.

7. Ready with communication tool

Bring enough stuff. Mobile phone, charger and powerbank if necessary always taken. So, if anything happens and need anything can directly contact the authorities and the embassy.

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Supreme Court Supports Trump's 'Travel Ban' Targeting Muslim Countries

WASHINGTON - The US Supreme Court backs President Donald Trump's policy on travel ban targeting Muslim-majority countries. The supreme court rejected the argument that the policy was discriminatory in the name of religion.
The citizens of the United States while protesting President Donald Trump's travel policy targets migrants from Muslim-majority countries. Photo / REUTERS / Steve Dipaola

The Supreme Court ruling came out on Tuesday US time after five conservative judges supported Trump, while four liberal judges were opposed. This decision also ended the fierce battle in the lower court between supporters and opponents of immigration and national security policies related to travel ban.

The policy has sparked public criticism for being discriminated against the Muslim community. The travel ban includes a ban on entry of immigrants from Muslim-majority countries of the Middle East and Africa, namely Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

Trump claims the entry ban for immigrants from the five countries to protect the US from militant attacks.

The Supreme Court ruling has been criticized by civil rights groups and US Democrats. They staged a protest outside the courthouse.

The highest court ruling comes at a time when Trump's immigration policy on crackdown on illegal immigrants is under scrutiny. The Trump Government has enforced the practice of separating illegal immigrant families across the US-Mexico border. However, the practice was terminated after being opposed by many parties, including from the Trump family itself.

In remarks at the White House, Trump praised the Supreme Court ruling as "a tremendous victory for the people and the US constitution."

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"We have to be tough, and we have to be safe, and we must be assured, at least, we have to make sure we check out people who come to this country," said Trump President, quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (27/06/2018).

Senator Bob Menendez of the Democratic Party criticized the Supreme Court ruling. "Despite the verdict out today, (we) reject violent and terrible persecution (on immigrants) who flee or discriminate against people based on nationality and religion, being not American as usual," he said.

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts said the Trump government had established a justification for national security.

The verdict underscores the widespread presidential policy of who is allowed into the United States. The ruling made Trump potentially add more countries to the list of travel tires.

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Get to know Mauritius, the Vacation Venue of World Celebrities

Photo: Mauritius Island (Mauritius Attractions)
Port Louis - Not just Maldives or Caribbean, but the world's artist vacation spot is Mauritius Island. This island, the scenery is amazing.

Mauritius is a country located in the southwest of the Indian Ocean. Precisely, east of Madagascar, about 900 kilometers away. Quoted from various sources, Friday (12/1/2017), Mauritius Island also became one part of the Mascarene Islands and Reunion Island.

In terms of tourism, Mauritius Island offers beautiful natural beauty of the sea and beaches. With an area of ​​about 2,000 square kilometers, Mauritius Island offers a wide range of attractions. Luxury resorts are lined up here.

Call it Four Seasons, Hilton, and The Westin who have a resort with five-star offerings. Resorts with beachfront sale value are also scattered on Mauritius Island.
One corner of Mauritius Island (Tourism Mauritius)
In addition, there are also two recognized UNESCO cultural sites on Mauritius Island. There is Aaapravasi Ghat, which was once an immigration office in the 1800s. While Le Morne Cultural Landscape is a peninsula located in the southern part of Maritius.

Starting from playing on the beach, watersport, golf, to trekking can be done here. Oh yes, here too there is a phenomenon that could make a commotion a few years ago, ie there is a beach that jutted into, like forming a cliff and looks like a plunge. In fact, it is the real illusion of the eye that the sand is drifting into the open seas.
Golf Course in Mauritius (Facebook / Mauritius Tourism)
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The majority of Mauritius's population comes from ethnic Indians. The rest, is Creole or mixed with Africa. Likewise the culinary that is widely served there, mixed between India, China, Europe and Creole.

Despite being one of the top international artist destinations, Mauritius is not entirely expensive compared to the Maldives or Seychelles. There are several budget hotels that can be selected starting from Rp 1 million. However, of course to try various attractions required additional cost.

If you want to try to Mauritius Island, traveler can board the plane with various airline plihan. Travelers should head to several countries such as Singapore, Malaysia or Dubai using various airline options such as Malaysia Airlines, Garuda Indonesia or Jetstar. Then, continue your flight using Air Mauritius to the island of mauritius. For the price, it ranges from IDR 10-18 million for economy class.

Learn from the Seychelles of Inter-island Travel Problems

Catamaran passenger type ship in Seychelles (Fitraya)
Victoria - Seychelles is an island nation in Africa that relies on tourism. Inter-island transport is thought seriously and can be emulated by islands in Indonesia.

Seychelles has only 100 thousand inhabitants and 115 islands, this is not a big country. But the tropical islands became a popular tourist destination for European tourists. There is a white sandy beach and a beautiful blue sea.

But to reach the tourist islands, of course need adequate transportation for foreign tourists. invited Seychelles Tourism Board and Seychelles Embassy Jakarta for island hopping, from Mahe Island, to La Digue Island, Praslin Island and back to Mahe Island.

From Mahe Island to La Digue Island, I boarded a Coco Cat boat. This is a ferry passenger model catamaran alias double keel. The ship looks new, modern and can go up to 25 knots. Very tight.

Passenger deck there 3. The topmost open to enjoy the scenery. Many honeymooners enjoy romantic moments on this boat. Monitoring, this ship is the majority of tourists.

I transit the ship in Praslin and change smaller vessels to La Digue. At the Praslin and La Digue docks seemed a lot of tourists. They lined up to board the ship to various destinations.
The dock on La Digue Island, small but neat (Fitraya)
Returning from Praslin to Mahe, I boarded a Twin Otter airplane belonging to Air Seychelles. The ship is small, the capacity of passengers is about 20 people. My bag hugs because there is not enough space under the chair.

Flying about 20 minutes, I was back to Mahe Island. When comparing domestic flights with small aircraft in the Seychelles and eastern Indonesia, more or less the same.

But for inter-island boat ships with catamarans, maybe we need to learn. We have some kind of speed boat and it is not exactly the same. The difference is, Seychelles preparing all the ships for tourists to ride as well, not just locals. also talked with the Special Envoy of President of Seychelles for ASEAN, Nico Barito. According to him Indonesia and Seychelles are both archipelagic countries, but there is a difference for sea transportation starting from the dermage.

"In Indonesia, every tourist attraction has no central dock except in big city, my experience to Nias and Derawan, dock facility is not enough," said Nico.

In some destinations, the tour operators create their own docks that ultimately ruin the landscape. Learning from the Seychelles, every island tourist destination should have a centralized dock and clean and comfortable facilities for tourists.
Pioneer aircraft on Praslin Island (Fitraya)
"Must make a centralized dock, the correct ticketing system and think about shipping insurance," he explained.

According to him, the majority of inter-island ferry ships in the Seychelles are run by the government. Foreign tourists do pay more than local residents. While the private sector managing yachts for tourists who vacation luxury.

As for pioneer flights, according to Nico only a few islands with consideration of population. Domestic aircraft are available on Mahe Island (Mahe International Airport), Praslin, Dennis, Bird and Aldebra.

"It's relative because there are not too many islands inhabited, but Air Seychelles airlines serve international routes as well from Mahe Island," Nico explained.

According to Nico, although Seychelles is a small country, they are confident to build good inter-island transport to support tourism. Indonesia according to him already has a good natural marine capital, live access is improved, tourists will definitely come there.

"The small islands of Indonesia can learn from the Seychelles to manage the economy (tourism-ed) well.Our sea is equally good," he concluded.

Beautiful Waterfalls Hidden in Pemalang

The sweeping view of Bengkawah
Who would have thought in Pemalang hidden beautiful waterfalls that will make the traveler stunned. Prove yourself by visiting Curug Bengkawah this weekend.

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About 45 minutes drive south from Pemalang City there is an area called Randudongkal. The location is located around the foot of Mount Slamet has a cool and beautiful atmosphere.

Looking from Near Curug Bengkawah
There are many natural spots that are still hidden, one of which is Curug Bengkawah. Curug is still very beautiful because access to the curug is pretty hard so not many know.

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Curug has not been managed properly, road access is still minimal and can only be passed by motorcycle. Guard and monitoring posts were not there so it is very vulnerable for visitors to the occurrence of accidents.

Cool water Curug Bengkawah
This has happened several times since the strong currents and deep waterfalls are already quite a lot of victims of drowning. There was only one resident on guard in the parking lot. Residents were also reminded visitors not to swim in the middle.

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After parking the vehicle, we will walk through the barbecue around 5 minutes. The first time we arrive at the location the atmosphere is so cool and mystical impression let alone there is a big tree around the waterfall.

Silent Curved Waterfall
However, the beauty presented Curug Bengkawah is very beautiful and able to eliminate all the fatigue during the trip. The stream of heavy water and its large size reminds us of Niagara Falls in the mini version.

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Rice fields to Curug Bengkawah
Around the waterfall there is enough land space and can to build a tent. The atmosphere is quiet makes Curug Bengkawah an attractive destination for lovers of silence.

How to Holiday to Tokyo? Try this delicious Halal Ramen at these 5 Restaurants

Photo: iStock
Tokyo offers a lot of good culinary. For Muslims, now more diverse choices of halal food. Includes popular ramen.

Japan is increasingly concerned with the needs of Muslim tourists. Especially halal food. There are more and more restaurants offering halal Japanese menu. Likewise with the usual ramen identical to the use of pigs.

If planning a holiday to Tokyo, this restaurant can be tried to enjoy a bowl of halal ramen.

1. Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka

Photo: Special
Since 2015 there is Ramen Ouka open in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The halal-certified restaurant of the Otsuka Mosque uses halal ingredients and does not offer alcohol.

For ramennya, the restaurant uses a fragrant sea bream fish. Coherently mixed with its own production noodles and soft roasted chicken. Uniquely, the meringue of the egg white mixture with the addition of yuzu (a typical Japanese orange) so topping ramen. Ramen Ouka also provides vegan ramen.

Ramen Ouka
Sansara Gyoen Building 1F
Shinjuku 1-11-7, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Tel: + 81-03-5925-8426

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2. Naritaya

Photo: Special
This ramen restaurant in Asakusa serves halal ramen. Ramen served with slices of grilled chicken, nori, spring onions, bean sprouts, spinach, boiled eggs and bamboo shoots. The ramen broth is made from bonito and kombu (seaweed). The resulting flavor is tasty and light, but still delicious.

Toyko-to, Taito-ku, Asakusa 2-7-13

3. Ramen Honolu

Photo: Special
Honolu is a popular ramen restaurant in Osaka and Tokyo. The outlet in Ebisu, Tokyo that opened since last January has a Muslim-friendly menu. The mainstay is a Paitan ramen made of thick chicken broth. There is also a space for worship here.

Ramen Honolu
1F, 1-23-1 Ebisuminami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 105-0022
Tel: + 81-03-5734-1667

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4. Ayam-ya

Photo: Special
The famous chicken-ya in Malaysia and Kyoto also open in Tokyo. Here there is a delicious halal Pokok ramen with chicken broth that can be tried. Including spicy ramen. On the menu Chicken-yes no use of pork, beef, and MSG. Its location is not far from Ueno Okachimachi Mosque.

Yamada Bldg. 1F, 4-10-1 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016
Tel: + 81-03-3834-6656

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5. Kumahachi

Photo: Special
This restaurant just opened in 2016. Here, that ramen use homemade noodles, halal chicken and halal spices. Like serving shoyu ramen and Tsukemen. Kumahachi also does not provide alcohol. According to the owner, it is not easy to make a delicious halal ramen without MSG. Until it took 2 years for him to develop ramen according to market taste.

2-14-5 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0004
Tel: + 81-080-7852-5511

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