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Pilots Disclose the Secrets of How to Survive a Plane Accident

Try to be honest with yourself, when was the last time a traveler paid attention to safety instructions on the plane. Or even always busy listening to the headset?
Illustration of a plane crash (Kiagoos Auliansyah)

Secured on Friday (11/09/2018), as reported by Travel + Leisure, do not heed the safety directives anymore. The latest data on the possibility of a fatal plane crash that can kill you is in the number 1 to 11 million.

Therefore, a traveler must be prepared to face the danger early on. There are a number of actions that passengers can take in critical situations.

The above will be explained by Dave Inch, pilot of a Boeing 787 aircraft. Explanation in an emergency is on the Quora site.

First, you have to make sure that it is ready in the event of an accident by removing all sharp objects from the bag, loosening your belt, and removing any ties or scarves. You also have to remove high heels and glasses if you wear them.

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Furthermore, passengers must know where the nearest exit and emergency exit is, because some doors cannot be used when landing on water. Then count the number of rows of seats to the exit and try to identify any bumps and obstacles on the road, just in case the cabin is filled with smoke.

Do not get up from your seat unless instructed to do so and do not open any doors or windows by force unless instructed by the flight attendant. If smoke appears, a piece of damp cloth will greatly help breathing.

Then, follow the instructions of the flight attendant and work together to get everyone out. Don't waste time taking videos.

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If a traveler still takes video and survives is a cool thing. But imagine if you or someone else died because of the video.

The next instruction is not to develop a float until you exit the plane door. This is important, if you develop it in a plane that has been filled with water, you will be trapped and cannot swim out.

If that happens, remove the float and hold other people when you can get out. Because one life vest can be used by two people.

After getting out of the plane, stay away from smoke and fire. In cases and there are survivors who are following the flight attendant's instructions and not carrying any items that block you.

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The Story of a Cardboard that Changes the World of Tourism

Who would have thought a cardboard could be a tourism promotion tool, not just 1-2 countries. Here's the story about Google Cardboard.
Photo: Google Cardboard (Gettyimages)

Google Cardboard is a simple cardboard tool created by Google in 2014. Virtual reality tools are synonymous with expensive items, but Google is trying to create cheap goods made from cardboard so that they sell well. the price is only USD 24.

Compiled from various sources, Thursday (08/09/2018) 4 years of the Google Cardboard trip is very interesting. For users and traveling enthusiasts to see various destinations virtually with this tool.

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Travelers and users can assemble their own boxes into VR devices and it would be really exciting to assemble them. Then Google Cardboard can be used to see various things.

The Verge in 2014 wrote that Volvo took Google Cardboard to the Volvo App. USA Today in 2015 wrote the Mattel toy factory as well to follow to develop VR with Google.

Google Cardboard is slowly becoming an effective tourism promotion tool. Bloomberg reported that Thomas Cook travel company developed a 3D travel marketing promotion using Google Cardboard. The videos offered are Pyramids in Egypt, 6 hotel properties and motorbike action in the desert. Exclaimed right?

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Then, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2016 utilizes Google Cardboard so that tourists can enjoy the festival virtually.
In early 2016, Google said it had received orders for 5 million cardboard devices. In 2017 there were already 10 million cardboard glasses ordered by people.

Now, many foreign tourism agencies have used Google Cardboard for tourism promotion media. Viewed detikTravel from its official website, Kangaroo State Tourism Agency, Tourism Australia offers 360 views with Google Cardboard.

Likewise New Caledonia Tourism. They also offer virtual reality tourist destinations relying on Google Cardboard. Who would have thought, a box of cardboard could change the face of world tourism promotion.

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Guests in this Hotel Can Take a Bathroom with Bear and Eat with the Lion! Interested?

Ever been to a safari park?

There visitors can go around using a car and get a closer look at the animals.

Well, a concept like this is also used a hotel in Australia.

Instead of building a terraced hotel in the middle of town, Hotel Jamala Wildlife Lodge is making the concept close to wild animals.
Shared bath bears at the hotel

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The hotel is located at the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra, Australia.

The residents of the hotel get a chance near these wild animals.

They can eat with lions, bathe with bears, feed the giraffes directly, and shark-equipped rooms.

The hotel manager convinces guests not to worry.

Because, there will be a clear glass that is guaranteed keamannya between the position of the guests and the animals.

So, the hotel is very safe.

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The purpose of establishing a hotel close to these animals is to support the restoration and preservation of animals.

So every advantage of the hotel will be used to fund the program.

Interested in this hotel?

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Safety Tips For Girls Want Traveling

The incidents of tourist rape in Labuan Bajo are of course everyone's concern. Women who travel, let alone alone, must remember the tips of travel security.

Now again the news of foreign tourists from France and Italy who became victims of rape in Labuan Bajo. The case was immediately addressed by local authorities. NTT Provincial Government ensures Labuan Bajo is safe to visit.

Actually there is no harm in a woman traveler doing solo traveling. But because of the departure alone, of course there are various things that must be prepared. In contrast to traveling with friends.

Starting from choosing safe destinations, to avoid lonely places, there are various solo travel tips that can be tried to reduce the possibility of things that are not desired. Summarized updetails, following 7 tips for safe traveling for women:

1. Find location information

Choose a destination within or outside the country that is safe. A number of agencies and online sites have surveyed anywhere safe destinations for the female traveler. The assessment must include how the crime rate is there. Whether the incidence of robbery, murder or rape is high, or including low.

For such information a traveler can look for it via the internet, on sites that are trusted. After determining the destination, it's time to find all the detailed information related to tourism, such as what the tourist object, local culture, modes of transportation, lodging, until the local culinary.

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2. Invite a friend

Well even when leaving from home to the holiday alone, it does not mean the journey you continue to be alone. Find friends from the different areas you meet. Who knows you guys aim to come to the same tourist attraction.

So the traveler will be safer in the tour, as well as get many new friends. It's even better when you leave there is a friend, so you are not alone.

Go to various attractions at least two. So it is easy also if there is an unexpected event and need help.

3. Be careful with new people

When making new friends, it could not hurt to put a little suspicion on people who behave well. It is not possible there is a certain intent behind his good behavior. Stay good in front of new acquaintances, but still be vigilant and do not necessarily give full trust. This is to avoid the possibility of them committing a crime.

4. Choose a licensed tour guide

When the streets are more fun if accompanied by a tour guide. Well, should the traveler be more selective in choosing this tour guide. If anyone offers to guide the trip, check with your credentials first.

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It is good to check first, whether he is part of a particular travel agent. If necessary ask for proof that he is an official tour guide, for example by showing a tour guide certificate that can also be a card. If it is suspicious, refuse it subtly and look for another tour guide that is more convincing.

5. Do not come to a quiet place

If the tourist object or restaurant you want to come look quiet, you should delay the visit there. Try to find information at what time the place will usually be crowded. Or invite new friends that you know when traveling. Traveling busy to a place that feels quiet will be safer.

6. Avoid night trips

Traveling it will be safer when the day is still bright, from morning to evening. At nightfall, to be safer should stay at the inn. Especially if the area is relatively quiet at night and away from the city crowd. If you have to go at night, ask to be accompanied by a trusted person.

7. Ready with communication tool

Bring enough stuff. Mobile phone, charger and powerbank if necessary always taken. So, if anything happens and need anything can directly contact the authorities and the embassy.

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Mount Agung Erupted Tonight, Flights to Bali Still Normal

Jakarta - Mount Agung erupted on this day at around 21:04 Wita. Some flights to Bali are still normal.

Mount Agung erupted on this day at around 21:04 pm. Currently Mount Agung is level III.

In the PVMBG report of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Monday (2/7/2018), the height of the ash column is observed ± 2,000 m above the peak (± 5.142 m above sea level). The gray columns were observed in gray with a thick intensity leaning towards the west.

Mount Agung Eruption tonight (BNPB doc)

This eruption is recorded in the seismogram with a maximum amplitude of 24 mm and a duration of ± 7 minutes 21 seconds. The eruption occurs strombolian with a banging sound. Flares of incandescent lava observed out the crater reaches a distance of 2 km.

See Garuda Indonesia airline flight info on its official website, there are still about 3 flights to Bali until tonight. Each from Jakarta, Lombok and Yogyakarta.

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"Currently the flight has not been disturbed, still normal," said Senior Manager of Public Relations Garuda Indonesia Ikhsan Rosan to, Monday (2/7/2018).

Similarly, the airline Lion Air Group. Communications Strategic of Lion Air, Danang Mandala Prihantoro said Lion Air Group airline flight to Bali is still running normally tonight.

"Until now the operation is running normally," he said.

"However, to ensure the safety and security of aviation, Lion Air Group operations will adjust to the decision of the airport authority," he concluded.

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Feel at the Maldives, whereas in Gorontalo Indonesia

Stay in the sea cottage do not have all the way to the Maldives. In Gorontalo there is a unique resort that is not less cool than in the Maldives.

If vacationing in Gorontalo Province a famous destination for the beauty of the sea besides Olele Beach is Pulo Cinta Eco Resort. Pulo Cinta is often referred to as Maldives of Gorontalo karna inn in the form of cottages that stand on the beach, so when open the window directly facing the sea.

Pulo Cinta Resort

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Pulo Cinta location is located in Patoameme, Botumoito, Boalemo District, Gorontalo Province, and can take approximately 2 hours from Gorontalo Airport. Due to its location in the middle of the sea tourists have to take another boat trip to the resort.

Why is Pulo Cinta named? Because the location is in the middle of the beach that has a heart-shaped embossed sand. According to the story of the local community was once a place to blend the love of a young couple then his love love did not get the blessing of his parents. Eating the island is called Pulo Cinta.

Pulo Cinta Eco Resort has 15 cottages that have some bedroom capacity. The cottages are divided into 3, namely cottages that have 1 bed, 2 beds and 3 beds, so tourists can adjust the capacity of the bed and the number of people who come.

In Pulo Cinta is not uncommon that comes a new marriage partner, because the place is far from urban and romantic atmosphere. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset directly from the bed.

In addition to the beauty of the beach, tourists can go directly to the sea just swim, water and snorkeling because the beauty of the sea is inhabited by various kinds of marine life and coral reefs.

But if the night comes cold air can be felt directly because the building structure is made of 100% wood and has a roof made of shingle and straw. Prices are pegged at around 3.5 million to 5 million per night.

Because the place is limited and the demand is very much, tourists are encouraged to book the place first. Not only local tourists who come here, also a lot of foreign tourists.

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The Inca Tribal Grass Bridge is as strong as Steel

Huinchiri - The Incas are well known for their intelligence and progress. One of the relics is a grass bridge that is not less strong than steel in Peru.

Peru also has Inka tribes. Quite unique and rare, named Q'eswachaka bridge or called Keshwa Chaca. (dillman.delgado / Instagram)

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Stretching over the Apurimac River, this Keshwa Chaca Grass Bridge looks pretty in golden yellow. Keshwa Chaha is not made of wood or rope, but the grass is woven. Waw! (rkallai / Instagram)

How, every person in the village is assigned to knit strands by strands made of grass. Once finished, the knitted grass will be tied to each other until it becomes thicker. The tradition continues for 500 years until now. (nachos.con.bertola / Instagram)

However, although made of grass, the bridge is so steady and not inferior to the steel bridge. Estimated by the bridge experts can carry up to 56 people at once. (winter__olga / Instagram)

The Keshwa Chaca Grass Bridge is near Huinchiri Town and is the last grass bridge. Every year in June, the Incas always hold rituals to renew the ancient bridge. (falloutmedia / Instagram)

At least, people from the four nearby villages are hand in hand to re-twist the Keshwa Kaca Grass Bridge. You can prove yourself by coming here yes! (marthaopez677 / Instagram)

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Bridge to Nowhere in Scotland

Dunbar - Bridges typically connect two landmasses from the water surface. But in Scotland, there is a bridge in the middle of the sea named Bridge to Nowhere, not clear what it means.

The town of Dunbar, 45 km from Edinburgh in Scotland has a unique bridge of interest, its name is Bridge to Nowhere. This bridge is in the middle of Water Biel in Belhaven Bay, as collected detikTravel from various sources, Tuesday (22/05/2018).

Photo: Bridge to Nowhere in Scotland (christophercherry / Instagram)

Located in Biel Village, south of Dunbar City, Scotland. The bridge has a very nice water and skyline to photograph.

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Apparently the mystery of this bridge was solved when the water in Water Biel began to recede. This bridge seems to be the coastal link of a small river that flows under the bridge.

When the sea returns, the steps of the bridge will disappear. This makes this gorgeous bridge look like it was stranded in the middle of the ocean. That's why this bridge is named Bridge to Nowhere.

At dusk, the water will begin to tide and there is no activity on the bridge. But on the edge of the water there will be many people who come just to photograph the beauty of this bridge at dusk.

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Already Know yet, The Smallest Frog in the World Like This

Havana - Enrekang in South Sulawesi crowded talked about after the discovery of a giant frog. But besides, there is also the smallest frog in Cuba.

Cuba in Latin America not only has exotic seaside and classic cars, but also tropical rainforests that have many interesting fauna. One of them is a super little frog. Well, the opponent is a giant frog in Enrekang.

Photo: (BBC Travel)

Quoted from BBC, Tuesday (2/5/2017), there is one thing that will traveler find inside the tropical forest. Local people call it Monte Iberia, aka small frog. How long is her body? Only 10 mili meters are not up to 1 cm!

The frog is black or brown. They are easy to find in the trees precisely in the foliage. The body shape is very small and easy camouflage, making it difficult for traveler to see it. Must be thorough.

Monte Iberia, a very small frog (Animal Kingdom / Youtube)

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The researchers assess, Monte Iberia is the scientific name Eleutherodactylus iberia, entered in one of three types of smallest frogs in the world. But specifically on Earth's northern hemisphere, this is the smallest frog there.

This frog is most easily found in the eastern region of Cuba, precisely in Holguin Province which is 8 hours by car from the capital of Cuba, Havana. There are two national parks, namely Alejandro de Humboldt National Park and Sierra Cristal National Park which is the habitat of the frog.

Tropical forests in Cuba (Bad Tanveer / BBC Travel)

Monte Iberia, was first discovered in 1996. But apparently the researchers still believe, if in Cuba there are still frogs that are smaller in size. Walah, 10 mm alone is very small what if there is still a smaller than that huh?

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Look at the beauty of Pink Beach in Eastern Indonesia, So Fascinating!

As the name implies this beach does have pink sand. Many tourists also call this beach with the name of Beach Pink or Pink Beach. Indeed the beauty of this beach no doubt back.

Especially when viewed from above. KLovers will find a scene with a color gradation that is so interesting. Green on the grass and leaves on the land, pink on the sand, light blue and old in the sea water. These colors when viewed will continue to spoil the eye.

Must Read

This beach is located within the Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara. Place where as an ancient animal, Komodo dragons are located. What makes it interesting is the Pink Beach is one of seven beaches that have pink sand in the world. Of course KLovers should be proud of it.

But until now not known exactly where the pink color on the sand it originated. Some argue that the color comes from red and dead coral fragments. There is also a opinion that the existence of microscopic animals, a type of animal that can produce red.

Not only the surface is interesting. But if you look inside, to see the underwater life would be just as amazed. Here live the diverse types of marine animals. As a palace, live a variety of fish species, various types of coral reefs and other marine biota.

No wonder, if you stop at the Pink Beach is a time to snorkel or diving. You will be spoiled with its beauty. Moreover, this beach is uninhabited. So it felt like a private beach.

To get to Pink Beach can depart from Labuhan Bajo by using speed boat. Usually a lot of tours that will take you to Rinca Island first, then will proceed to the island of Komodo. From Rinca Island to Komodo Island will take about 45 minutes.

Do not forget to bring debriefing, because on this beach is not available stalls. For snorkeling or diving equipment, you can get at Labuhan Bajo. If you join the tour, you can ask your guide.

Although quiet and uninhabited, if you visit there so as not to damage what is. Yes, the sustainability of a place must be maintained. Moreover, littering do not just any.

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3 Brotherhood From Indonesia Success Selling Salted Egg Chips in Singapore

Singapore - Ever heard of Irvins? The souvenir of the iconic fish skin chips from Singapore was initiated by 3 brothers from Indonesia. They successfully market a snack of salted egg sauce in the contemporary packaging.

Calling Irvins, maybe you immediately remember the salty egg chips bearing the duck in Singapore. Although successfully marketed in the land of Lion, pioneer and business owner Irvins is 3 brothers from Indonesia. All three are Ivan, Ircahn, and Irvin Gunawan.

Encountered (12/1) at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Ivan and Ircahn tell about their salt egg chips. Ircahn who focus on marketing Irvins said salted egg chips or their salted egg chips were initiated by Irvin.

"He initially opened an Indonesian restaurant business in CBD Area, Singapore from 2007 to 2008. He then opened a live seafood restaurant, in River Valley, a seafood flagship menu and one of the most liked ones is the salted egg crab or salted egg crab. this then moved to Upper Thomson, "said Ircahn. According to him, Irvin and then create a menu of all-salted eggs including shrimp and chicken.

Must Read

Ircahn continued, "But two of the most favored customers are salted egg potato chips with salted egg fish skins, that's around 2013." Irvin then sells potato chips and skins of salted egg fish in a jar. He peddled it in a small booth at the CBD Area MRT station. This is where Irvins slowly evolved to be marketed as now since 2015. "The packaging that used to stop jars finally turned into a more practical and modern resealable pouches in July 2016," said Ivan.

Products of salted egg chips / Photo: detik

Regarding the background of the discovery of the Irvins flagship salted egg sauce, Ivan and Ircahn say their sister is not culinary education. "But Irvin knows how good it looks like when the chef team from the restaurant (developing salty egg sauce)," said Ircahn. Recognized by this friendly man, the formula of Irvins salted egg sauce is also being developed. "We continue to develop, we are handcrafted, so every day there is progress, every day we look for ways to make this day better than yesterday, so ga exact is merely," said Ircahn.

For salted egg fish skin products, Irvins uses dori fish skin. While the chips of salted eggs are made from special potatoes. Ircahn said, "We are working with some importers, we use special potatoes that we choose so that if the chips will be french fries will suit us." Now Irvins also has cassava chips sauce crisps.

Salted egg sauce chips / Photo: detik

Despite appearing several competitors, Irvins team sure can still exist considering all the products are still made handmade chips. "How to cook us a lot still using hands compared to competitors who use the machine and so on .. We stick what we do, handmade, the quality is lower but the quality is maintained.Quality is more important than quantity," said Ivan.

Now Irvins outlets are spread across 8 locations in Singapore. Even already penetrated to the Philippines and Hong Kong. In Indonesia alone, Irvins does not have a booth or official outlets. However Ivan, Ircahn and Irvin are eager to market their products officially in Indonesia.

"Singapore is a destination where you can make dreams come true, it's time to not just dine, and be a Food Lovers."

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Believe it? There is this beautiful lake in the interior of Afghanistan

Bamiyan - Explore the furthest place on Earth, you should try Afghanistan. The country that had been torn into this conflict turned out to have a beautiful lake really.

The name of the lake is Band-e-Amir. This lake is very magical. Among the arid desert and dusty, there is a lake that is very blue and calm. Anyone who sees, does not believe it!

Photo: Lake Band-e-Amir in the beautiful interior of Afghanistan (UNDP)
Judging from the UNDP UN website on Monday (19/3/2018), Band-e-Amir and the Northern Plateau are a special place in the interior of Afghanistan. The total reaches 40,000 km2.

Must Read

Naturally, this is the habitat for wild cats such as leopards, birds, deer, and other rare animals. Although in the interior, tourism in this region continues to grow lately.

Traditional villagers living on the banks of the lake Band-e-Amir (UNDP)
In the height of the holiday season, there could be 5,000 tourists coming in 1 day. Being at an altitude of 3000 masl makes the atmosphere in Band-e-Amir increasingly fierce.

Band-e-Amir is a collection of five blue lakes. It is located in the central part of Afghanistan and has become a national park for the country.

Band-e-Amir deserves to be called a wonder of nature. Band-e-Amir has a blue color like the ocean. Uniquely, the blue color looks contrast with the barren-colored mountains are grayish. In fact, the water is very calm and there are no waves. Completely hypnotized!

There are 14 villages around Band-e-Amir. They are of concern to UNDP to be helped because of all the backwardness and limitations of living facilities there. UNDP provides stove assistance, soft loans, solar cookware. Residents are also taught to farm and raise better.

This village is assisted by UNDP (UNDP)

You can come to every lake in Band-e-Amir. Of the five lakes, Band-e-Panir is the smallest with a diameter of about 100 meters and the largest lake is Band-e-Zulfiqar with a length of 6.5 kilometers. For the lake most easily reached by the traveler, is Band-e-Haibat. In this lake there are several inns and boat rentals to explore the lake.

Well, Band-e-Amir is the most beautiful among the others and the most difficult to reach. Traveler must pass through Bamiyan City, about 80 km from the lake by rental car. The journey can take about 5 hours more.

But, the sense of breaking the tiredness of travel is greatly paid for when footing in Band-e-Amir. The breath seemed to stop and the eyes were reluctant to blink. Magical, unique, strange, unable to describe the view of Band-e-Amir in front of the eye.

Must Read

Band-e-Amir also has a ranger. His job is to supervise the national park from looters and monitor tourists not to waste, use soap or make fire.

How to get there:

Because it is so remote, Band-e-Amir is quite difficult to access. Travelers must visit the ancient city of Bamiyan, about 80 km from the lake. After a road trip with a minivan, continued trekking in the desert until finally arrived at the edge of this lake.

For the accommodation business is easy-difficult. According to UNDP, in 2015 there was an effort to build a 500 room hotel. But this plan is null and void in relation to a location whose position is above sacred. Traditional manners are still well preserved here.

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Here's a Sambal(Condiment) Rendition Devoted to Kings


If in Aceh there is a cannabis sauce that is not made from marijuana, in Kutai (East Kalimantan) there is a king sauce that descends caste because it is very popular in the realm of the people.

In fact, the archipelago is actually not familiar with the concept of royal cuisine aka exclusive dish for the nobles. The tongues of the kings of the archipelago are also equivalent to the tongue of the common people, so the kings' food is actually just a fancy version of the daily dish - or served with sophisticated serving equipment. On the other hand, the kings also make no exclusive arrangements for meals in the court environment should not be served for the subjects.

Thus, the liwet rice and its distinctive dishes - which were originally also the creation of a palace kitchen - became a popular dish for all the people. And sambal janmuk (widow rage) creations of poor widows then became a favorite dish in the palace of the Malay-Deli king.

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Sambal king of Kutai itself is actually not always referred to as king sauce. This spicy dish is commonly referred to as sambal kutai - a more generic nomenclature. The sauce remains simple and grounded, but served with fried eggs and vegetables to give it a touch of privilege.

The chili sauce is sauce blacan / trasi nuance due to Chinese orange (called orange key in Pontianak, lime kasturi in Medan, and lemon cui in Minahasa). In addition to giving sour taste, Chinese oranges also arouse fragrant aroma. In addition to a thin sour taste, king sauce should also be sweet nuances and do not need too spicy. Cabenya seeds removed, so the impression is generally a smooth sauce. This sauce is pan-fried with oil to shine and tanak.

This sauce becomes more special after it is served with a variety of complementary accessories, namely: boiled eggs are chopped, and various vegetables - beans, eggplants, onions - fried.

Without any other side dish, this luxurious sauce is guaranteed to be able to spend a warm boiled rice. In the area of ​​East Kalimantan, this king sauce is often used to accompany rice bekepor, which is a typical rice Kwai Kutai soft and tasty.

Another side that matches with this king sauce is teri goreng or fried catfish. Tempe and fried tofu, or vegetable stir, will be special accompanied by this king sauce.

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Unfortunately, although how to make it including simple, king sauce is now more and more rarely served as a daily dish. He appears only on special occasions requiring the appearance of special foods. In fact there are not many more restaurants in East Kalimantan that serve this king sauce.

The absence of the standard standard of serving the king's sauce makes this special sambal not always present with the same appearance. Sambal king from Warong Selera Acil Inun in Samarinda, for example, look different from sambal kutai made by Ruli, wife of Butet Kartaredjasa, original Kutai. Fortunately, both are equally good.

Waterfall in Wakanda is in the Real World

Waterfall in Wakanda is in the Real World
Waterfall in the Black Panther movie (Marvel / Youtube)
Foz do Iguacus - Wakanda, Africa's fictitious city in the movie 'Black Panther' has a very beautiful waterfall. The beautiful waterfall was in reality. Where is it?

Black Panther produced Marvel is busy talking about the world. The film, which runs on Wakanda, a fictional city in Africa, has a rich and beautiful nature. One of the catching backdrops is the waterfall. This waterfall is shown when T'Challa crowned King Wakanda.

Collected from various sources, Thursday (22/2/2018) waterfall in Wakanda inspired from Iguazu Waterfall, though actually filming this scene in the studio. This waterfall is located on the border of Argentina and Brazil.

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Not only in the film Black Panther, Iguazu Waterfall also often appear in Hollywood movies. This waterfall is famous because in addition to very large also has a very beautiful scenery. In the surroundings there is a green landscape of tropical rainforest is still well preserved. The area around Iguazu Falls is indeed designated as a National Park area to keep this beautiful waterfall maintained.

UNESCO has also established Iguazu Waterfall as one of the World Heritage List. The natural wonders of Iguazu are home to approximately 2,000 species of Latin American flora and fauna, such as Jaguars, Howler Monkeys to Crocodile Cayman.

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Iguazu name itself comes from the Tupi-Guarani language that is often used in South America, especially in northeastern Argentina and Southwest Brazil. If the separated syllable contains meaning 'y' which means water, and 'uasu' which means big. So, Iguazu is a very large flowing water.

The height of Iguazu Falls varies from 60 to 82 meters. While the diameter of the waterfall along approximately 2.7 km. There are also 275 waterfall children at various levels.

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