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5 Tips for Success of the First Night for Girls or Womens

The first night is the most anticipated thing for every newly married couple. But in fact, not a few women who feel afraid and worried because they think having sex the first time will definitely hurt. In fact, it doesn't have to be that way. Intimate relationships are guaranteed to run smoothly without obstacles if you first read the following tips the first night.

The first night doesn't have to be sick!

The first night doesn't have to be painful, especially until it's bleeding profusely, like many people say. Having sex for the first time may feel a little uncomfortable, causing a tight sensation like a little pressure. However, sex (both the first and the hundredth time) should not cause excessive pain.

Likewise with bleeding. For most women, the first sex may be able to tear the hymen to cause a slight discharge of blood during and after sex. There are also women who don't bleed at all because the membranes aren't torn. Whichever is natural, as long as it does not bleed profusely like during menstruation.

In many cases, pain during sex is a manifestation of the effects of psychological stress due to fear and anxiety facing the first night. If you think about the pain continuously, suggestion of pain will most likely come true.

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You can also feel pain during intercourse the first time if your vagina is not "wet enough" because it is less lubricant. Whether it's from natural vaginal lubricants because it is less aroused or not helped by market sex lubricants.
Tips for the first night to be smooth and romantic without pain

1. To the salon for body care
Towards the wedding day and the first night, it's a good idea to take the time to a salon or other beauty place that provides a package of premarital care from head to toe.

Caring for yourself by doing waxing and scrubs will make the body cleaner, more fragrant, and more maintained. Vaginal hygiene can be one of the factors that arouse your confidence during the first night, you know!

2. Wear sexy lingerie
Tips for this first night are actually not mandatory, but what is wrong, anyway, pamper yourself (and your partner's eyes) with sexy lingerie?

The moment of the first night will certainly be more tempting and unforgettable when you wear lingerie that can make you look different, confident, and feel sexy on the bed

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But remember, don't use lingerie or underwear that is too complicated in design. For example, many knot ornaments use a rope which will actually make it difficult to remove.

3. Prepare the lubricant
If the foreplay is considered not enough to make a woman "wet", it's a good idea to keep ready for a bottle of sex lubricant from the start. Especially if you still feel tense or not relax so that the vagina reluctantly removes its natural lubricating fluid.

There is nothing wrong with using sex lubricants on your first night to smooth the way of penetration. Choose water-based lubricant products that have minimal risk of allergies. Also choose lubricants that are guaranteed to be safe for the vagina.

4. Warming up first

Warming up here means not gymnastic body stretches with neighboring mothers on weekends, you know! (Even though there's nothing wrong, too.)

Heating is meant foreplay before sex to prepare your body to receive penile penetration. Foreplay is the right time to get to know, understand, and love the intricacies of each partner's body, also to learn what each other likes in terms of sexual stimulation.

Foreplay can be started with seduction of rags or naughty words that make couples excited, or can also be through physical intimacy such as hugs, kisses, caresses, bouts, to oral sex.

Foreplay is the best way to make women quickly "wet". It's best to spend 10-15 to warm up on the bed before moving on to the next round. In essence, focus first on intimate moments created specifically for both of you.

5. Find the best position

There are 1001 variations on sex positions that you can try with a partner. But if this is the first time you are both, it never hurts to make love to the most standard position, namely missionaries.

This classic position is done by the way a woman lies on her back by opening her legs and slightly bending her knees, while a man is above a woman.

The missionary position will be more fun if your legs are connected circularly to a man's hip or back so that the penetration is easier to stimulate the clitoris. Not only that. This position is also still possible for both of you to caress each other and explore each other's bodies.

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Derek and Hannah Jeter are expecting a girl of baby

In a new essay for the Player's Tribune, Hannah Jeter approaches "The Derek I Know" as she writes about her husband and soon father of her son, a girl.

Derek y Hannah Jeter esperan una niƱa
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
In a heartfelt piece, Hannah explains that she did not know who the baseball legend was when she first met her, and that it took a while to understand her connection to New York fans.

"You probably do not believe me," he explains. "But it's true ... I grew up in the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, which is only about two miles wide. Baseball was not really 'one thing'."

She continues to write that while Google may have had its fair share of stories about the big Yankees, now 42, they got to know it on their own terms.

"Derek and I met during the off season, and I think it was a stroke of luck," he writes. "We met at the right time, for me what matters in a relationship is being in the same place in their lives, and from the beginning I could see that the time of Derek's life and mine were aligned."

The 26-year-old fashion model reached an agreement with Jeter's career and says that in his last season as a basketball player he canceled jobs to be with him, support him and "be present in the remaining games" of his Race in an attempt to "reconcile" fans of love have for the World Series champion.

"Even during those last months, I felt that I was still learning to identify Derek Jeter with whom everyone said goodbye as the same Derek I knew," he writes. "And then, during his last game at Yankee Stadium ... that's when, for me, everything came into place."

This understanding of Jeter's legacy is something in Hannah's mind, as she and her husband are now "pregnant with our first child ... looking into the future."

In the middle of the article, Jeter shares an image of the baseball legend, holding pink balloons to signify the daughter they are waiting for.

"He already has a name in mind - he's put in it. Whatever his name, I know he's going to run circles around him ... They're going to be born in such an extraordinary situation, they'll have to be strong little people, we do not want them To be defined by his father's name - for them , We want him to just be 'dad'. That will be the piece of it that they will have that the rest of the world does not. "

But there is "some sadness," he admits, that his kids will not know the sports icon firsthand in the games, because he is retired now and the Yankees will retire from his jersey later this year.

"We can show you videos, photos and memories ... But I know it will not be the same ... You had to be there," he writes. "We will let them know that they are strong and intelligent and that they can do everything they want, I hope they are honest as their father, I hope they are stubborn like I. They know what they want and they will not settle for less."

Although he wants his children to know every aspect of his father's life, he closes with "if they want to play baseball, well, first we'll have a little talk."

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