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Nissan Terra For Sale April 12 in China, There Twin Turbo Machine!

We're a little curious about one of the new generation ladder frame-laced SUVs from Nissan.

Yak, you are not wrong, our SUV is Nissan Terra. His figure is quite selling and no less handsome than the SUV ladder frame class, especially fellow Japanese brands.

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As you can guess, this is Nissan Navara given the body of a metropolitan SUV.
Not long ago, Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile (ZNA) aka the brand that failed to sell the ZNA Succe here reported that Nissan Terra will slide and go on sale in China on April 12, 2018 later.

Out of China, Nissan Terra will travel to Thailand around the second half of this year. Hm, it is worth it if Nissan tempted to bring Nissan Terra to Indonesia around this year.

For the Chinese market, the Nissan Terra will be offered with a choice of 2,400 cc gasoline engine-powered 181 hp and 250 Nm of torque for then mated with manual gearboxes or automatic which both have 6 acceleration.
If the spek Thailand, later replaced with a 2,500 cc 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine coded YD25DDTi ex Navara, capable of producing 163 PS and 403 Nm of torque. The driving options are 2, RWD and 4WD.

According to rumors, Nissan Terra for Thailand could have used a 2,300 cc 4-cylinder diesel engine that is reinforced with twin turbo. Nissan has this machine in the western market, and there's no harm in installing it for Terra.

Exterior cosmetics such as 18-inch rims and LED lights are standard, and the interior reveals that Terra will use a touch-screen head unit, dual zone auto-zone control, keyless start, cruise control, wood trim and parking sensors.

Ground clearance Nissan Terra is claimed to reach 220 mm, aka different thin with Subaru XV.

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From the trunk photo, it seems that Nissan Terra will have a third row seat seat which can be flat with the luggage floor although not yet have electric luggage door.
Well, while the car seems to be more mature to be thrown to the consumer, do you think Nissan Terra for the United States should use which machine?

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Leaked Mazda 3 2019, Full LCD Instrument!

Although yesterday the new Mazda 3 introduced again in Indonesia through the variant Mazda 3 Speed, overseas Mazda 3 will be able to a new generation that is in the development period.

What is certain to change is the engine, will use a new SkyActiv-X engine that does not use spark plugs like a gasoline engine in general. Apart from that, Mazda 3 design preview has been represented by the Mazda KAI concept.

So what's new in Mazda 3 2019? Well, the leaked images from PCAuto who got the picture in China this seems to be a little explain.

There are photographs featuring an instrument panel inside the car cabin that is similar to the steering wheel of Mazda cars, and apparently the car that claimed as Mazda 3 2019 is already using the instrument panel full LCD! Wow, it's okay.

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But okay, actually the full instrument panel LCD is not a new thing, even for a non-premium car class.

Renault Koleos spek Indonesia alone is full LCD, just unfortunately the car is scarce on the streets. Back to Mazda 3 2019, there are several display options that we can see.

The first mode features a large tachometer and a digital speedometer in the center, where at a glance similar to the Lexus LFA, Audi TT, Audi R8 or Audi RS5.
The second mode will feature a separate speedometer and tachometer, with needle animations for both and a digital number in the middle of both circles. Really be the BMW of Japan yes this Mazda, even the instrument panel was somewhat similar. Unfortunately, it is not known whether it supports multimedia functions such as Virtual Cockpit Audi sophisticated or not, but yes it is also very good.

In addition to impressive sophisticated, LCD instrument panel can make the car seem more premium.

We hope that the fate of Mazda 3 good in Indonesia and the next generation can be presented, features such as full LCD panel Instrument also qualified here, considering that Mazda is not a stingy manufacturer features.

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Do not Just Have, Know the Stands of CB, CBR, or GSX?

Jakarta - Autolovers users of Honda CB, CBR or Suzuki GSX? Already know the name of the motor bike? Do not just use the motor, Autolovers also need to know the meaning of his name to be able to answer when asked people.

Do not Wear, Know the Stands of CB, CBR, or GSX? Photo: Abraham Arthemius
Do not Wear, Know the Stands of CB, CBR, or GSX? Photo: Abraham Arthemius

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Motor manufacturers do not randomly call the product. Motorcycles sold in the market also have a name and meaning.

Quoting Ride Apart, some motors have an abbreviated name. Like CB, CBR, and GSX.

The abbreviations usually represent something special. Often a phrase that shows the purpose or inspiration of the motor.
For example GSX-R. The name mentioned is an abbreviation of 'Grand Sport eXperimental-Racing'. Honda CB stands for 'City Bike' which means urban motor. While CBR Stands is 'City Bike Racing' or motor-style racing motor for urban areas.

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While the letter 'RR' which is usually behind the name of Honda motor sport indicates that the motor is sporty and race-oriented, not berarati 'race replica' or race ready '. Unlike the 'RR' in Ducati motorcycle like Desmosedici RR which stands for 'race replica' or replica motor racing.

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