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Do not Wait Bald, This How To Check Tire Still Worth Use Or Not

Do not Wait Bald, This How To Check Tire Still Worth Use Or Not Photo: Rangga Rahardiansyah
For some people, checking something in the car is quite difficult even taking a long time like a tire. Therefore, not a few of them are lazy to replace that part. But actually check the tires are still worth using or not quite easy.

Trainer Rifat Drive Labs, Herry Wahyudi revealed that to check the feasibility of tires is not difficult and complicated. It's just that some people are lazy to do so in the end they choose to outsmart a tire that is not good as given pattern.
"Tire manufacturers are always demanding their products with international standards, and now they have provided tools to help us check their own tires, T.W.I (Tread Wear Indicator) or tire wear indicators," he said in Jakarta.

"But yes sometimes our people when talking the tire if it has not seen the thread has not been considered exhausted 'well, not bald', would have been talking, or if its pattern no longer exist, no flower or plot he instead make the plot again. Well, this is wrong, dangerous loh, "Herry continued.

Himself share tips to see the feasibility of tires with ease that is by looking at the bulge around the tire. The triangle is four to six in each wheel that is about 1.6 to 1.8 tread.

"How do we know the tire is still feasible or not? We can check on the tire wall there is usually a triangle shape Or in some parts there is a TWI or logo from the manufacturer of the tire itself.On the left and right will be the same location. pull a straight line between the flowers (pattern on the tire), then there will be a bulge, "Herry explained.

Well, if the tire is worn then the tread on the tire will reach the indicator (T.W.I) or easy language, when the bump is already the same as the tire surface.

"If we have used the tires often, try to check this lump has cut off the groove or the lump is the same surface with the tire or not.If it is, then it should be replaced.Don't wait bald, plasticity yarn, or even to explode, "Herry said.

He also added that it applies when drivers want to buy used tires. When the logo T.W.I or the triangle is not there, can be ascertained that the tire was give pattern (made pattern or new groove). So, the tires will not last long or not good anymore.

Astonishing! On the Road, 2 The Car Is Suddenly Hovering / Flying

Astonishing! On Road, 2 The Car Suddenly Hover Photo: Pool (Instagram)
An astonishing incident took place on the streets. But this one is rare, it never seems to happen. Like a movie, two cars are drove suddenly hovering like someone is sucking it.

As seen from the uploaded video Instagram account @ 59sec. Two cars on the run suddenly hovering high enough, not clear what causes it.

Not yet known where the incident occurred. From the video seen the first car berkelir gray is moving at a moderate pace, but when you just want to cross the intersection of the car suddenly stopped and floated like there is a suck from above.

Not just a gray SUV car, the second car berkelir white not far behind the first car was sucked in too. Fortunately the third car swiftly, immediately stopped to see two cars in front of him flying.

Whether true or just a mere editing, this must be quite astonishing.


BB&T says an equipment malfunction has caused 'major inconvenience' to customers

BB&T logo (Photo: BB&T)
8:00 P.M. UPDATE: It remained unclear Friday evening if all BB&T account information had been restored, or if the malfunction was resolved.

The BB&T location on Main Street in Greenville was quiet Friday afternoon. David McGahee, a BB&T customer of 10 years appeared calm as he tried unsuccessfully to withdraw money from the bank's ATM.

"They're obviously very aware of it and remorseful. I think they're doing the best they can, honestly," Mcgahee said. He said he was able to purchase lunch with his debit card earlier in the day, but could not check his account balance without visiting a branch.

Other customers on social media had more positive thoughts.

But others were critical of the company, as frustration grew on payday.

3:30 P.M. UPDATE: Some BB&T locations will be extending their hours to help customers with questions. The company's main office in Greenville will remain open one additional hour until 7 p.m. tonight, an employee confirmed. The office is located at 1 N. Main St.

2 P.M. UPDATE: BB&T announced its automated phone service and ATMs are available. Account information has not been fully updated from Thursday.

"We expect those balances and transactions to become current later today," a Facebook post on the company's account stated.

The company did not say if users are able to access their accounts online or through their mobile app.

A call to BB&T's spokesman was not immediately returned.

Banking customers with BB&T cannot access their online bank accounts and other digital services because of a reported equipment malfunction.

As of late Friday morning, the malfunction affected online banking, mobile banking and BB&T's automated customer service telephone line. ATMs were also affected by the malfunction, but those services were made available by late morning, according to statements made by the company.

BB&T Vice President of Corporate Communications David White said the malfunction occurred in a data center, rendering many of BB&T's services inoperable into late Friday morning. He said company was already "well into the process" of fixing the problem.

"At this time, we have no reason to believe this issue is related to cybersecurity," White said.

A statement on the company's website said customers can use ATMs, debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards. BB&T will work with customers who were charged service fees or experienced other problems due to the malfunction, White said.

"We understand this is a major inconvenience to our customers," he added.

BB&T is keeping customers updated and answering questions through social media.

White has not yet said how many customers or branches in the Upstate have been affected.

The company has now apologized several times and says it's "committed to making this right." BB&T will reimburse fees directly related to the outage, a Facebook post on the company's account read.

The company has received more than 1,000 public comments on social media about the failure. Some people have expressed frustration about the situation, while others are more understanding.

BB&T is headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The company first announced the malfunction Thursday evening.