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These are the 5 most popular superfoods to maintain heart health

Diet is a major factor in the risk of heart disease. To maintain a healthy heart 5 superfood can be a mainstay.

Heart disease often leads to death. According to the Australian Heart Foundation, there are about 43,963 deaths in Australia that are linked to cardiovascular disease (CDV) in 2016.

Try adding 5 super foods that have nutrients in the daily menu, to maintain heart health.

1. Fatty Fish

Photo: iStock

Fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids are known for their benefits that can reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure, and maintain the rhythm of the heartbeat.

The benefits of omega-3 fats in fish have often been socialized by health experts. If you don't eat a lot of seafood, salmon oil supplements can be an alternative.

2. Almonds

Photo: Thinkstock

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Almonds are a healthy source of fat and fiber. These two nutrients are believed to help protect against heart disease. In addition, it also contains vitamin E, which helps reduce bad cholesterol.

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology suggests adding a small portion of almonds to the daily diet to get maximum benefit.

3. Avocados

Photo: Special

Avocados are already known as a fantastic source of health. The content of monounsaturated oleic acid or omega-9 in avocados, has several health benefits. Like lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, it also reduces the risk of cancer.

It is recommended to consume avocado at least one fruit per week to get these health benefits. Eat fresh without added sugar, syrup or sweetened condensed milk.

4. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is forever not healthy, like dark chocolate which has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease. This is evidenced by research that has found that dark chocolate made with extra virgin olive oil can improve heart health.

Even if you have large risk factors such as a history of heart disease from your family though. Therefore it is recommended to eat pure dark chocolate with a minimum cacao mass content of 70% every day.

5. Tomatoes

Photo: Fox News / iStock

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Besides being good for eye health, tomatoes are also known to maintain heart health because of the antioxidant content in them. Not only that, tomatoes are also rich in lycopene which is a carotenoid or soluble fat pigment which is believed to help get rid of bad cholesterol.

Tomatoes are very effective for your overall health, because they are low in calories, high in fiber and have many other good nutrients.

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Used Oil as Fuel?

Illustration of Lubricants Photo: Mindra Purnomo
If you are a vehicle owner, you are certainly familiar with the name lubricant or oil. Because no matter how lubricant and oil are devices that are used to reduce friction produced by the engine mechanism. Besides that oil is also able to minimize the temperature of heat produced during combustion.

Even though oil is able to cool down basically this substance comes from petroleum which can burn. Therefore, some people use used oil as an alternative fuel to save costs. "I once asked the collectors in charge of taking used oil in this workshop, he said, used oil can also be used for additional diesel engine fuel blowers at the plant," said Tunas Dwipa Matra Workshop Chief, Syafii.

The use of used oil for diesel engines is a solution to reduce operating costs. Low costs are also caused because used oil is categorized as waste that is no longer valuable.

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Used oil is classified as having a very low octane that will slow down combustion. The duration of combustion certainly saves the use of fuel used. However, low octane tends to give a risk of settling the remaining combustion in the engine.

In addition to some risks on a machine that uses used oil as fuel, it will heat up faster and potentially damage the piston.

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Used Oils Can Also Benefit the Country

World economic growth has significantly increased lubricant consumption from year to year in the industrial, transportation, heavy equipment and manufacturing sectors. From these needs America itself needs approximately 1000 million liters per year.

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Lubricants are derived from crude oil taken from the bowels of the earth. Petroleum is a limited natural resource that will eventually run out. This condition will certainly cause a fuel crisis that will disrupt the world economy.

One solution to maintain the availability of lubricants to meet various human needs is to reprocess the used oil. One legal company that is capable of managing used oil is the Indonesia Gemilang Entrepreneur.

The presence of parties who manage used oil provides many advantages not only in the economic sector but also in the environment. Managing used oil can save the country's foreign exchange because Indonesia can avoid having to import base oil or import crude oil to be processed into base oil.

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Besides reducing illegal recycling or better known as Mixed oil. Mixed oil is attractive to consumers because prices tend to be cheaper than the original oil produced by companies that are experts in their fields. In addition, the use of counterfeit oil cannot be accounted for, which results in poor quality fake lubricants.

Used oil that is not managed properly will have a negative impact on the survival of humans, animals and plants and the environment. The danger of used oil being disposed of carelessly has a worse effect than ordinary crude oil spills. It takes a very long time to recover soil and water contaminated by used oil.

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