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Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid launches in Thailand, Cheaper than Honda PCX Hybrid

The gait of Honda as a pioneer hybrid motor seems to be soon overtaken by eternal rival, the Yamaha. Yep, post-2017 yesterday Honda introduced Honda PCX Hybrid, and followed by its introduction in Indonesia this year, Yamaha also did not want to lose by introducing the figure of the Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid in Thailand recently. What kind of bike? checks.

Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid itself is a new variant of the Yamaha Grand Filano in Thailand. This motor gets a significant change in the side of the engine, where the 125cc Blue Core EFI engine that is used also combined with the Smart Motor Generator, thus making this bike worthy of the status of a hybrid motor. Motor itself is sold in two options, one of which uses ABS braking system while other options are not.

Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid itself sold in Thailand with a tag of 62,000 Bath aka 26.7 million Rupiah, why cheap? Well, this is still a mystery. With the use of Smart Motors Generator at Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid, Yamaha claim that this bike has additional power but also more efficient.

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Some features are still pinned on the Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid, such as system start stop, keyless start, full LED lights, and also charging 12V socker. For the compartment under its own seat the size is still very relieved with the volume of 27 liters, while the instrument panel of this motor also uses a digital panel.

In general, the figure is not much different than the Yamaha Grand Filano which had entered Indonesia several years ago. With Yamaha plunge into the hybrid motor segment, it indicates that the two wheel manufacturers are also starting to move to participate in the electrification flow that began to color the world automotive. But the most interesting of this bike is the price.

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Yes, the tag of the Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid looks quite contrast if compared with Honda PCX Hybrid banderol in Indonesia which reached 40 millions Rupiah. The question is, whether the Yamaha Motor Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) wants to gamble by including Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid to Indonesia as their first hybrid motor in the country? Could be yes, can not, because there would be a price increase that comes from the status of the motor CBU Thailand.

But the chance to bring Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid itself is still there, although it seems YIMM party should be careful and see the trend in advance of Honda's hybrid motor. Do not let them repeat the mistake that happened when YIMM brought Yamaha Lexam and AHM brought Honda Revo AT.

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This is the Latest Chevrolet Orlando figure, Appears in China!

At the beginning of June 2018 our past editorial team had discussed the fate of Chevy Orlando, which seems like a stepchild between the cars - other SUVs.

At that time we predict that Chevrolet Orlando will only have two options in the future, still rely on the old generation, or injected death. But it turns out General Motors gives a surprise in the last two days, which appears the figure of a car that uses brand Chevrolet Orlando in China. Check it!.

Views of this car itself looks quite attractive, especially with the accent SUV that comes in this car. But there is a thing that we just highlight, the design style of this Chevrolet Orlando is very South Korea, even feels more South Korea compared with KIA even though the more European feel today. Starting from the front view, large and rounded bulbs in previous models have been replaced with lights that are narrow and look firm.

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Grille from Chevrolet Orlando has also been following the style of Chevy design that uses a grille two-level, large on the black bottom side of black, and the top only one chrome line horizontal strip. Oiya, front bumper of Chevrolet Orlando also has a bend on the outer side, like the SUV and even more like a mustache in a Toyota car.

LED DRL is present in Chevrolet Orlando is also seen okay, because it is divided into two blades on each - each lamp. Oiya, if you observe, there are two white and gray-colored official pictures, which appear to be a gray variant of this variant is the top of the line this car with the name of the Redline variant. In this highest variant, the emblem of the Chevy is dark, while the white unit uses a gold colored logo.

O, there are also red - red accents on the bumper and rear view mirror, reminiscent of what? Yep on New Toyota Yaris, not Yaris Grady but. In addition, red accents are also in the velg of the highest variant. Bonnet from Chevrolet Orlando is also seen more okay with a more muscular curve. Moved to the side, there are two wheel schemes provided in this Chevrolet Orlando, white and black, but with a similar shape.

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Add On Body in black is also still in this latest Chevrolet Orlando, where add on the side has a form that is quite unique in the form of hexagonal. Roof rails are present in gray variants, but not in white variants, and the mirrors have a cute shape, and for white variants whitewashed body color, while other variants whitewashed black, plus a red-red accents. The fin shark model antenna is present in all variants, and the panoramic sunroof seems to be present only in the highest variant.

Pillar D from this car made no accent floating roof, although only a thin line only, maybe again the trend. Moving to the back side, Chevrolet Orlando uses a completely different design. Rear lights that once form the box is not clear now been replaced with a light that in line with the headlights. There is an LED bar on the inside of this lamp, accompanying a high mounted stop lamp that looks wide, a tiny rear wiper, and two reflectors on the rear bumper side.

Unaware there is a reverse camera or parking sensor in this white car, it seems likely because this variant is not a top of the line variant, but for the highest variant seems to be equipped with parking sensors. Chevrolet Orlando itself is manufactured by SAIC-GM Dongyue Automobile Co. with a completely new engine for this car. Yep, the engine is not a 1.800cc engine as we know it, but discounted 500cc and given additional Turbo. Turbo 1.300cc engine it will be combined with 6 speed manual transmission and automatic with the same number of teeth. O, maximum power is in the numbers 156 hp, nice for the 1.3L Turbo engine right? Oiya, for the Redline variant itself will get the same machine, but with output power up to 163 hp, crazy. So it's true that the red is Faster. This machine itself is a derivative machine from Buick GL6.

Well, interesting of course if one day SAIC-GM include the Chevy Orlando in the form of Wuling right? Or maybe it will come in the form of Chevy Orlando under GM Indonesia? All opportunities will make sense. What is clear, the look of this car has been better than its predecessor, more crossover although South Korean design impression seems to turn off the name of Chevy that should have a US Look.

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Cute Face Is Not The Most Important For Women, It's 7 Things That Make Women Fall In Love With Men

As a handsome person, who has a handsome face and charming appearance can indeed captivate women, but keep in mind that attractive face is not the most important thing for women when choosing a partner. There are seven other things that make a woman fall in love with a man, anything?

1. Easy to get along and have lots of friends

Handsome men always look more attractive in the eyes of women. Men who have many friends certainly have a good personality because if not, then this man could not have many friends and liked by his friends.

Having many friends also hinted that this guy is not picky friends in hanging out, anyone can be his friend and he can make them all comfortable to be around him. If his friends just comfortable to be around him, especially women who become his partner, would feel very comfortable.

2. Have a steel determination and willing to work hard

Abstinence is one of the characteristics of successful people. A man who has a strong determination of steel and is willing to work hard is a man who appeals to women, not men who are spoiled and just love to have fun or spree.

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3. Have a good sense of humor

A man who has a good sense of humor has his own charm for women. It's useless to have a handsome face if it can not be funny to make the atmosphere so cheerful. Relationships will be boring for women if the man can not make himself laugh.

4. Know which one should be a priority and be able to decide the best

Being able to determine priorities and make the best decisions is an important characteristic that men must have. Men who are easily influenced by others and unable to make firm decisions are men who can not be relied on by women. It's hard for women to connect with men like this.

5. Respect and appreciate women

Men who know how to treat women appropriately, just as women should be treated, are men who respect women. Men who do not put their own ego first and are willing to listen to women are men who value women. A man like this is a man who will make a woman happy.

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6. Positive and always know grateful

People who in words and actions are never positive will be shunned by others. No person can stand close to the person who every day work just always complain and complain.

Therefore, being a man who in words and positive deeds will surely be liked by women. In addition, men who always know thankful and live the day with a smile and full of fun will also make women interested.

7. Reliable and willing to sacrifice for the person he loves

A reliable man, always there when his partner needs him, is a woman's dream man. The man who is willing to sacrifice for the person he loves, not only couples but also his family and friends, is a man who is not only selfish. This characteristic is very valuable in the eyes of women.

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