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Crossover Electric Kia Called Niro

New Kia Niro electric finally officially introduced in the event of Electric Vehicle Expo in Jeju, Korea. This crossover-blooded electric car was already booked.
Indeed the look of this car is not the first time introduced, because previously this model has also been introduced in Las Vegas or at the CES event. Photo: Kia

Kia Niro EV carrying 39.2 kWh battery is claimed to be able to run up to 280 miles or 450 km. Photo: Pool (Autocar)

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Cool battery charging Kia Niro EV, just 54 minutes to charge the battery up to 80 percent. Photo: Pool (Autocar)

This electric Kia Niro only takes 7.8-7.6 seconds, to be able to make this electric car running 0-100 km / hour. Photo: Pool (Autocar)

This electric car will have torque up to 201 bhp. Photo: Pool (Autocar)

Furthermore, said Nero EV will offer the best features, such as driver assistance systems of automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and level 2 automous system that can drive itself while in congestion. Photo: Pool (Autocar)

It said the Kia electric car has received 5,000 reservations in Korea. Photo: Pool (Autocar)

Not only electric type, Kia Niro EV is also going to be presented in the form of hydrogen fuel cell, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. Photo: Kia

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Know the History of World Friendship Day

At the beginning of this August week, there was a celebration that may not be known by many people, namely World Friendship Day.

From information that releases can be from various sources about the important days in the world, it is written that today, Thursday (3/8) is to coincide with World Friendship Day.

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World Friendship Day takes place on the first week of August each year. This is a tradition dedicated to honoring friends or friends who started in the United States in 1935.
Initially, this moment was actually Hallmark's (Joyce Hall) card sales strategy in 1930. He chose August 2 with the intention that this was a holiday in the middle of the year.

That is, holidays will be better if used to greet friends or friends by sending greeting cards as a sign that we are happy to have friends like them.
Unexpectedly, the idea of ​​Joyce Hall and Hallmark greeting card company was apparently welcomed by many people. Card sales and shipments also increased.

The United States Congress, in 1935, declared the first Sunday of August as the National Friendship Day. Since then, the celebration of National Friendship Day has become an annual event.
Then in 1958, precisely on July 20, 1958, Dr Ramon Artemio Bracho held a dinner with all his friends in Puerto Pinasco, a river town 200 miles from north of Asuncion, Paraguay, America.

The dinner event is extensive and there is no difference of race, religion, race, gender, skin color and country territory. Everyone is united and friendly friends without thinking of differences.
The satisfaction of those present finally sparked the idea of ​​making it the World Friendship Day, a day where everyone could be friendly with anyone without thinking about the differences between them.

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Here Is Organic Ice Cream Unique Shape That Will Be A Trend

Who says organic ice cream has no interesting shape? The proof of organic ice cream this one in addition to healthy, also have a unique shape. Curious is not it?

Ice cream so dessert that never disappoints the tongue. It's a sweet legit until its unique shape so many people's favorite.

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No wonder there are many creations of ice cream that became a trend in the world. Ranging from black ice cream, ice cream burgers to cotton candy burritos. Cotton candy burrito itself is made from cotton candy filled with ice cream to sprinkles. Then rolled up, so it looks like a burrito.
Photo: Foodbeast

But now the ice cream parlor in Los Angeles, USA, has a new ice cream creations are very stealing the attention. The shop serves organic ice cream with a unique shape.

The reason Bumsan Milk Bar makes ice cream with small cone. But topping ice cream is quite large. Not only the ice cream is attention, the top of the cone is also surrounded by cereals that have been mixed with marsmallow melt.

Photo: Special

Each cone is filled by two variants of ice cream formed pursed upward. Because organic, ice cream is made from milk to fresh fruits. Like the flavor of dragon fruit lychee mix, taro mix milktea, and matcha mix milk. Therefore the ice cream looks more colorful. Then the top was given a sprinkling of Oreo crunch or cereal. Looks very adorable!

The price of one cone ice cream is usually priced at $ 5.95. Simply add $ 1.95 if you want to add a cereal or oreo edge combined marsmallow melt at the top of the cone.

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Photo: Special

Reported by Foodbeast (5/6), creations of healthy ice cream but this unique shape is predicted to be a new trend. How? Interested to try?

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